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Introduction to blogging for business, covering reason's to blog, content development, popular blogging platforms and attracting traffic to the blog.

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  • I’ve also been blogging for over 5 years, first personally, then for business. I’ve helped others create their blogs both from a technical and content stand point. I’m a big believer in blogging. Before we get started, can I see a show of hands: who is currently blogging? who is committed to blogging, but maybe hasn’t started yet? who is curious about blogging?
  • Essentially - a blog is what YOU want it to be. But we’re here today to talk about blogging for business. Did you see how easy that was? It looked like a word document didn’t it? How many of you know how to use Word or Pages? That’s how easy it is to post. But it turns out, there is more to blogging than posting.
  • Turns out, the hardest part about blogging isn’t setting up the website, its the time. Blogging isn’t easy, in fact, its quite time consuming. So this question of “why blog” warrants some discussion. Myths: real businesses don’t blog. We’ll open ourselves to criticism. 16% of Fortune 500, 90% have comments enabled. And 43% of all companies blog,according to Vertical Response 55% of small biz have blogs and 45% spend 1-3 hours to create a blog post.
  • 55% of small biz have blogs
  • Authority building can be used in B2B scenarios and B2B. There are even independent bloggers who have used blogging to build such authority, they’ve turned it into their business. This is an incredibly cost effective method for building authority - consider as opposed to PR agencies or advertising. Helpful content = trust. Trust = leads. Leads=sales. The President of the United States Blogs and he only runs for election every 4 years. When you’re in business - you run for election every single day. People vote with their dollars.
  • The press not picking up what you’re putting down? Go straight to the consumer. Tell stories. Amtrak- designed for socially connected people, target market 18-34.
  • Companies who blog 15X/month or more get 5X more traffic than those who don’t blog. Companies with 1-10 employees and 1000 or more webpages see 48% more web traffic than companies with 51% or more employees with 1000 or more pages. Companies with 100-200 webpages generate 2.5% leads than those with 50 or fewer pages. In fact, companies that increase blogging from 3-5X per month to 6-8X per month almost DOUBLE their leads
  • You’ll often find that at this stage, you’ll begin to incorporate email marketing to nurture those leads.
  • Companies that blog only 1-2X month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t.
  • INSTALL Google Analytics. Increased backlinks do help SEO, but don’t get obsessed with it. Crawlers also like date/time assignments/comments also increase keyword usage/
  • Blogs are less formal, more casual. “Stuffy brands/businesses” can benefit from this. Generally speaking you should respond to comments, but in the case of negativity, let it sit. And DO NOT DELETE. Don’t hide from mistakes. Acknowledge them and move on. Southwest Blog
  • Less than 2% of readers will typically comment; also sometimes community occurs outside of blog on SM sites for example. Will they participate: Forester Groundswell
  • The advantage of an editorial calendar is: strategy. But creating a schedule and topics in advance, you can take advantage of particular buying cycles, and external tie ins like holidays.
  • Posthaven replacement pledge: We'll never be acquired. We'll always keep your URLs online. We'll always keep it the best place to post.
  • 1/2 top 100 blogs use WP, 40 self host, 9 use hosted.
  • Limitations: external link limitations, no advertising, customization difficult, can’t use plugins, not as SEO friendly.
  • There are really very few limitations on, and it comes with decent SEO built in, but you can get some additional plugins. Customization. Or Template out of the box.
  • Why: What are your goals? Authority building? Attract new customers? Create buzz? Be easier to find? Enable others to share info? Who: Customers? What are your customer’s biggest problems? You? What value do you bring? How do you stand out? How do they access content (desktop, mobile, tablets?) What do they crave (entertainment, information, education) What? What action do you want prospects to take? Buy something? Sign up for a newsletter? Join Facebook? Attend a webinar? Hire you as a consultant? How & When? Budget, resources?
  • Engaging=shareable, comment-able. Considering that a good healthy blog should be updated at least 1X/week with a 300-500 word post. Importance of pictures.
  • Fascinated because: LUST: anticipation of pleasure MYSTIQUE: Makes me want to solve the puzzle ALARM: Demands a response NOW PRESTIGE: Earns Status, Respect, Admiration POWER: Power controls VICE: Tempts with the forbidden fruit TRUST: Comforts because it can be relied on. Filmmaker, story teller. Toy Story, WallE Blogs can host stories, video, images, ideas. Storytelling without dialogue
  • Sexy. Essential. Google finds keywords irresistible - Fresh content is to Google what Brains are to zombies. Sharing increases inbound links which increases SEO ranking “its not about getting more traffic, its about getting more traffic that gives a shit.” -Jay Baer Ask yourself, what would people search for? Keep in mind the more specific, the lesser the traffic, but the high quality. Remember Titles Matter?
  • Look at the local searches, the competition. Competition considerations - when its low, its easier to attract attention, but there may not be as many searches. Balance out your selections.
  • A blog is a content repository. All the digital content you create has a place on your blog. Use your blog to do more than just attract, use it to convert.
