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Introduction to Google+ at University of Hawaii's Pacific New Media. 10/30

Introduction to Google+ at University of Hawaii's Pacific New Media. 10/30



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  • I need to quicky introduce you to some of the products that impact and effect G+ <br /> They all work together, so it’s sort of hard to talk about G+ without mentioning the others. <br />
  • Receive AND share based on interests, passions, locations, <br /> I call this Contextual Sharing & Contextual Privacy <br />
  • You can choose to organize your circles however you’d like. I have organized mine by place as well as interests, organizations. <br /> Last one is different from Facebook and Twitter. <br /> Empty circles <br /> Circles can be extremely small. <br /> Very consistent, not always changing. <br /> We’ll talk about “Shout” a little later. <br />
  • We’ll talk later about search benefits, but the thing I really want to impress upon you is pros and cons of “public” <br />
  • Extended Circles, probably most confusing “Friends of friends” <br />
  • Probably most confusing. <br /> “you set the circles you want included in your circles” <br />
  • Comments are editable and deletable <br /> Business pages can comment on their own content <br /> @mention someone <br />
  • Hashtags <br /> Google suggests hashtags based on searches and trends <br />
  • BTW: Business Pages can interact by +1ing too <br /> +1 the poster and the people who the post was shred with see it Creator resceicves notification. <br /> +1 a post and ppl in your extended circles who also have you in circles may see this “activity update” in their streams. <br /> +1 are more than likes <br />
  • 52,000+ Google Communities <br /> Interests, passions, help <br />
  • Blocking <br /> Posting to multiple communities is considered “spammy” <br />
  • Circles are also import <br />
  • Google is using +1, commenting, following as part of it’s endorsements. <br /> Your endorsements are ONLY shown to people you’ve chosen to share information with. And it only applies to ads. <br /> Privacy: You can remove this feature from your profile by signing on to your account go to SHARED ENDORSEMENTS and UNCHECK the box. <br />
  • social signals - +1, likes, shares, back links (varying articles) <br />
  • Set up “Local Business or Place” <br /> Includes maps and local hours <br /> Verification postcard or phone call <br /> Insights = <br /> views & actions last 7 days <br /> including driving directions from Google Maps <br />
  • SMCHI business page, who’s got us in circles <br />

Welcome to Google+ Welcome to Google+ Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome To Google+ You. Your Community. Your Content. #higplus Tara Coomans @taracoomans /taracoomans Chief Brainstormer, Akamai Marketing Captivatepreneur, Go!Captivate
  • •Introduction to Google+ •Using the Google+ Platform •Google and SEO •Benefits & Risks you and your business •Reaching your customers on G+ •Case Studies #HiG+
  • Meet the Google+ Family The Beginning, the Middle, the End: Search YouTube Video for Everyone Drive Cloud Storage for Docs Docs Cloud Based Documents Smart Mail?
  • QuickTime™ and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • What’s The Big Deal? Supercharges Online Relationships 359 Million Active Users Quick Stats 52,200+ Communities 60% Active USA Users Male 60% USA Users 18-34 60% USA Users 18-34 60% USA Users 18-34 60% USA Users 18-34 Content Control Search Blogging Communities #HiG+
  • Google+ Circles The Backbone of Google+ “Speak, Shout or Whisper” Contextual Sharing Contextual Privacy
  • QuickTime™ and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Circle Volume
  • “Speak, Shout or Whisper” Circles can be ANY size, including 0. People can be in multiple circles. You can define who you SHARE to and RECEIVE from.
  • Circle Choices Searchable on Google #HiG+
  • Circle Choices
  • Circle Choices
  • Circle Choices
  • Circle Choices Contextually Private Sharing
  • Circle Choices Circles Aren’t Just For Profiles!
  • Responding & Engaging Comments +1 #hashtags #HiG+
  • Google+ Posts 101 #HiG+
  • More Than A “Like” Public Inside & Outside of G+ Used in Shared Endorsements Bookmarking
  • Google+ Ripples Visual Representation of Shares Identify Key Influencers Identify Key Advocates #HiG+
  • Google+ Communities Find: Help Interests Passions Ideas
  • Google+ Communities Features Public or Private Customizable Subtopics Moderated Spam Filter Public = Searchable Membership Control
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • Google+ Hangouts Up to 10 People Can Be Recorded & Shared on YouTube (Hangouts on Air) Hangout on Air Can Be Embedded on a Website Integrates with Google Docs Can Be An Event
  • Search Benefits of G+ Searchable on Google Authorship
  • Shared Endorsements
  • Signed In Not Signed In
  • Search Benefits of G+ for profiles and business pages Social Signals (?) Seen Like a Website #HiG+
  • Business Pages on G+ QuickTime™ and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Google+ Pages brands, organizations Multiple Managers Start a Hangout Tailor Posts to Audience Custom URL Slowly Coming
  • Google+ Local Pages During G+ PageSet Up Verification “Insights” Activity Searches Driving Directions
  • Google+ Pages Examples https://plus.google.com/+nike/
  • https://plus.google.com/+SEOmoz/
  • Google+ Business Pages Know more and share more Find and be found Actually engage
  • Resources G+ on YouTube: googleplusupdates http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/ GooglePlus Help Community Gplus Helper Slideshare.com/TCoomans https://support.google.com/plus/#topic=3049661