Redhall 'i had a black dog'


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Redhall 'i had a black dog'

  1. 1. Extracts from I HAD A BLACK DOG copyright Matthew Johnstone 2006Winston Churchill suffered from depression, on and off, throughout his life(yet still led the country through the Second World War).He called his depression a ‘Black Dog’ that followed him around. Thefollowing illustrations come from a brilliant book called ‘I Had a Black Day’written by Matthew Johnstone who also suffered from depression.It is published by Constable & Robinson at £6.99 (isbn 978 1 84529 3147)and is available at bookshops and by mail-order. Matthew and his publisherskindly allowed us to use the illustrations for this presentation.If you see yourself here, I would strongly recommend getting hold of thisbook and seeing all the other illustrations that show not only how depressioncan affect your life but also give you some ideas to get on top of your ‘BlackDog’.Also see our psychology/self help website
  2. 2. Looking back, Black Dog had been in and out of my life since my early twenties.Whenever he made an appearance, I felt empty and life just seem to slow down.
  3. 3. Black Dog could surprise me with a visit for no apparent reason or occasion.
  4. 4. He could make me look and feel older than my years.
  5. 5. When the rest of the world seemed to be enjoying life, I could only see it through the Black Dog.
  6. 6. Activities that brought me pleasure suddenly ceased to.
  7. 7. Black Dog liked to ruin my appetite.
  8. 8. He chewed up my memory and my ability toconcentrate.
  9. 9. Doing anything or going anywhere with Black Dog required superhuman strength.
  10. 10. If Black Dog accompanied me to a social occasion,he would sniff out what confidence I had and chase it away.
  11. 11. My biggest fear was being found out.I worried that people might judge me.
  12. 12. Because of the shame and stigmaassociated with Black Dog,I became champion at foolingeveryone, both at home and atwork. Keeping up an emotional lie takes an incredible amount of energy. It’s like trying to cover up epilepsy, a heart attack, or diabetes.
  13. 13. Black Dog could make me say negative things.
  14. 14. Black Dog could make meirritable and difficult to be around.
  15. 15. Black Dog thought nothing of taking my loveand burying my intimacy.
  16. 16. He liked to wake me up with veryrepetitive, negative thinking.
  17. 17. Having a Black Dog in your life isn’t so much About feeling a bit down, sad or blue.At its worst, it’s about being devoid of feeling altogether.
  18. 18. As the years went by, Black Dog got bigger and he started hanging around all the time. I would say THAT’S IT!!! and attack him with whatever I thought might send him running.
  19. 19. But more often than not, he wouldcome out on top. Going downbecame easier than getting upagain.
  20. 20. Eventually I became quite good at self medication…
  21. 21. … which never really helped.
  22. 22. I began to feel totally isolated from everything and everyone.
  23. 23. Black Dog finally succeeded in hijacking my life; he brought me to my knees. My will to go on had deserted me.
  24. 24. Which was about the time I soughtprofessional help and got a clinical diagnosis.This was my first step towards recovery andwas a major turning point in my life.
  25. 25. I discovered that there are many different breeds of Black Dog affecting millions of people from all walks of life. The black dog is an equal opportunity mongrel.
  26. 26. I learnt that there are manydifferent ways to treat Black Dog.I also learnt that there is no quickfix.Medication can be a necessarypart of the treatment for some;others may need a differentapproach altogether.
  27. 27. Black Dog had made me believe that if I evertold anyone about him, I would be judged.The truth is, being emotionally genuine withclose friends and family can be anabsolute life saver. Letting the dog out is far better than keeping him in.
  28. 28. I learnt not to be afraid of Black Dogand taught him a few tricks of my own. Fetch
  29. 29. Black Dog feeds on stress end fatigue, themore stressed you get the louder he barks. It’s important to learn how to rest properly and quiet your mind. Yoga, meditation and being in nature can help shut out the Dog.
  30. 30. Black Dog is fat and lazy, he would far rather you lie on your bed and feelsorry for your yourself. He hates exercise mostly because it makes you feel better.When you least feel like moving is when you should move the most.So go for a walk or run and leave the mutt behind.
  31. 31. Keeping a mood journal can be very useful. Getting your thoughts on paper is highly liberating and often insightful.Working out some sort of symbol for ranking how you’re feeling each day, is a good way to keep track of the Dog.
  32. 32. The most important thing to remember is that no matter had bad it gets…
  33. 33. … if you take the right steps, Black Dog days can and will pass.
  34. 34. I wouldn’t sat that I am grateful for having Black Dog in my life but what I have lost to him, I have gained in other ways. He forced me to re-evaluate and simplify my life. He taught me rather than running away from problems it’s better to acknowledge and even embrace them.
  35. 35. Black Dog may always be part of my life.But I’ve learnt that with patience,humour, knowledge and disciplineeven the worst Black Dogcan be made to heel.
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