TCI2013 Mountain Package – an ecosystem boosting innovation tourism
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TCI2013 Mountain Package – an ecosystem boosting innovation tourism



By Monika Jönsson, Region Dalarna, Sweden, presented at the 16th TCI Global Conference, Kolding 2013.

By Monika Jönsson, Region Dalarna, Sweden, presented at the 16th TCI Global Conference, Kolding 2013.



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TCI2013 Mountain Package – an ecosystem boosting innovation tourism TCI2013 Mountain Package – an ecosystem boosting innovation tourism Presentation Transcript

  • Mountain Package – an ecosystem boosting innovation tourism Monika Jönsson Academic Summit: Clusters as entrepreneurial ecosystems 4 September 2013
  • Mountain Package -an ecosystem boosting innovation in tourism Monika Jönsson, PhD, Regional Adviser
  • Overview of the study • Out of a case Mountain package: – highlight a way of work, regional leadership and innovations in service sector. – make some theoretical connections concerning multilevel governance, cluster development and learning processes for innovation. • The aim of the paper is to: – Present a case and relate some finding to theoretical concepts of leadership and learning. – Suggest – how a cluster in the tourism sector can take lead in an ecosystem to boost innovation. 3
  • Overview of the study • Method: – Project plans – Interviews – OECD peer-review – Examples of theories – literature • Result: – A suggestion of an ecosystem boosting innovation in tourism – organized by a cluster • Question: – Are we on the right way? 4
  • Destination Dalarna Cluster in Dalarna
  • Cluster as a tool for regional development 6 Expected roles: Highlighting the branch strength and needs Representing the branch in Regional strategic plans Regional actor - Project portfolio - Commercialization - National connections An actor for innovation and processes for changes - Applied research - International connections
  • Mountain Package – A World Class Destination 7
  • 8 Project block: Local and municipal context Project block: Regional context Project block: National context Coordinating team Group of Project leaders from the tree blocks Support from Region Dalarna expertsLocal, regional and national leadership coordinated chairperson in Region Dalarna • Housing and service • Environment • Competence supply • Local infrastructure • Water, drainage, electricity and heating • Environmental testing • etc. • Cluster Destination Dalarna • Visit Dalarna • Travel and tourism courses College of Dalarna • Kurbits • Export maturity • etc. • Travel centers • Operation & maintenance of streets etc. • Signposting • Test arena E16 • Railway • County transport plan • etc. Efforts for local planning and business in the mountain area Developing business in Dalarna tourism sector Accessibility to the destina- tion of customer and gods
  • Campus Sälen 9
  • A biking product developed within the cluster 10
  • An upgrading of roads to the mountains 11
  • Innovation in a learning region • Mountain Package shows: – Multilevel governance for strategic questions: • To mobilize and organize public decision makers on local, regional and national level • A regional actor takes the lead – Region Dalarna – Multilevel governance for operative solutions • Multilevel ecosystem of actors for specific needs (SME) • A cluster takes the lead in learning processes – Destination Dalarna 12
  • OECD - rekommendations Strength and assets • Cultural and linguistic proximity • A common specialisation in tourism activities and some potential in forestry-related industries • Attractive and pristine natural areas • Presence of knowledge and support institutions oriented towards regional specialisations • Cluster policies to develop new knowledge-based niches of activities Opportunities • Growth of ‘nearby’ Oslo and Stockholm regions • Unique global brand for tourism based on sports, health and green assets • Openness to cross-border co-operation with more knowledge- intensive areas 13
  • OECD - rekommendations • Reducing or removing border obstacles: – Cross-border public health and care; Cross-border public transport; building and construction. • Cluster activities: – Business development SME; Visibility and profiling; Business development in National Parks. • Infrastructure: – Airport planning in Sälen-Idre-Trysil; • Facilitating innovations: – Education; research and building knowledge; Statistics and databases; networks collaboration and service management for SME; test-beds and labs. Recommendations for a future innovation strategy for a learning region – Dalarna/Hedmark. 14
  • Smart specialization strategy 15 EMC