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  • At META we are following the goals of: <br /> <br /> Growing the business locally and globally <br /> Developing exceptional customer satisfaction to build a continuous volume
  • At META we are following the goals of: <br /> <br /> Growing the business locally and globally <br /> Developing exceptional customer satisfaction to build a continuous volume
  • We are part of a globalised economy <br /> As Australia is so vast and diverse in its manufacturing activities we need to be resourceful <br /> Innovate <br /> Excellence in quality <br /> Listen to our customers <br /> Collaborate <br /> Utilising our best researchers and universities to give a competitive edge <br />
  • Advanced Manufacturing mindset of using the full supply chain to manufacture a product and bring a product to market taking into consideration all the steps across the entire value chain and in between. <br /> <br /> Sustainability – is not about the environment it is about an understanding and a acknowledgment of the importance of the entire value-chain. <br />
  • Key Attributes <br /> 1. Extremely ambitious targets <br /> Want to be a market leader <br /> 2. Focus and depth <br /> > 50% vertical integration <br /> 3. Globalisation <br /> Direct customer relationship, globally <br /> 4. Innovation <br /> R & D spending twice the industry average <br /> 5. Closeness to customers <br /> > 25% of employees contact customers <br /> 6. Loyalty and highly qualified staff <br /> > 50% less turnover rate than average <br /> 7. Strong leadership <br /> Complete identification with the company, >10 years at the top, apply common sense to business <br />

TCIOceania14 Manufacturing competitiveness TCIOceania14 Manufacturing competitiveness Presentation Transcript

  • Manufacturing Competitiveness – Imperatives for Australia's Manufacturing Future Zoran Angelkovski 30 May 2014
  • Manufacturing Competitiveness – Imperatives for Australia's Manufacturing Future Zoran Angelkovski Managing Director, META 30 May 2014
  • The future of Advanced Manufacturing “Be part of the solution” “Continue to describe the problem” MORE LESS View slide
  • What is META? META is a collaborative network of high potential manufacturing businesses and researchers aiming to advance Manufacturing. Through the promotion of leadership and continuous learning, META members will accelerate growth and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of Australia’s manufacturing industry globally. View slide
  • There is no level playing field Its truly a global game Single companies vs. collaboration networks Globalisation: Challenges of Manufacturing
  • Advanced Manufacturing value chain Mass customisation, sustainability, speed Suppliers Research Development Manufacturing Sales, Marketing & Support Customers Advanced manufacturing is the provision of technology, processes and skills along the whole value chain, including key customers as well as key suppliers, to continuously improve products and surrounding services in a reliable and sustainable way, better than any global competitor.
  • Mass customisation – responding to the customer Customising turntable technology to apply to a hotel.. Or to the mining industry..
  • Sustainability drives commercial success What value do you place on eggs produced here… Or here…
  • Speed to market – fast fashion Production lines that are focused on customer demand.. Finished product from 12 months to 2 weeks, sell more and less waste
  • The key attributes of a successful manufacturer will continue Source: Simon, Kucher & Partners 2013 (2,746 companies over 20 years). Key Attributes 1. Extremely ambitious targets 2. Focus and depth 3. Globalisation 4. Innovation 5. Closeness to customers 6. Loyal and highly qualified staff 7. Strong and consistent leadership
  • • Focus on 500 companies/researchers (META 500), across industries, to build the leadership base and the activity map for META • Collaboration as a competitive enabler within Industries and between Industries and Researchers through Collaboration hubs and Collaboration projects • Entire value chain of manufacturing (End to End) with a lean foundation to Business Excellence • Flexibility to operate in multi industries and markets based on core capabilities to overcome volatilities of single markets META strategy
  • • Focus on tangible outcomes • Industry collaborating with Industry • Industry collaborating with Universities • Leveraging existing networks (speed) META action agenda
  • Hubs & Projects operate at 4 distinctive levels 4 Levels Purpose Partners (Subject matter experts) Level 1 Community (hubs only) Build up personal relationships, capacity and learning in a geographical area Existing, long establishedand trusted organisations with an existing geographical network Level 2 Technology & Process Foster collaborationon new technologies, materials, business models, supply chains etc. Members with a specific expertise or organisations recommendedby members Level 3 Application Foster collaborationin areas such as Sports, Health, Logisticsand other applications Members or organisations with existing activities where META can add value Level 4 Industry Guide Advanced Manufacturingin industries such as Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Forestry etc. Members, organisationsand consultant experts open to a collaborative relationship Integrator of existing community activities META has identified exciting activities in Australia, but these are too often operating at a local community level only. One of META’s principles is not to duplicate these existing activities but to integrate them at a national and cross-industry level.
  • Activities of META INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARKING (Competitiveness) COLLABORATIVE ACTIVITIES META DATABASE • Best Global Practices – Commercialised Innovation • Best Global Practices – Regulatory drivers and barriers • Australian Manufacturing competitiveness – international benchmarking •Practical workshops with industry to validate findings •Collaboration Hubs (subject matter experts) •Collaboration Projects (proof of concept) •Collaboration forums (industry: university commercialised innovation •Lighthouse Projects (proof of concept) •Student placement program •Collaborative networks (industry) •Companies: data mining – profiling META 500 •Universities: full national capability mapping
  • META has a strong national network of industry and universities This network can determine like no other the future global competitiveness of Australian manufacturers