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Jpb promotion final

  1. 1. Who We Are• Since Joseph P. Bowman founded the company in 1948, the dedicated team of J.P. Bowman Ltd. has established a global reputation of providing quality tooling at a reasonable price, resulting in value to the customer, that both meets and exceeds their expectations.
  2. 2. What We Offer• Our expertise is in the design, engineering, building and tool proving of mid to large size progressive and automated transfer stamping dies. J.P. Bowman Ltd. supplies both cast and plate construction tooling for production in presses p to 6000mm bed length.
  3. 3. Unique Solutions• The Bowman team consists of dynamic, highly skilled, cross trained designers, toolmakers and machinists from around the world. Our purpose built, 5500 square metre facility utilizes the latest in stamping die manufacturing technologies, including industry leading software.
  4. 4. Design and Engineering:Leaders of the Pack• At J.P. Bowman Ltd., we utilize the latest solid model engineering software, including Advanced Forming Simulation, Design and Programming applications. Our dedicated, cross-functional team is experienced in producing tooling for stampings made with complex geometries from high strength and Dual Phase materials. We take pride in providing our customers with savings through maximum material utilization.
  5. 5. Machining: Capability• J.P. Bowman Ltd. has in-plant CNC machining capabilities with travels up to 4000mm x 2500mm x 1250mm, allowing us to meet large progressive and transfer die requirements. “The greater the challenge, the greater the need for J.P. Bowman Ltd.”
  6. 6. Tryout Capability• At J.P. Bowman Ltd., we offer complete on-site die tryout capability, with rolling press bolster loaded with 30 tonne overhead crane.• This minimizes the set up time required for commissioning tooling in our customers production presses.
  7. 7. Communication• Effective communication has proven to be a cornerstone in creating solid business partnerships. Our commitment to open, honest communication with our customers builds strong relationships and ensures customer satisfaction is met with all tool build projects.
  8. 8. Quality• At J.P. Bowman Ltd our culture of quality results in customer profitability. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified tool and die company that offers full CPK study and reporting capability.
  9. 9. On Time Delivery• Our expertise in shipping throughout the world ensures our product arrives at your facility without delay. This commitment to delivering quality tooling on time has been given high priority for 65 years, and is key to our ongoing success. Commitment to delivering quality tooling…
  10. 10. Facilities & Equipment ListPLANT MILLING MACHINES ELECTRO-DISCHARGE MACHINES 5,500 Sq. meters & Climate Controlled 1 - Mitsubishi Model FX20K 1 - OKK MCV860 CNC Machining Centre CNC Wire EDMDESIGN & ENGINEERING 22 KW X=2000mm Y=860mm Z=700mm Workpiece dimensions 1 - OKK MCV660 CNC Machining Centre 300mm X 800mm X 1050mm CAD: Unigraphics, AutoCad 22 KW X=1500mm Y=660mm Z=650mm CAM: Unigraphics, Mastercam 1 - Matsuura 1000V CNC Machining Centre 2 - Mitsubishi Model DWC 110C FEA: AutoForm, Fast Form, Fast Blank 19 KW X=1100mm Y=500mm Z=600mm CNC Wire E.D.M.INSPECTION 1 - Fadal 3016 CNC Machining Centre Workpiece dimensions 16 KW X=760mm Y=400mm Z=1000mm 260mm X 600mm X 1000mm Brown and Sharpe C.M.M. 1 - ProTrak DPMS5 CNC Bed Mill PC-DMIS geometric software X=900mm Y=500mm Z=600mm 1 - Mitsubishi Model DWC 110F X=630 Y=990" Z=630 2 - Trak DPM CNC Milling Centres CNC Wire E.D.M. Mitutoyo DP5 Data Processor X=750mm Y=400mm Z=460mm Workpiece dimensions 1 - Turret mill FIRST 160mm X 300mm X 450mmPRESSES 250mm X 1300mm power feed digital readout 1 - Eurospark Model H425-P25 1 - 725 tonne Clearing 1900mm X 4000mm 1 - Turret mill XLO Sink E.D.M. rolling bolster 2000mm max. shut ht. 200mm X 1200mm power feed digital readout 1 - 360 tonne Bliss straight side press 1500mm X 2800mm bed 2 - Turret mills XLO 1 - Sinitron Model ED-252 1 - 180 tonne Version straight side press 1000mm X 1900mm bed 250mm X 1000mm power feed digital readout Sink E.D.M. 1 - 90 tonne Rockwell punch press 1 - Varnamo universal turret mill automatic feeds MATERIAL HANDLING 300mm X 1200mm digital readout 1 - Kempsmith horizontal mill #3 1 - 4536 Kilos forklift HysterMILLING MACHINES 300mm X 1500mm power feed vertical head 1 - 2268 Kilos forklift Toyota 1 - Okuma MCR20A CNC Bridge Mill - 5 Face 1 - Heckert FU 400E horizontal mill 1 - 27 tonne traveling crane 30 KW X=4200mm Y=2500mm Z=635mm Cross Rail 27“ 400mm X 2000mm 4 - 9 tonne traveling cranes 1 - Heckert FSS 400 vertical mill 1 - 75 HP rotary screw compressor 1 - TOS WHN 13.8 Horizontal Boring Mill 400mm X 2000mm 1 - 50 HP rotary screw compressor 38KW X=4000mm Y=2500mm Z=1250mm - Rotating Table 1 - Tos Model W100A horizontal boring mill 1 - Hyd-Mech Saw Model V-18 X=1250mm Y=1600mm Z=1100mm
  11. 11. OurCorporat eVision
  12. 12. • J.P. Bowman Limited 55 Sinclair Blvd. Brantford, Ontario Canada N3S 7X6• T: 519-752-6533• F: 519-752-0672• E: