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KPI Brochure

  1. 1. The KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR “A 5 Step Process for becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry”Over 9 months we bring together some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor our clients through a proven process of turning skills, talent and expertise into the thriving business they love. This is your invitation to play a bigger game.
  2. 2. LEVERAGE THE VALUE YOU ALREADY HAVEBuilding a profitable business that is an authentic expression of who you are won’t happen by accident.It takes preparation and design to get it right.Over the last 2 years we have helped over 450 business owners, corporate escapees, consultantsand professional service providers. We assist them to identify and repackage their business, ideaor raw talent in such a way that it becomes more visible, profitable and meaningful for them and theirclients. If you’ve got a great business or idea and believe more people should know about, the KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR can help you make the most of it.Every industry has an ‘Inner Circle’: Their names come up in conversation ... for the right reasons. They attract more opportunities ... the right kind. They earn more money ... and it isn’t a struggle. And they have more fun ... because they love what they do. 1 You need a CT P PERFE ITCH P UB S PARTNERS great HIP You your ideas LISEvery successful business needs a Key 5 d 2 H need 5Person of Influence. A driving force You nee who becomes known in the industry. toThe “Steve Jobs” of Apple, the “Larryand Sergey” of Google, the “AnitaRoddick” of The Body Shop. The KPI SKILLS lue person who leads the way. rais r va o e y Yo u n ur P y ou SEeed t ee R O TI o 4 d to FILE C PRODU You n 3 Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  3. 3. It’s more than just a set of technical skills. A Key Person of Influence needs to hone fiveentrepreneurial strengths that sets them apart from the rest. The 5 KPI strengths are: You need a PERFECT PITCH In today’s market, being remarkable is essential. If you don’t have an amazing pitch, regardless of how great your product or service is, you will always struggle. You need to PUBLISH your ideas Publishing through books and articles builds credibility, authority and attracts fresh opportunity. Once you have a clear framework for expressing you thought leadership, the rest is easy. You need to PRODUCTISE your value Turning your skills and talents into products is the fastest way to avoid the time for money trap and spend more time doing the things you love. The process is simple, profitable and liberating. You need to raise your PROFILE Being good at what you do is no longer enough if you want to be a top earner. You need to stand out and be recognised. In a time when “you are who Google says you are”, what do you want to be known for? You need great PARTNERSHIPS Packaging your value so other people can succeed is where you will multiply your profit, attract major opportunities and begin to enjoy the fruits of everything you have built.These 5 strengths are a powerful guide, however strategy is nothing without implementation.The KPI 30 WEEK GROWTH ACCELERATOR creates a high performance community dedicated toone thing; output. When you re-package the value you already have around these 5 strengthsand implement with excellence, the acceleration you will experience in your life and businesswill astound you. Leigh Ashton KPI totally rocks. In 6 months I have improved my pitch, I have a book, products and an impressive online profile and have developed amazing relationships with JV Partners. Embrace the KPI formula...IT WORKS :-) Reply ∙ 1 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post |
  4. 4. THERE ARE 3 LEVELS TO EVERY INDUSTRYMost people make themistake of moving from KPIWorker Bee to Newbie,rather than Worker Beeto KPI in the industrythey know and love. WORKER BEE NEWBIE Notes (Think it, Ink it, Do it, Review it) ... Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
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  6. 6. INCOME DISTRIBUTION IN YOUR INDUSTRYINCOME < 10% newbie worker bee KPI worker bee newbie POPULATION Notes (Think it, Ink it, Do it, Review it) ... Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
