Tcl telecom expertise v 2 00 vs 220812


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TCL's Telecom Software Testing Services.
Independent software Testing Services for some of the biggest Telco Customers in Europe

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Tcl telecom expertise v 2 00 vs 220812

  1. 1. TCL Telecom ExpertiseThe telecoms industry has grown from the days of wired communication to the wirelessmobile networks that we all use today. The industry is currently dealing with two major globalshocks that have threatened it lately. The first was the global economic downturn thatcontinues to adversely affect the performance of operators in markets around the world.Growth naturally slowed, as a result, operators focused on cutting costs and increasingoperational efficiency to protect profitability.The second shock has been mass digitization. Customers — both consumers andbusinesses — are becoming more demanding, and forcing operators to boost networkcapacity and connectivity. As other industries become increasingly digitized they aredemanding a variety of new services like mobile payment platforms and cloud computing.Thus the market for mobile applications continues to grow rapidly, creating yet anotherdisruptive force that operators must learn to benefit from.The integrated technology value chains, on which operators have long depended, includingcritical applications and service platforms, are growing increasingly modular and open. As aresult, the telecom ecosystem is becoming much more competitive, as new entrants fromadjacent industries look to exploit both new customer expectations and technologicalopenness.According to an article titled “2012 Telecommunications Industry Perspective” by Booz & Co,this transformation will lead to a fundamental shift among operators from the integratedbusiness models that dominated the industry for most of the past century to four distinct,(though not mutually exclusive) open business models designed to take full advantage ofthe opportunities now opening up: the reliable, cost-efficient network guarantor; the flexible,integrated business enabler; the innovative, customer-facing experience creator; and thewide-ranging, synergistic global multimarketer.According to this article, in the coming year, operators must begin making the strategicchoices necessary to determine their future direction, deciding which of the four models — orcombination of models — works for them. This decision should depend both on whether theycan effectively leverage the capabilities they already possess and on careful consideration oftheir ability to build new ones.It is clear that the industry is changing rapidly and in order to maintain leadership positionsthe operators will have to decide and grab their positions and build their capabilities using astrategic approach. Heavy investments in building these capabilities, acquiring the underlyinginfrastructure and developing appropriate software applications are inevitable, and thereforeso are large multi-vendor development and integration efforts.Given the shape of things to come, a trusted independent software testing partner can proveinvaluable in ensuring that the end result is quality software and systems that support theintended business strategy.For further details on the models, see “The Future of Telecom Operators: Capabilities forRapid Change,” by Bahjat El-Darwiche, Roman Friedrich, Pierre Péladeau, and KarimSabbagh (Booz & Company, 2010). Commercial in © TCL 2011
  2. 2. TCL Telecom ExpertiseTCL telecom Experience:TCL have numerous resources that are familiar with working with some of the largest namesin the Telecom business, and together can cite more than 100 years experience onVodafone software testing projects alone. Our team has extensive experience in the Telcoand mobile Telco sectors and we are able to respond immediately - putting trained testprofessionals on the ground from the required start dates. Our testing methods andexperience mean we can deliver under the customer’s in-house test management processand enhance it with elements of a risk based testing approach and prioritised qualityanalysis.TCL works in a number of business sectors, the prime of which is Telecommunications,where we have over 10 years of experience as an organization.ClientsTCL has experience of dealing with a multitude of clients in this space, ranging from Networkproviders to MVNOs. These include:We have also worked with a variety of suppliers to our clients. E.g. Nokia, Ericsson, Apple,Huawei, Virgin, BT, Telefonica and O2. Commercial in © TCL 2011
  3. 3. TCL Telecom ExpertiseKnowledgeAt TCL we have a wealth of knowledge gained over the last 10 years, covering all aspects oftelecommunications including: e-commerce, business intelligence, fraud, billing, CRM,enterprise, provisioning, sales and retail. Our experience in networks is as follows: Commercial in © TCL 2011
  4. 4. TCL Telecom Expertise Commercial in © TCL 2011
  5. 5. TCL Telecom Expertise Commercial in © TCL 2011
  6. 6. TCL Telecom Expertise Automation allows running suites of new feature tests and thousands of regression tests each day – identifying new faults as soon as they are introduced. Better pre-testing means fewer defects in the field: it typically costs about 3 to 5 times more to fix a bug in the field compared to fixing it in the lab. Commercial in © TCL 2011
