Top 10 Questions Green Flag Accelerator


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Top 10 Questions Green Flag Accelerator

  1. 1. 10 TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT GREENFLAG ACCELERATOR 1. What is Green Flag Accelerator? GreenFlag Accelerator is a program that allows you to consistently and systematically remind your customers or patients to pay their outstanding bill, making sure you get paid faster and improving your cash flow. We facilitate this in your name, not ours. With GreenFlag Accelerator, you have not put your customer or patient into collections. The contact that is being made looks like it is coming directly from you to your customer or patient. 2. When should I use Green Flag Remember you are not putting your customers into collections Accelerator? with GreenFlag Accelerator, so you should use the service for any account that is beyond your standard business terms. We have designed the service for accounts that are 30 days past due. 3. How are my customers/patients Your customers/patients will be contacted by sending 3 letters contacted? and 2 automated phone messages that all appear to come from you. TSI is simply the vendor that makes it happen. Each automated phone call references the letters. 5 contacts are made on your behalf very quickly without burdening or redirecting your existing staff from their day to day duties. 4. What happens if I do not have a phone You can still use the GreenFlag Accelerator. If an account is number for 100% of the accounts I need submitted without a phone number, a letter will be sent instead contacted? of a call. 5. What about caller ID? What number Your phone number will appear. Your customers or patients will will appear on the consumer’s phone? not know we are helping you make these contacts. 6. What happens on phone calls if there If there is no answer initially, we will retry 20 minutes later for a is no answer? total of 2 attempts. 7. Do you offer a forwarding address Yes we do. Reporting is available so you can see the new service? forwarding address. There is no additional fee for this service. 8. How much does GreenFlag Our Fees are fixed and average less than $12 per account, Accelerator cost? regardless of the balance or location of the account. 9. What does GreenFlag Accelerator Our clients have secure ready access through our web based provide to document performance? system to several performance status and detailed call reports. 10. How do I pay for the service? Most customers pay their GreenFlag fees in advance via check or credit card, but we also will work on payment plans. CONTACT INFORMATION Tom Donofrio, CPA , Service Representative Off: 717-236-3759 Cell: 570-847-9457 Email: