TCI 2013 Focusing on local priorities whilst maintaining a national network


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By Mike Crowe, Desert Knowledge, Australia, presented at the 16th TCI Global Conference, Kolding 2013.

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TCI 2013 Focusing on local priorities whilst maintaining a national network

  1. 1. Focusing on local priorities whilst maintaining a national network Mike Crowe Breakout Session: Clusters to support growth in areas outside big cities 5 September 2013
  2. 2. Desert Knowledge Australia Outback Business Networks Focusing on Local Priorities whilst maintaining a National Network Mike Crowe 5 September 2013
  3. 3. Desert Knowledge Australia Identifies and develops key local and national projects that contribute to a social, economic and environmentally sustainable future for desert and remote Australia
  4. 4. Desert Knowledge Australia • challenging the way things are done • partnerships to create new ways • applying what we learn Backed by • an intercultural approach • networked to create critical mass • innovation
  5. 5. Flagship Programs • Desert Knowledge Australia Outback Business Networks • remoteFOCUS • Digital Futures • Collective Impact • Desert Leadership • Desert Knowledge Precinct
  6. 6. remoteFOCUS
  7. 7. Digital Futures: Broadband for the Bush Alliance
  8. 8. Outback Business Networks • Linking Ten Regions • Five Industry Groups – Mining Services – Sustainable Building – Tourism – Creative Industries – Local Produce
  9. 9. Outback Business Networks Connecting small businesses across Outback Australia Roll-out phase (2009-12) supported at national level by: Aboriginals Benefit Account
  10. 10. Roll-out Phase 2009-2012
  11. 11. Adding value for businesses in the Outback Timely access to information, profession al development to meet business needs Linking to business opportunities – income generating or cost saving Connecting with potential business collaborators Connecting to ten regions of desert Australia: potential new suppliers and customers Contacts within five industries and industry associations Preparing Outback Businesses for the National Broadband Network
  12. 12. 1500+ SMEs across the Outback
  13. 13. Core Services: • Facilitated cross border industry level meetings • Initial research and project development • Co-developing projects • Online database • Local partnership development
  14. 14. Joint Marketing
  15. 15. Brian Webber: Saican Consultants, Montreal, Canada ‘The unique characteristic of OBN is the concurrent development of intra-regional and inter-regional linkages; and the implementation of tools and processes to make them work. No other identified initiative has tackled these two concurrently.’
  16. 16. What has happened since 2011 • Decline in Australian Government Funding • State and Local Governments more locally focussed • BHP Billiton, Telstra and Qantas stay engaged • Stakeholder expectations at 2009 levels despite 2013 resources! • Staff turnover because of lack of funding certainty • Rise of National Broadband Network as an enabler
  17. 17. How to Build Local Relevance and Engagement? • Local Champions • Relationships • Competitor/Collaborator Dynamic • Build on your “competitive advantage”
  18. 18. How to maintain national sponsorships for regional endeavours? • Maintain the Vision • Engage the sponsors’ needs and priorities • Communicate • Add value
  19. 19. Celebrate Collaboration
  20. 20. How to keep a broad network engaged and informed in a changing environment? • Communicate regularly • Engage with the developing issues • Build on your successes
  21. 21. Review and Build
  22. 22. thank you