  • Keywords can be chosen to match the buying cycle. Problem recognition may be “Camera” For example, information search phase has longer tail searches “digital cameras” for example. But as we move through the phase it gets more specific, “Sony Digital Camera” for Evaluation and Comparison.
  • “ We’re not a pool company, we’re a content generation company.”
  • Bounce rate is # is % of ppl who visit only one page. Links within your site can effect this. But an average bounce rate for a blog would be between 56%-45%, lower than that would be extraordinary! 80% of blog traffic is NEW visitors. This is how you measure engagement - comments aren’t the only way. sales leads, downloads, registrations, time on site, Tweets, RSS subscribers, returning visitors are all KPI’s worth measuring.
  • A blog with the goal of keyword organic traffic.
  • So many businesses decide they want to be on social media, but very quickly start to ask “what should we say?” a blog gives you a structure and strategy to your social media conversations. All this and it still isn’t a “built it and they will come”. You’ll need to share your content to a broader audience if you truly want to build traffic and community
  • 10:1 self promotion rule. You can choose platforms well suited to your content. Linkedin Slideshare great for business. Pinterest great for images, #1 traffic driver for retail. Also good for food. Flickr for photos. G+ is great for photos.
  • Commit. Have fun. Enjoy the interaction.
  • Blogging For Business - Pacific New Media Spring 2013

    1. 1. Welcome toBlogging ForBusinesswhywhathowwherewith TaraCoomans@taracoomansChiefBrainstormer,AkamaiMarketingSocial Media ClubHawaii (SMCHI)#Blog4BizHi
    2. 2. QuickTime™ and ah264 decompressorare needed to see this picture.What IS a Blog?
    3. 3. Blogging DictionaryHosted: Generally free. Doesn’t requireyou to have your own domain or pay forhostingSelf-Hosted: You own the domain, pay forhosting. Fees vary.RSS: Really Simple Syndication-subscription viaRSS readers.CMS: Content Management System. Can beused for more than just blogging. Full control ofcontent without knowing complex HTML.
    4. 4. 3 Steps to Blogging• Install• Create content• Share content
    5. 5. • Most blogs require little or no programmingknowledge• Themes are readily available, many for free• Posting is generally possible through email, textor web-based interfaceBlogging istechnicallytechnically
    6. 6. WHY?Blogging MythsBlogging MythsIt’s easy to getIt’s easy to getrich bloggingrich bloggingThere are tooThere are toomany blogsmany blogsalreadyalreadyWe have nothingWe have nothingto sayto sayIf we don’t haveIf we don’t havemillions of readers,millions of readers,its a waste of timeits a waste of time
    7. 7. WHY?
    8. 8. Authority Building8% of bloggers arecorporate13% of bloggersare entrepreneurs
    9. 9. Google Authorship
    10. 10. Tell YourStory
    11. 11. Small CompaniesStand to Benefit theMostMost48%48%more webtrafficdata: Hubspot Marketing Benchmarking Report 20122.5X2.5Xmore leads5X5Xmore trafficCompanies who blog have more webpages
    12. 12. MessageControl•Important Messaging•Messaging thatneeds repeating orreference•Company position orstance onissues/topics•Quick & Easy•Direct to Consumer
    13. 13. Sales,Anyone?•How-To-Articles•Long-TailKeywords=QualifiedLeads•Accessibility•Increased Trust•Direct toConsumer•Create your salesfunnel•Inquiries•Nurture yourleads“I used to see my company as a pool company. Today,I see my company as a content marketing company.[We] provide more valuable, helpful, remarkablecontent to than anyone else in my field.”
    14. 14. Companies that increaseCompanies that increaseblogging from 3-5X per monthblogging from 3-5X per monthtoto6-8X per month6-8X per monthalmostalmost doubledouble their leadstheir leadsdata: Hubspot Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012
    15. 15. IncreaseDigitalFootprint& SEOLink to own postsUse Keywordsin Titles & BlogFresh ContentParticipate inother BlogsUse Photos, Videos &Name with KeywordsSocial Media
    16. 16. Humanizethe BrandGive writershandle, voice,personalityLet the critics talk,be patient withnegative feedbackMinimize the“corporate speak”Set expectationsBusiness As People?People Trust People.People Trust Businesses“A Great Deal” 17% of theTime*
    17. 17. Create/Support CommunityInvite CommentsHighlight readersEnable, Empower ParticipationInvite Reader ContentBe THE ResourcePolls, Quizzes, Etc.
    18. 18. Takeaway• Decide your “WHY” First• Consider Audience Wants & Needs• Provide Value• Speak to “people”#Blog4BizHi
    19. 19. HOW?I know you said its easy....but........
    20. 20. 5Tips To Get StartedTips To Get StartedFind Your “Time Zone”When Do You Do Your BestWriting?Divide and ConquerDo What You Do Best FirstGet Inspired.Check Social MediaAsk CustomersFor Ideas.Don’t Stat Obsess. Yet.Build Your Audience.Then.Check Stats.Once a Week.Or.Once a Month.Two Words:Editorial Calendar.
