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Computer Boot Camp
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  • 1. Computer and Equipment Basic Boot-Camp
    Principals and Vice-Principals
  • 2. By the end of the day I can:
    Connect a laptop to a projector
    Connect speakers
    Transfer large files
    Save and search for files
    Capture screen images
    Transfer videos from YouTube
    Transfer a photo from a digital camera
    Convert presentations to PDF Share presentations
    Use a presentation remote control
    … and more!
  • 3. Connect a laptop to a projector
  • 4. Online Search for Help
    Laptops use different
    function keys to toggle
    between the laptop screen and the projector screen
  • 5. Search
    Any topic
    Designate filetype:pdf
    Designate filetype:wmv
    Designate filetype:ppt
  • 6. Most connections are very similar
  • 7. All presenters should use a presentation remote
    Use a presentation remote whenever you present
    Simple plug and play devices - USB key from the remote presenter goes in the laptop
  • 8. How did the Video get into PowerPoint?
    1. Google search for Video
    Note – Filter selection by selecting Videos
  • 9. How did the Video get into PowerPoint?
    Bing searches allow a quick preview of videos
    Hover your mouse over the image to preview the video
  • 10. Search
    Hover your mouse over various videos for a preview
  • 11. How did the Video get into PowerPoint?
    1. Google search for Video
    2. After previewing video, copy the URL
    Note – Move the mouse over the URL and then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the “C” key to copy the URL
  • 12. Become a master at copying and pasting between applications
  • 13. Open PowerPoint
    Open an Internet Browser
    Copy URL from any Internet site
    Paste the URL onto a slide
  • 14. Why can’t I just link to the YouTube video?
    You could link to the YouTube video on the Internet… but
    if the Internet connection doesn’t work when you are presenting then you won’t have a video to show.
    Don’t rely on a live
    Internet connection
    when presenting!
    The Flash video (flv) file format can be linked to an object in PowerPoint but it requires several steps to play the video.
    In PowerPoint 2007 it is best to convert the Flash video format to a format such as Windows Media Video (wmv) which is easily controlled in PowerPoint
  • 15. How did the Video get into PowerPoint?
    1. Google search for Video
    2. After previewing video, copy the URL
    Paste the URL in an online conversion site such as
    4. Convert the Flash (flv) video to a format supported by PowerPoint such as Windows Media Video (wmv)
    5. Select Insert Movie within PowerPoint and locate thevideo that you have saved on your hard drive
  • 16. Free online Conversion sites such as ZAMZAR will allow you to convert flash video (flv) to other formats such as Windows Media Video (wmv) that will play in PowerPoint.
  • 17. Tip
    To quickly enter a
    .com URL you can
    enter the name in the Browser and press Ctrl - Enter
    • Visit YouTube
    • 18. Find a short video of interest
    • 19. Copy the URL
    • 20. Open zamzar
    • 21. Paste the URL into zamzar and convert it to wmv format
    • 22. Select to have the converted file emailed to you
  • How did the Video get into PowerPoint?
    Download a free video converter to your computer
    Ex. Any Video Converter (It’s really called that!)
  • 23. How did the screen get into PowerPoint?
    Download a free capture tool such as: Jing by TechSmithGadwinPrintscreen * Snipping Tool included in Windows 7 … many others
  • 24.
    • Download a screen capture tool
    • 25. Capture a portion of any website
    • 26. Copy the captured portion and paste into a PowerPoint page
    *In the practice session you may not be able to install an application if the computer has admin restrictions in place – in this case use the PrtScn key
  • 27.
  • 28. For this video we will practice linking
    directly to the Internet instead of
    embedding the video in the presentation
    Transfer files from a Digital Camera
    Connect a USB cable from the camera to your laptop
    Alternatively, insert the memory card directly into your laptop if your laptop/computer has this feature
  • 29. How do I name a folder to save my work?
    Right click on the desktop orright click within My Documentsand choose New – Folder
    Type the name of the new folder
    If the folder already has a name, right click and choose “rename”
    If you change theextension of a file name (ie, .txt ) within a folder it will impact the program that opensthe file.
    Create Folders
  • 30.
    • Open Notepad
    • 31. Type any text
    • 32. Save the file to your desktop (it should have an extension of .txt)
    • 33. Open the file from the desktop
    • 34. Close the file
    • 35. Rename with the extension .doc
    • 36. Open the file
  • 37. Free at Home desktop search
    Professional version - $49
  • 38. How do I transfer my presentation?
    USB Key
    Google Docs online storage
    DropBox online storage
    Other free services
    USB keys or thumb drives work well… but they can be lost easily andsecurity is a concern.
    If your presentation includes video files it is important thatyou keep all of the required files inside the same file folder
    Remember – USB keys can be misplaced/stolen
    Be careful with confidential student/teacher data
  • 39. Google Docs available to all staff in 2010-2011
  • 40.
  • 41. Why Convert to Pdf?
    Pdf is a common format with a free viewer from Adobe
    Smaller file size
    Does not require PowerPoint for viewing
  • 42. How do I convert to Pdf?
    Check to see if you can save as – select pdf
  • 43. How do I convert to Pdf?
    Use a free online program like zamzar to convert
    Check to see if you have a pdf print option on your laptop
  • 44. How do I share my presentation
    Be aware of file sizes
    Provide links to videos instead of embedding the video
    Convert to pdf and have your designate post it on your website
    For smaller files, post in your conference site or share entire presentation via email
    Share in Google Docs or DropBox
    Post to a free online site such as Slideshare
  • 45. Create a PowerPoint presentation
    It should include the following:
    • A YouTube Video (download / embed)
    • 46. A graphic from the Internet
    • 47. A photo from a digital camera
    • 48. A screen capture of a graph from your school’s EQAO results
    • 49. A link to a website
    • 50. Convert to a pdf format
    • 51. Attach your laptop to the projector
    Your task:
    Good Luck
    T. D’Amico