  7. 7. TCL Telecom ExpertiseDomain TechnologiesRadio Access Base Transciever Station (BTS), Basestation controller (BSC), Transcoder andNetworks Rate Adaptation Unit (TRAU), Basestation Control Function (BCF), Radio Network Controller (RNC), Node B, HSPA & HSPA +, Inbuilding Solutions, Picocell, Femtocell, UMA/GAN, Air Interface, GSM, UMTS, High Speed Packet Access (HSPA), FDD, TDD, CDMA – including WCDMA, OFDM, Abis Interface, A/A-ter Interface, Iub Interface, Iu-CS Interface, IU-R Interface, WB-AMR, Iu-PS Interface, GB Interface, Network Test Environments, Analyse protocol layers, Transport layers IP, ATM, Sigtran.Core Networks Core Network switches MSC & Transit, PS CORE – SGSN & GGSN, R4 Infrastructure, Media Gateway (MGW), Mobile Switching Service Centre (MSS), Internet Conversion Point (ICP) & ISTP, Core Network Databases, NG-HLR, Service Location Register (SLR), Service Control Point (SCP), Service Data Function (SDF), Equipment Identity Register (EIR), Roaming Service BrokerTransport Super Socket 7 (SS7), Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP), CAMEL, MAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCPIP), Signalling Transport (SIGTRAN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), DIAMTERVoice and High Definition Voice, Roaming Services, Virtual Private Networks and Extensions,Messaging Voice Messaging, Answer phone, Fax Services, Visual Voicemail Services, Voice Processing System(VPS), Text Messaging Services, Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), Messaging Application Router (MAR), Short Message Service Broker (SMSB), 3rd Party Messaging systems, Multimedia Messaging, Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC), Multimedia Messaging Service SDF, Chat/Instant Messaging,Data and Location Based Services (LBS), MVNO’s, Contactless Technology, Content Lock –Enablers Code of Practice, Mobile Internet Gateway (MIG), Data Traffic Management (DTM), PCRF, AAA, Mobile Applications and Products, Mobile DevicesLong Term eNodeB, In Door Unit (Microwave), Backhaul, -> BTMEAS, -> Virgin Media,Evolution Security Gateway, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), epc (evolved packet core), MME (Mobility Management Entity), S1 & X2 interfaces, LTE handsets, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), Element Manager, Config Server, SyncE“The experience, approach and quality that TCL provided for giffgaff meant thesuccessful delivery of a web 2.0 MVNE in less than 6 months. The TCL staff workedtirelessly in an agile environment, recognising and addressing additional risks andissues, bringing together many test teams (across multiple suppliers) for an excellentresult. ”Nigel Suddell, Chief Technology Officer, giffgaff Commercial in © TCL 2011
  8. 8. TCL Telecom ExpertiseSample Consultants Andrew Ross Andrew has 21 years experience in the  Account Management Telecoms industry covering networks and  Test Management IT systems. He has worked within  ISEB Intermediate in Vodafone, 3 and Orange UK, performing Software Testing a wide variety of testing roles including  Prince 2 Practitioner experience of managing Testing Qualified Accounts and Teams. He has extensive  System Engineering knowledge of the project lifecycle with  Resource Management testing roles that have covered low level  Full development lifecycle protocol testing through managing and experience delivering products for major technology  Product and Service services. Implementation Manoj Chandrappa As an entrepreneurial expert with Extensive experience in experience of 17 years experience in developing CoE for many Delivery, Competency Building and elements of testing such as Operations Manoj currently heads the Automation, Performance, SAP and Telecommunication TCL India unit as the Chief Operating Testing Governance & Officer. He has actively taken leadership Assurance in developing and enhancing the Strategic business processes towards achieving the development, with proficiency company’s Goals and Vision. Manoj is in Test Architecture, Estimation responsible for the strategic and Methodologies, Test Planning, operational leadership of TCL India’s Test Suite Development, Test sales, which has a direct effect on the Project Management and Test global revenue of the company. Manoj Automation. Hands on experience in setting- has also played an active role in tapping up and managing offshore potential in individual thus harnessing testing facilities for overseas their strengths and core values. clients. Managed managing large high performing teams in testing and development Developing business plans and financial modeling Bryon Lowen Bryon has over 13 years experience in  ISEB Intermediate in Software the Telecommunications sector and has Testing an excellent knowledge of mobile  Prince 2 Practitioner  Agile development and testing networks and IT applications.  International working Enthusiastic and good natured, he brings  Account coordination and a controlled and delivery focused resource skills approach to a programme or project. His  Strong Vendor Management background in telecoms and computer  Stakeholder Management sciences enables an ability to lead by  Ability to lead & build a team example which is coupled with strong communication unifies teams. Commercial in © TCL 2011
  9. 9. TCL Telecom Expertise Mike Roberts Mike is a versatile and technical Test  ISEB Practitioner qualified Manager, with 18 years Telco  PRINCE 2 Practitioner qualified experience. A highly technical  Effective team & Stakeholder background coupled with a professional manager  SC level Security Clearance attitude is a result of working in various  Excellent technical ability testing, operational and support teams.  Able to adapt to quickly to A strong communicator versed in supplier change assurance, stakeholder management and  Good communicator. team leadership. Fully capable of working within a team or on his own whilst using his own initiative.To find out how TCL’s Independent Software Testing Services can benefit yourbusiness get in touch with us today to set up your free consultation call: Arun Kumar: Soumya Prakash: soumya.prakash@tcl-asia.comIndia Sales Offices:UB CityLevel 15 Concorde TowerVittal Mallya RoadBangalore 560001IndiaTel: 91(80) 4030 0648PESIT Tech Park2nd Floor, 100 -ft Ring RoadBSK III StageBangalore 560085IndiaTel: +91(80) 26426498 Commercial in © TCL 2011
  10. 10. TCL Telecom Expertise Our Purpose The Core Purpose of the company is: To Develop and Deliver World Class Solutions in Software Testing that are Innovative, Structured and Professional. A Global Vision for software Testing Commercial in © TCL 2011