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Small i leadership
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Small i leadership


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This presentation focused on what "Small i Leadership means". It outlines that everyone can be a leader, not just those with position or title. The presentation is based on the book "The little book …

This presentation focused on what "Small i Leadership means". It outlines that everyone can be a leader, not just those with position or title. The presentation is based on the book "The little book of leadership".

Published in: Education
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  • Feb. 2013Presentation to the Journey to Leadership Part 1 group in the Ottawa Catholic School BoardThe focus of this presentation is to demonstrate that you don’t need a title or a position to be a leader in our school Board. The small “i” is in reference to the fact that everyone can be a leader if they choose to do so
  • This presentation is based on resources available from the Leadership HubIt is recommended that participants join this free network for Leaders
  • The Presentation will be based on the free eBook from The Leadership Hub – The Little Book of Leadership
  • Another source of resources on leadership is where you can download this presentation and others on Leadership, including the ebook, The Little Book of Leadership
  • In 60 seconds you can create your philosophy of Leadership
  • Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two halvesOn one side write down a list of all of the things that a boss did to you that you hatedOn the other side, write down all the things that a boss did to you that you lovedDo the things that you loved to others and don’t do the things that you hated to others
  • 60 second activity
  • Group sharing – no names, just share the good, the bad, or the ugly
  • How do we define a leader – not so easy a task
  • LeadershipGooru, Stephen Covey, once wrote …But remember that leadership does not just come from the top of an organization
  • Big L leadership is the positional leadership that we usually think about, like the prime minister, the president, the Director of Education, the Pope, and so onBut we need to think of the small “I” or your role as a leader in the organization
  • Having said that, now that we are thinking about ourselves, we need to remember that leadership is not about you!
  • Can’t focus juston the person as a leader
  • Think about your role in helping others to lead. You may be able to do something better than someone else, but are you developing them into leaders?
  • One video from a collection of videos available on Youtube- the Nightmare boss
  • Again, pointing out that leaders exist in all roles and positions within the Board
  • If you are going to lead, you also have to “do” You need to experience what is happening at the ground or main parts of your organization
  • Key message is that relationships trump everything else
  • Review the 3 stories told by leaders
  • Ask groups to take some time to answer these 4 questions, briefly sharing their stories with one another
  • Mention the importance of being yourself and not trying to be like another leader in the Board but rather taking on some of the good points from various leaders and leaving behind some of the negatives from other leaders
  • Outline the main priorities in our school Board
  • Highlight the importance of focusing on people and your integrity
  • Mention the qualities that the book highlights as being important- Indicate that people may or may not agree with these
  • Good quotes on the qualities of leadership from
  • Outline the reasons that people avoid asking questions in an organization
  • Explain that managing and leading are often practices that you have to alternate depending on the situation
  • 5 minute video explaining the difference between Manager and Leader- Excellent video from Scott Williams – posted in 2011
  • Talk about thinking outside the box, and change knowledge
  • Discuss the importance of risk management vs risk aversion and the need to learn from mistakes
  • Growth from mistakes
  • Being part of the process with everyone else in the organization
  • Talk about this story and that perseverance sometimes leads to good luck
  • Talk about what people in your organization value
  • Don’t wait = just do it
  • This presentation is based on resources from the Leadership Hub. Visit there site for more free resources and a community of leaders.
  • If you would like more… download the more recent free eBook, The Second Little Book of Leadership
  • Thank you for being a leader in the Ottawa Catholic School Board and I wish you much success in your current and future roles in our School Board.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Small “i” Leadership Where do you fit in?February 2013T. D’Amico
    • 2. Learning GoalsBy the end of this presentation youshould have a better understanding of: Your Personal view of Leadership Small “i” vs Big “L” Leadership What it means to be a Leader Online Leadership Resources
    • 3. Visit the Leadership Hub
    • 4. Presentation based on…
    • 5. SlideshareLeadership Presentations
    • 6. Your Turn
    • 7. List 1: Good bosses = good things done to youList 2: Bad bosses = bad things done to you
    • 8. Share your perspective Good vs. Bad Leaders
    • 9. A Leader is…
    • 10. Big “L” LeadershipPeter Senge
    • 11. Tim Sanders,Yahoo
    • 12. Is this the type of Leader we want?
    • 13. Who are you?Where do you come from? What do you stand for? What do you expect?
    • 14. Be Yourself
    • 15. What qualities do you believe a leader should have?
    • 16. Manager vs LeaderIs one better than another?
    • 17. Do I want to Manage or Lead?
    • 18. Hard work… and sometimes just good luck!
    • 19. Can you improve your work environment? Business Business
    • 20. But I’m just one person? “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” Mother Teresa
    • 21. Optional Next Step Download and read Book #2!
    • 22. Thank Youfor being a leader inthe Ottawa CatholicSchool BoardQuestions?@TDOttawa