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My name is tyler naim crews
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My name is tyler naim crews


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  • 1.  
  • 2. Where I Live
    • I live in Hatboro, Pennsylvania
  • 3. When I Googled my name I got… When I googled my name I obtain the picture of Terry Crews
  • 4. Family History
    • I live with my mother and my two brothers
  • 5. My Myers Briggs
    • I am social (helper)
    • I am also enterprising (persuader)
  • 6. What Friends Say about me…
    • Frank Colantuono – “ Tyler Crews is a dedicated person”
    • Matt Schuck – “ Tyler Crews is an outstanding young gentleman who has a bright future ahead of him”
    • Karl Herbine – “Your are a very outgoing and talkative person”
  • 7. My Passions
    • My passion is football
    • I would love to continue my dream of becoming a football player on the professional level
    • I am also good at bowling
    • I have been bowling for over 10 years and would not mind to be apart of the PBA tour
  • 8. Personal Dreams
    • My personal dream is to become successful in anything I do
    • I plan on playing football in either a Division I or II in college. I would love to continue my dream of becoming as football play on the professional level
    • If provided a scholarship I would in fact bowl. I have been bowling for over 10 years and would not mind to be apart of the PBA tour
  • 9. Professional Dreams
    • I would hope to be successful in whatever profession that I choose.
  • 10. Dreams Continued…
    • My dreams are good for me because I have always dreamt big and had no doubt in my mind that I could not achieve a life where nobody in my family had to struggle.
  • 11. Talents…
    • My talents include football and bowling
    • I have started varsity football for one year and will continue on until my senior year
    • Another talent is bowling. I have been on varsity for bowling for the past 3 years and my highest game was a 279
  • 12. Personal Struggles…
    • I tend to struggle when I things move too fast or if I miss time to participate, it takes me a while to get back on the same page as the others in my class.
  • 13. Who I am
    • My name is Tyler Crews. I am 5’11 and a football player for Hatboro – Horsham High School.
    • I work hard for what I want and if I put my mind and effort into it I can achieve anything
  • 14.