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  8. 8. 1 THE ART OF THE PERFECT PITCH with Mike HarrisMIKE HARRIS is one of the UK’s biggest success stories when it comes tostarting with nothing more than an impossible idea and turning it into a Multi-Billion Pound Business. He’s done it three times. “Three Multi-Billion PoundBusinesses in Succession was not an accident … it was designed that way!” Mike,on good authority, believes that when you get your “Perfect Pitch” you can “createa business that makes a real dent in the universe”.“Most people have the hardest time answering the simple question, “what do you do? And yet inmost times, a powerful answer to this question makes the difference between success and failure.”Mike HarrisWhy Perfect Your Pitch?You may have a great product, service or idea, but if you can’t communicateits value in a remarkable way, you will always struggle.Starting with nothing, your “Perfect Pitch” will at-tract the money you need, the team you want andall the other the resources you need along the way. Just one insight from MikeThis isn’t theory ... Mike has raised over £200M to can multiply your business many times over.get his ideas off the ground.Taking the time to get it right will allow you toachieve far bigger outcomes in shorter time frames. “In this small class size, I’m able to give you specific, pin-pointed feedback, on what (exactly) has toYour “Perfect Pitch” is the most valuable improve about your business, brand or idea.”thing you can have. Mike HarrisTap into the mind of a businessgenius ...Mike guides you through the process that has ledhim to create some of the most powerful business The KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR includes:pitches in UK history. It’s a creative process that will The Perfect Pitch | LIVE Workshopdraw out of you things you never knew existed. It will Full Day Masterclass with Mike Harris.deliver in you, more certainty, clarity and commercial Review Kitviability than you could achieve on your own. Perfect Pitch DVD Home Study KitJust one insight from Mike can shift your businessmany times over. Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  9. 9. 2 PUBLISHING YOUR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP with Mindy Gibbins-KleinMINDY GIBBINS-KLEIN is a writing and publishing expert, an international speaker andleading book coach with over 20 years’ experience. She has spoken to thousands of peopleall over the world, has written and been interviewed for articles, radio and television over100 times on building a profile as a REAL thought leader. Mindy has helped more than450 people through different stages of their manuscripts, with over 200 published todate. She is the author and co-author of four books, one of which reached Number 2 inBusiness Books on Amazon.Why Publish?In the ideas economy, publishing gives you a claim to your valuable niche. It positions you as an authorityand gives you the essential credibility required to charge a premium. It also packages your Perfect Pitchin a way that makes it easy for others to spread your message on your behalf.Do you... ING ING ING G NIN NG OT ISH CH NG OM ITI UN AN BL ITI WRFeel you have valuable ideas or insights PU PR LA ED PL... but don’t know where to start?Have a unique perspective which others couldbenefit... but lack the confidence to publish?Get the career boosting benefits of being an author... but question your true message and market?This program is your chance to tap into the mind Some published books delivered by The Book Midwifeof a writing and publishing master ...While working with Mindy you will: The KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR includes: Uncover the core message that will become Publishing with Mindy Gibbins-Klein the central theme of your thought leadership. Full Day Masterclass with Mindy Gibbins- Unpack and explore your best thinking around Klein that theme, creating a valuable IP map. 12 week coaching program Create a writing framework that ensures clarity, impact and readability. 12 interactive weekly Webinars where you Overcome the challenges associated in each of can receive personalised coaching through following areas: every step of the book creation process. Planning, Writing, Editing, Publishing, Launching & Promoting your book. |
  10. 10. 3 PRODUCTISE YOUR EXPERTISE with Nic RixonNIC RIXON built and sold a group of companies in manufacturing, property,training and commercial design industries by the time he was 45. He was one ofthe founding partners or Shirlaws Coaching in the UK and is now CEO of Navitas.Nic has travelled the globe addressing groups and businesses on business strategyand has worked with British Aerospace, Sony Pictures, Credit Suisse, HSBC, AventisPharmaceuticals, Direct Selling Association and Oxford University.“Income follows assets. Most people only have their skillset and hence they haveto earn money by showing up. In one day with me, you will develop your thinkingabout your business and begin to package/repurpose/refine the IP that alreadyexists, often times discovering that there is hidden IP that you haven’t realised yet.”Nic Rixon, CEO of Navitas IP and founding partner of Shirlaws CoachingWhy create a better product?Nic Rixon will show you the importance of peeling back the layers of your business to discover valuable newproducts and services you could be offering.If you are currently being paid to work or consult, you definitely have valuable IP that could be turned into aproduct that starts earning you money 24/7.While working with Nic Rixon you will beable to: The KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR includes: Discover the ideal product funnel for your unique business model. Productise your IP Increase your income without swapping more time for money. 