    21. 21. Developing ContentDateHoliday/EventsTopic Day Keywords Call to ActionContentType3/26/2012EmpanadaDayChicken &RaisinEmpanadaMonRecipe,Cooking, Easyto CookDownloadCookbookBlogEntry+Photo3/27/2012 EasterChile Pork &ManchegoEmpanadaTuesEaster, Recipe,Family Dinner,How-to-VideoEmail Signup Video
    22. 22. Remember: TitlesMatter• Keyword Placement• Create Benefit, Curiosity, Reward• Make It Personal
    23. 23. Takeaway• Find What Works for You & Audience• Get Back on The Horse• Don’t Over Complicate• Have FUN
    24. 24. WHERE?I know you said its easy....but........
    25. 25. Popular Blog Platforms• Blogger• Tumblr• WordPress• Posterous
    26. 26. Posterous• Post by email (• Customizable CSS,HTML• Hosted (free)• Self Hosted• SM AutopostFeatures PosterousApril 30, 2013
    27. 27. Tumblr• Hosted• Customizable HTML• Text-to-Blog• Built in community• Google Analytics forSelf Hosted
    28. 28. Blogger• Hosted• Self Hosted• Google’sbloggingplatform• Google crawls(SEO)
    29. 29. WordPressWordpress.comWordpress.orgFeatures• Self Hosted• Full Control• PluginsFeatures• Hosted• FreeDeveloper CommunityCommonStableCan be used as a Website Also
    30. 30.• Hosted• 100’s oftemplates• Stable server• Great community
    31. 31.•Flexible•DeveloperCommunity•Help Community•1,000‘s Inexpensiveor Free Templates•SEO ready•Plugins•Widgets•Google Analytics
    32. 32. Takeaway• Choose platform based on needs,audience• Think carefully about depending on freeplatforms• Consider costs and benefits tohosted/self hosted blogs• Consider content type #Blog4BizHi
    33. 33. WHAT?the heck am I going to do with a blog?
    34. 34. Content Strategy• Why• Who• What• How & When
    35. 35. Content Challenges
    36. 36. Content IdeasContent Ideas• “How To’s”• Trends, Issues,Events• CompanyNews• Entertainment• Case Studies• Resources• Solve a Problem•Make a Prediction•Give Opinion•Be a Cheerleader•Reviews•Stimulate aDebate
    37. 37. Story TellingLustAnticipation of pleasureMystique Unanswered QuestionsAlarm Threat of ImmediateConsequencePrestigeSymbols of Rank &RespectPower Command Over OthersVice Rebellion Against RulesTrust Certainty & Reliability7 Triggers of Fascination by Sally Hogshead
    38. 38. Keywords2-4% KeywordsTitles, PhotosKeep focused
    39. 39. Google Keyword Tool
    40. 40. AWARENESSAWARENESSBlog Posts, Press Releases, Testimonials, AdsBlog Posts, Press Releases, Testimonials, AdsINTERESTINTERESTCase Studies, Infographics, Promotions, VisualCase Studies, Infographics, Promotions, VisualPersuasionsPersuasionsLEARNLEARNBlog Posts, E-Book, WebinarBlog Posts, E-Book, WebinarSHOPSHOPTestimonials, Case Studies, Social Feedback, PriceTestimonials, Case Studies, Social Feedback, PriceComparisonComparisonBUYBUY
    41. 41. Content that Matchesthe Buying Cycle
    42. 42. KeywordConsiderations
    43. 43. Google Analytics• Visits• Unique Visitors• Page Views/Pages per Visit• Bounce Rate• Sources• Average Time on Page
    44. 44. Why Content MattersCase Study1,000% traffic growth (50,000 unique visits)80% from organic searchalmost no commentscalls to action
    45. 45. Goal Setting for Content• Generating 100 new mentions of our productonline• Receiving more than 1000 views of our video oncross platforms• Getting 100 subscribers to our RSS feed
    46. 46. • Be strategic in content development• Plan, plan, plan• Keyword inclusion (2-4%)• Source content appropriate toaudience• Tell a story. Be fascinating.Takeaway#Blog4BizHi
    47. 47. Build it. Share it.Build it. Share it.• Social MediaSocial Media• Link ShortenersLink Shorteners• RSS FeedsRSS Feeds• Incorporate into Email MarketingIncorporate into Email Marketing• Social Book MarkingSocial Book Marking
    48. 48. Social MediaResist the urge to overself promoteProvide valueSupport othersDon’t overautomateChoose platforms thatsuit your topicEngage. Not promote.
    49. 49. RSSFeeds“Really SimpleSyndication”•FeedblitzEmail or ReaderSubscriber DataHelps Build Email ListGoodbye Feedburner
    50. 50. Visit &Commenton otherblogsRespond toyourcommentsConversationmay not alwayshappen on yourblogBlogging is Not A SpectatorSportFind yourvoice
    51. 51. Want More?For Further Reading:•Content Rules byCC Chapman & Ann Handley••••••
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