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Catholic eLearning Consortium of Ontario - presentation at OCSTA April 2011

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  • Rose has done a great job showing you the resources that the Ministry and eLearning Ontario have put in place to support online and Blended Learning in Ontario. My goal this morning is to share with you how the Catholic Community has come together to provide a distinctive Catholic eLearning experience for our students and staff while leveraging the excellent work of the Ministry and eLearning Ontario. The Catholic eLearning Consortium has just launched a new website, the URL, or web address is listed here, but you can find it by doing a search for Catholic eLearning Consortium.
  • This is the front or home page of the new site that is less than 1 month old, launched in April The Mission Statement is the key to the Catholic eLearning Consortium It is front on our home page Click to bring up Mission Statement
  • The key areas of the Mission Statement are: Provide equity of access to Catholic secondary students to eLearning Collaborate to offer eLearning opportunities to other Boards Students Focus on eLearning courses developed by Catholic Teachers and taught by Catholic Teachers
  • From the Home page there is a link for a questionnaire The purpose of the questionnaire is to determine what courses are needed across the province, what courses are Board’s finding difficult to offer due to low numbers
  • The About Us section provides some background around the Ontario Catholic eLearning Consortium I have provided a handout, which is an article reprint from Principal Connections, and written by Marion Letts, the coordinator for OCELC The key points from the article include: (hold up article)
  • All Catholic Boards are members of the Consortium By clicking on any region, you will be taken to the contact information for each Board
  • Currently on the site, you can access the course offerings for this semester We are not currently coordinating summer school offerings We are in the process of compiling lists of courses being offered for next year
  • Here is an example from this year’s course offering If I click on SCH4C, which is College Grade 12 Chemistry, I will see a description of the course, along with the pre-requisite. If any of our member Boards are offering eLearning spaces, they will be listed to the right, here I see that Halton Catholic and Ottawa Catholic are offering this course
  • Each Board has what is called a DeLC – this stands for the District eLearning Contact There is a section of the website dedicated to the DeLCs. There is also a link for DeLCs to access webinars
  • Here is an example of the webinars for DeLCs
  • Guidance counsellors are very important to the process of eLearning since they work with students on their course selection process This section includes a login area for guidance counsellors, and specifics on registration and webinars
  • The Student and Parent section is designed to provide advice and information to parents and students Links to webinars What to expect when registering Links to the OERB
  • The teachers section also has a login area for collaboration Webinars
  • Marion Letts is the only employee with the Consortium so she maintains and monitors the website and responds to parent, student, and teachers inquiries.
  • So why are we doing this? We want to support those students who wish to participate in online learning but who may not have an opportunity to do so with their own Board. We want to ensure that our Catholic identity exists both in the physical learning environment and in the virtual learning environment. Thank you for your support of Catholic Education and for being advocates of a strong Catholic representation across Canada.
  • Ocelc - Ontario Catholic eLearning Consortium

    1. 1. Catholic Consortium eLearning Presence http://www.ocelc.com/
    2. 2. Visit our Site Mission Statement
    3. 3. Mission Statement The Ontario Catholic eLearning Consortium (OCeLC) is committed to providing equity of access for Ontario's Catholic secondary students to eLearning opportunities. Consortium members will collaborate to offer a wide variety of the eLearning secondary day-school credits developed and taught by Catholic teachers and available through the Ministry of Education's eLearning Ontario server.
    4. 4. Course Questionnaire Input from school Guidance Departments from across the province
    5. 5. About Us Historical Background
    6. 6. Consortium Members All Catholic Boards are represented
    7. 7. Course Offerings Boards determine which courses they wish to offer to member Board students
    8. 8. Sample Course Offerings
    9. 9. District eLearning Contacts Each Board has an identified “DeLC”
    10. 10. DeLCs Webinars eLearning Ontario provides online webinars to support Board DeLCs
    11. 11. Guidance Counsellors Guidance Counsellors consult this site to support students requiring specific courses not offered at their school
    12. 12. Resources for Students/Parents Resources including the Ontario Education Resource Bank are available to parents and students
    13. 13. Teachers A private login area is available for online teachers to collaborate
    14. 14. Contact Area Parents, teachers, and students can submit online questions
    15. 15. Supporting Catholic Education Questions?