2 Day Masterclass with Nic Rixon, Andrew Serve the needs of vastly more people. Priestley and Guest Trainers. Expand the opportunities you can access.... It’s time you get direct input from Nic Rixon“If you’re done trading time for money and youthink your ideas are valuable - then with the theright guidance in the KPI Accelerator you can turnyour ‘skillset into an asset’. Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  11. 11. 4 INCREASE YOUR PROFILE AND BECOME WEB-FAMOUS with Penny PowerPENNY POWER, founder of and author of the book “Know Me, Like Me, Fol-low Me”, shares the secret to having an amazing online presence and being found first. Pennyis a true pioneer in Social Networking and New Media. In the late 90’s she founded and today entrepreneurs and small business business people use it to connect, share in-sights and support each other worldwide. Her depth of experience combined with her sincerecaring create a unique blend that gives you the hard hitting ideas combined with the realworld connection that is needed these days..Why Go Social?Social Media is one the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal. Whether you securecoverage in the traditional media or online, if you drive newsworthy, value-driven content, you can gainenormous traction in the marketplace and become known as a Key Person of Influence.Equally as importantly, when your customersGoogle you or your niche, they want to see a video,updates, downloads, community and dynamic The KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR includes:information. Know Me, Like Me, Follow MeIf they don’t find it, you run the risk of them findingit from someone else. Consider that before you get Live 1 Day Masterclass with Penny Power.a big break, you will be Googled... and you are responsible for what comes up. Troy By Design Myself and my Business partner are in the KPI 5 UK group. The KPI formula and architecture is precision planned and proven to work. It is inspirational, and ground-breaking, seriously this will be the best money you can pay to help you become the person you are meant to become in your field and most likely a lot more that you cannot even realise right now. Daniel Priestley, Glen Carlson, Marcus and all the KPI team and mentors are pure genius. If you want your work to start working for you rather than you slaving for it, then pay up and buckle up, the louder you scream, the faster you go! Enjoy the journey.............. and thanks Glen, our brainstorming session was just the start of what we are going to do! Bring it on.....; ). Reply ∙ 2 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post |
  12. 12. 5 PARTNER WITH KEY PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY with Shaa WasmundSHAA WASMUND is the founder of, the UK’s #1 Resource for SmallBusiness. Smarta is backed by leading entrepreneurs Theo Paphitits and DeborahMeaden. As an expert at creating profitable partnerships, Shaa will share herstrategies in greater detail for harnassing industry joint venturesWhy Partner?The ‘worker bee’ mistake is thinking you are not making enough money because you are not valuableenough. Like you might have guessed, your real wealth comes when you simply leverage your existingvalue with others.Without question, a great partnership can transform everything and take your business to a whole newlevel, however, until you have established yourself as a KPI, it is nearly impossible to meet eye to eye andget the breakthrough deal.The real money is made from partnerships, but partnerships don’t happen until people know that youare a KPI.While working with Shaa Wasmund you will: The KPI GROWTH ACCELERATOR includes: Discover how to package your value in preparation for a JV. JV’s & Partnership Identify the perfect JV Partners. Live 1 Day Masterclass with Shaa Wasmund. Learn how to pitch your JV so you get a fair deal. Standardise your JV so it can be multiplied many times. Chris Davies I started my business the same time I started the KPI programme in February 2011. Since then we have gained a major multi national client, built state-of-the-art coaching workshop modules, published a book and honed a pitch that has got us into 3 of the 4 major UK bank boardrooms. KPI leverages your business into the stratospherequicker and more comprehensively than any other business coaching programme I know! Enjoy the ride... Reply ∙ 3 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  13. 13. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER. People think it takes years or even decades to become a Key Person of Influence. The fact is, if you’re already good at what you do, you just need to implement the 5 steps with excellence. e it. valu How do our clients so consistently achieve such We Wedramatic results in such short timeframes? The KPI GROWTH cultivate itThe answer, we believe, is the power of momentum ACCELERATORcombined with a high performance environment is a MOMENTUMand a committed group of people who share an We MACHINE arn aligned vision and strategy. . es h s it When you are clear, focused and in flow, taking on new challenges becomes easy. You get in the zone byconcentrating on what’s important and as you do, you rise to a new level of influence and productivity.All of our KPI’s achieve their results WHILE they continue to run their business or work in their practice orjob. Nothing good happens without effort, and there is never a perfect time.“Worker bees constantly experience limitations around time, money and personal capacity. Theirexperience of life is that there is never enough. This is misguided; if you are committed to somethingworthwhile, something you believe in, the resources you need will show up.”Daniel Priestley “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” Lucille Ball The cornerstone of the KPI GROWTH ACCELERATORWithout question, the top level strategy, guidance Thriving local and international community.and commercial perspective will give you clarity Regular accountability meetings to keepon the exact next steps you need to orchestrate you on track.your rise as a KPI, however it’s the momentum Regular Momentum Sessions to overcomegenerated by the like-minded community that will any implementation hurdles while preppingkeep you motivated, focused and accountable to you for your next Masterclass.making it happen. |
  14. 14. KPI PROGRAM DIRECTOR Andrew Priestley (Grad Dip Psych, B.Ed, FInstISMM)ANDREW PRIESTLEY is an award-winning business coach qualified inOrganisational Psychology; and the KPI Program Director in the UK.Momentum = ResultsAndrew specialises in working with MDs and works with established companies in a diverse range ofindustries. As such he brings a wealth of grounded experience to entrepreneurs on the KPI Program.His own business provides profiling technology and coaching services to clients worldwide.Andrew will be facilitating many of the live Momentum Events and Webinars and providing coaching support.AFTER KPIOur clients have: Ongoing support Access to services Distrubution Book deals Speaking opportunities around the world Community of entrepreneurs Peer-to-peer experience/sharing Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  15. 15. KPI Case Study ... Mike SymesWhen we first met Mike Symes he was already successful. Next, Mike produced a new website and as well as aHe had founded a Marketing Consultancy that specialised highly valuable brand assessment tool which couldin assisting Financial Services Companies. He wasn’t short allow people all over the world to access his unique takefor business, but still had to go chasing for new clients. on financial services branding (Product).Mike wanted to take things up a level. With newfound clarity and scalability, Mike wasted noHe wanted to be priced in the premium end of the time in raising his Profile online. This resulted in himmarket (a well justified position) and he wanted clients being appointed as the Chairman of a highly prestigiouschasing him, rather than the traditional method of industry body (Profile). Mike was also able to form Jointpitching for new business. Ventures and Partnerships with key industry playersMike signed up to the KPI Accelerator Programme in (Partnerships). With all of this in place, Mike noticedApril 2010 and immediately had a breakthrough in a clear shift in the amount of new business that wasthe way he explained the value he delivers to a client. finding him. In one instance, the CEO of one of the UK’sRather than saying, “I have financial marketing agency”, largest Banks, was excited to have the opportunity toMike began telling clients that he “works with financial sit down over coffee with Mike to discuss the future ofservices companies to ignite their brands, illuminate their brand. In a six month period, Mike Symes wenttheir points of difference and enable their messages to from being a very successful marketing consultant to aspread like wild-fire leaving them and their customers Key Person of Influence in his field. He went from beingfeeling inspired” (Pitch). great at pitching for new business ... to having peopleHe then set to work on his Book, “Light Your Firebrand”, pitch him to become a client. Mike widened his scopewhere he was able to consolidate his 25 years of industry to deliver value worldwide and distilled his unique ideasexperience into a powerful manuscript (Publish). In into valuable Intellectual Property.doing so, he was able to uncover and explore his unique In short, he recognised the mountain of value he wasIntellectual Property. Mike discovered that he had a lot already standing on and is now producing at a wholemore value to share than he previously acknowledged. new level. Desmond Moreria KPI not only has inspiring speakers, but actual real people who will empower and change your view and mind of business forever. I have been part of KPI in London, and I see many of us, growing and making our businesses better, adding value, getting more opportunities, and having more fun. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Embrace what they are about, it will be the best investment to your business ever! Reply ∙ 1 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post |
