Balancing Discussion Boards


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Use discussion boards to create true discussions.

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Balancing Discussion Boards

  1. 1. Discussion Boards: Defining Your Goal And Finding The Balance That Works For Students
  2. 2. Truth Time
  3. 3. Everyone is doing it – it must be the right thing to do. But I hated it!
  4. 4. Numbers were everywhere!
  5. 5. I was losing my mind
  6. 6. Something had to give.
  7. 7. Back to the drawing board
  8. 8. I asked the question: Are they even worth it? I went to the source
  9. 9. So they ARE worth it But what am I doing wrong?
  10. 10. Then it hit me
  11. 11. Not all discussion boards are created equal Class discussion Peer Review Nor should they be!
  12. 12. What kinds of things do we assess using discussion boards?
  13. 13. What is my goal with discussion boards? •Simulate classroom discussion and by doing that foster: •Communication •Class Participation •Feeling of Community •Make Class Relevant •Critical Thinking •Group Skills
  14. 14. Why do we have class discussions?
  15. 15. Do highly structured discussion boards really simulate classroom discussions?
  16. 16. In a face to face class, would you make everyone report on a topic and then make everyone respond to three other people’s reports?
  17. 17. And even worse You would get a ton of garbage
  18. 18. But it is how I promote community! Isn’t it?
  19. 19. Again, I asked the students:
  20. 20. “They haven't helped me to understand the lessons being discussed. If anything they are a distraction. In one class I replied to every DB posted. That was very draining on me time wise and did not help me to know anyone in the class or give me the sense of community. “
  21. 21. What happens when we have discussions in a face to face class?
  22. 22. What happens when you force conversations?
  23. 23. And even worse You get a ton of garbage
  24. 24. 1.Start with a specific topic 2.Add a few points for the initial post. 3.Stress the importance of wowing your audience. 4.Leave everything else up to them.
  25. 25. This student has never attended class This is a guest account
  26. 26. I do not make them reply One student said “Reading the other submissions allows me to get an insight into others ideas, although I don’t necessarily want to add a point to their statements. “
  27. 27. Through the 4th week of the quarter 12 out of 19 students participating Worth 1 extra credit point