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TCL eCommerce Newsletter 2012

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Ecom newsletter 14052012

  1. 1. TCL India Ecommerce: 5 Things to know this week Newsletter Date: Friday 11th May 2012 Shifting Gears: From Offline to Online Growing popularity of online lot of media coverage about e- retail is a formidable challenge commerce, led by players to traditional retailing says Amit which have become household Jain, CEO & Co-founder, Pur- names now, such as Fashion ple Commerce. Offline retailers and You, Myntra and Snap- are forced to think out of the deal. Most of these are pure- box as online retail increas- play Internet businesses ingly becomes “the new norm” started by entrepreneurs from than a “nice to have.” Retailers the technology space. A lot of When traditional Retailers Amit Jain, CEO & go online, what will happen can no longer afford not to sell money being spent by them is Co-founder, to pureplay eCommerce their goods online. In the last private equity or venture capi- Purple Commerce players? 12 months, there has been a tal... Read More Will we see M&As? Make the Right Offer to the Right Customer When its time to turn data thousands of possibilities into targeted action, you make it difficult to make the need all of the tools and right decisions. Get the es- information you can get sential guide to using the your hands on. That in- wealth of insights collected cludes the customer behav- across channels and apply- ioral data youve collected, ing them to each customer analyzed and segmented, interaction, and learn how and the cross-channel in- to make every campaign Turning data into action is a sights youve gained. But count. Inside this huge issue for marketers today... the sheer complexity and Download Report issue: Expert Ecommerce Website Design 2 Advice eCommerce 2012: Back to the Future The 2012 Retail Store: In Transition 2 While virtually all retailers and how the brand and prod- (Free Report) expect more revenue to ucts can engage and suit ultimately come from the that lifestyle – been more online channel than ever important in the retail portfo- before, they are more chal- lio. Here is a complimentary lenged than ever to keep up report, which examines with evolving consumer which processes and tech- behavior. Never before has nologies are helping retailers an exciting online shopping in their efforts. experience that understands Download Report Understanding yo u r the customer’s lifestyle – customer’s lifestyle!Disclaimer: You have been sent this newsletter as a part of our relationship marketing efforts, if you wish to unsubscribe, please mail me at
  2. 2. Ecommerce: 5 things to know this week Page 2 Expert Ecommerce Website Design Advice When it comes to ecom- to providing organized merce website design there Ecommerce Website FAQs Know that finding are many options for get- and custom shopping carts the right designer ting a unique layout and must focus on making that will be challenging. Start the process feel that matches your conversion happen. If you internally and small business brand and dont have a good website decide what type of presence. design and youre looking at website you need, An ecommerce site design your options, our expert set a project budget -- compared to other types website designers offer tips of business sites -- has a on using ecommerce tem- Choose Carefully. and do your research. very specific goal of con- plates, how to find the right verting a site visitor into a design firm and how to add paying customer, and eve- curb appeal to an existing rything from writing an ecommerce website. original product description Read More The 2012 Retail Store: In Transition 2012 could prove to be a makes it a reality for even Customers are banner year for when re- more retailers to tackle new rapidly tilting the tailers move from projects in order stay rele- tables with their “understanding” to “action”. vant. What do these pro- growing knowledge The best performers have jects look like? What tech- of products and already started rolling nologies do they include, needs – aided in more customer-pleasing and what are the most large part by their technologies and services pressing challenges and breakneck adoption into stores; growing con- opportunities that face re- of smart mobile sumer confidence and de- tailers today in order to technologies mand (as well as the ever- make the store more than Transition is here. lowering price point of in- just a showroom for online tuitive new technologies) sales? Download Report TCL is a specialist consultancy in software testing. Originally founded by Stewart Noakes at TCL India the beginning of 2000, the company exists to meet the needs of our clients who strive to en- sure that their IT projects create value and demonstrate return for their investment. The first TCL company was based in the UK (Transition Consulting Limited) and the group has now Level 15 Concorde Tower expanded to include enterprises in the US and India. A further expansion into Australia or UB City, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560001 New Zealand is expected within the next five years. India Tel: 91(80) 4030 0648 Click links below to know more. Software Testing Case Studies Software Testing - Managed Service PESIT Tech Park 2nd Floor, 100 -ft Ring Road Health Check TCL Introduction Short Film BSK III Stage Bangalore 560085 Crowdsourcing Our Company Vision Customer Commendations India Tel: +91(80) 26426498Disclaimer: This is a free publication for limited private circulation only.TCL only curates and distributes this content which is already freely available on the internet.TCL does not claim ownership of any content used here, except the TCL logo and name.If you have any objection to the contents of this newsletter, please mail us at and we shall try and address the issue immediately.