  16. 16. KPI Case Study ... Sacha SelcukFor Sixteen years Sacha pursued her passion. Her love Big Day/Small Budget - A guide to saving money onof flowers allowed her to continue year after year as a weddings and events from a florist who’s seen everyflorist despite the fact that her business barely paid the trick in the book.bills, let alone a lucrative wage. She also wrote ‘49 Tips for Flowers’, a little book that is nowWhen Sacha was first considering the KPI Accelerator sold in flower shops and she is in talks with supermarketsProgramme, she told us that she was seriously thinking and hobby shops across the UK.about giving the flowers up and getting a job as a PA. Next she set about creating a Product. Sacha recordedIt wasn’t what she wanted to do ... but she felt she had a DVD and built a “Home Flower Arranging Kit” so thatvery little choice. women all over the world could discover the joy ofThe thing we liked most about working with Sacha was making their own bouquet, centrepiece or buttonholes.her complete willingness to try out the ideas in the KPI This is currently being pitched to Living TV and UKTVProgramme. She got started without hesitation and for a weekly show - it will do for flowers, what cookery programmes do for food.made some big leaps ahead quickly. She then set to work on creating her Facebook, Twitter,She developed a new Pitch. Rather than being a florist, Blog and YouTube presence. Today if you Google “Sa-Sacha started saying that she “specialised in bringing cha” you’ll discover a woman on a mission of flowers!out a woman’s worth through flower arranging”. Finally Sacha fearlessly picked up the phone and beganThis new Pitch led to a whole new business within doing what she had been taught on the programme.2 months. Sacha started running flower arranging Within 6 months of starting the KPI Strategy as part ofworkshops for corporate women in the CBD. She the KPI Accelerator Programme, Sacha has gone fromalso started talks within the prison service, teaching frustrated and ready to give up... to being a Key Personwomen in prison how to arrange flowers as a sideline. in her industry with bunches of opportunity blossom-Sacha began writing her Book ... ing wherever she goes. Karen Finnin This program will stop you watching and wishing, and start you doing. I love the structure it has given my business development. I’m putting in the hard yards, but it’s such a relief to know that my efforts are being put into exactly the areas I need to make my business explode. What a bonus meeting a motivated bunch of like-minded classmates to collaborate with. Reply ∙ 8 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post Harley Farmer As an Aussie living in Cambridge, England, and working a global strategy, I can assure all of you in Australia the KPI accelerator programme really works. The team very quickly showed I was struggling because I had too much to offer! This new network of friends helped me find and develop the best micro-niche. I was in the first KPI set and have crewed at some of the more recent ones. The really great news is how the KPI team have listened to us all and progressively improved what what already fantastic. If you’re ready to step up and show your true potential, the KPI accelerator is for you. Have fun. Reply ∙ 3 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  17. 17. KPI Case Study ... Lazo FreemanLazo Freeman used to say he was a Personal Trainer. That line always gets a laugh, but more importantly,We weren’t surprised, he certainly looks the part. We people want to see pictures of the 12 weekdiscovered that he isn’t just any Personal Trainer, he’s transformations. When Lazo pulls out his book andactually a multi-award winning body builder. He’s won shows them some before and after shots of his clients,major titles for Natural Body Building and he even won jaws hit the floor. In 12 weeks, Lazo can transform aa competition to meet Cindy Crawford! skinny guy into a buff guy, a fatty to a muscle man. TheDespite his awards, his hourly rate was only marginally transformations are extraordinary.higher than most Personal Trainers who had NOT He then directs them to his DVD and invites peoplewon any awards. Lazo was charging about 30 percent to make friends with him on his Facebook Profile. Byhigher than the industry average. the time you see all of his photos, his YouTube videosLike many in his industry he thought that the key to and his testimonials, you know that he is THE man forhis success was doing more courses, getting more ‘Radical 12 Week Transformations in London’.qualifications and having a nice brochure. Before you get too excited about getting him to workLazo was working hard with his clients and getting with you, we should tell you what happened to hisgreat results ... but not seeing the financial rewards. prices. Today, Lazo charges £10,000 for a Radical 12 WeekLazo heard about the KPI Accelerator Strategy and he Transformation, and he has a waiting list! Combinedreally “got it”. He realised that he hadn’t differentiated with a lucrative new sponsorship deal, this makes himhimself from other Personal Trainers and he hadn’t the highest paid “personal trainer” in London. It wasn’tused his success to establish himself as a Key Person the awards that made it happen. It wasn’t the yearsof Influence yet. of getting outstanding results with his clients. It wasThe first thing we did was develop his Perfect Pitch. following the 5 step formula that caused a dramatic shift.Today, rather than introducing himself as ‘Personal Lazo is now a KPI in his industry and charges 500 perTrainer’, Lazo will tell you he does ‘Radical 12 week cent (£10,000 per client) of what the normal person inbody transformations with highly successful people his industry charges. He earns more than most doctorswho do amazing things in their work but very or lawyers and he has a lot more fun because he livesordinary things naked!’ his passion. Mike Symes The KPI Programme is a game-changing formula that delivers extraordinary results by accelerating the development of your personal brand and your business. Not only is it business enhancing, it is a life enhancing experience. The sequential step process and the supportive nature of the groups encourage and ensure success. KPI is both an enabler and an accelerator, showing you how to extract the mountain of knowledge that you have and enabling you to articulate and demonstrate your IP with clarity and authority. Reply ∙ 2 ∙ Like ∙ Follow Post |
  18. 18. IS THE 9 MONTHKPI GROWTH ACCELERATORfor me and my business? s t F i n a n c i a l Pl a n n e r r Ar ti ogrammer I ns ee etc... Pr D es t r u c g i n or i gn t o En nt er ve r ech ician ION MBIT - STRO In Ph itect Ar y si ch -A ic s an Mu oth aturopath Mass ber NG e r ap RING - STORIES d v is o r D o c to r Editor M N OPINI S - IDEA PAST i s t B a n ke r Pl u mSME A/B demographic:£75,000 - £2.5M Revenue. SUCCESS ONOptimistic. Driven. Progressive. Trainer STORIESInfluencer of your peers. IT A CA ag e P e y S- - lit nt TRACK RECORD at sona ge T r he s o A r ra e P pis e t ia s t na l Co d Tra ach Sp Me l E in e eaker Author ea r La w ye r Acco u nt a n t R Entrevo Ltd - 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom.
  19. 19. Discovery Session RegistrationEach KPI 9 MONTH GROWTH ACCELERATOR is made up of a dynamic group of extraordinary people whoare committed to supporting each other to their highest potential. If you are serious about exploringwhether this journey is right for you, then join us for a Discovery Session!A Discovery Session is an invaluable process we have developed that will provide you with insightsas to your hidden value, and how to best leverage it moving forward in the context of the 5 steps ofbecoming a Key Person of Influence.Why attend a discovery session? Uncover the inhibitors that are keeping you from your Personal Best. Discover 4 key frameworks that will help you identify, organise and commercialise your ‘mountain of value’. Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome. Discuss the KPI enrolment criteria and payment options.YES! I would like to attend a KPI Discovery Session!Great! Please tick the box that best reflects you: I have talents and experience that I want to turn into a viable business. I have an existing business with revenues of < £500,000 that I want to grow. My business turns over > £500,000 and I would like to build my personal brand. I’m an employee and would like to become a KPI inside my organisation. Other (please give details).Full Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Amount: Total inc VAT: £50 (donation to Peace One Day)Payment Type Debit Card Visa Mastercard CashName on Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Card Number SignatureSecurity Code Expiry Date . . . . . . . . . . / . . . . . . . . . .We charge a nominal £50 participation fee for the Discovery Session to help ensure our time is not absorbed by spectators. 100% of this feewill be donated to Peace One Day and/or various causes we support via our charity partner B1G1. If you don’t feel the session was worth theinvestment of your time and money, we will refund your money and donate an additional £50 on your behalf as compensation.
  20. 20. Ask not what the world needs.Instead, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, as what the world needs are people who have come alive. Dr Howard Thurman Entrevo Ltd Company #: 07602936 26 York Street, Westminster, London, W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom. p: 0844 477 1618 | e: