Mission jamaica 2012 training meeting 1


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  • What was the street like where you grew up? What is the farthest you have traveled from home? How did you get your first pet? What is the food that you have to have at Christmas time…without it it’s just not Christmas? If you weren’t here right now, where would you be? Are you a beach person or a mountain person, and why? What are you most excited about with this trip? What are you most nervous about?
  • For Lutherans we wrestle with the word “Call.” For us, call = vocation.
  • Pastors are called to be pastors. Bricklayers are called to be bricklayers. Accountants are called to be accountants. The question is, how can each of these positions serve God, where you are? Luther said: “Send your good men into ministry. But send your best men into politics.”
  • Topics we will cover over our 4 meetings.
  • Mission jamaica 2012 training meeting 1

    1. 1. March 17-24, 2012March 24-31, 2012To change lives and deepenrelationships in the name of JesusChrist
    2. 2. Your NameYour WeekThe Question:
    3. 3. …live a life worthy of the calling you havereceived. Be completely humble and gentle; bepatient, bearing with one another in love. Makeevery effort to keep the unity of the Spiritthrough the bond of peace. There is one bodyand one Spirit – Just as you were called to onehope when you were called – one Lord, onefaith, one baptism; one God and Father of all,who is over all and through all and in all.Ephesians 4:1-6
    4. 4. “I therefore, the prisonerin the Lord, beg you tolead a life worthy of thecalling to which you havebeen called.” -Ephesians 4:1
    5. 5. vo·ca·tion Source: Dictionary.com [voh-key-shuhn]Noun1.a particular occupation, business, or profession; calling.2.a strong impulse or inclination tofollow a particular activity or career.3.a divine call to Gods service or tothe Christian life.
    6. 6. Calling to a VocationFor Lutherans: Vocation means that all who arebaptized have been called by God to serve ourneighbor individually and as communities. God’sinvitation to follow is given to everyone.Everyone has a ministry. God organized theworld through in intricate network of roles.
    7. 7. In Quads:1. Have you ever thought about being called?2. To what do you feel called?3. Do you feel like you live up to God’s call for you?4. How might your experience in Jamaica be a way of your living out your call?
    8. 8. November 6 December 4Community Building Community BuildingBible Study Bible StudyJamaican Culture Overview of worksitesFundraising UpdateUpcoming Events CliftonCollections for suitcases FMSCDue Dates Medical TeamLogistics Westhaven Cap vs. shirt Fundraising Update Signatures Upcoming Events Balances dueQ&A Q&A
    9. 9. January 8 February 19Community Building Community BuildingBible Study Bible StudyWorking with people with Logistics/Travel/TSA/etcspecial needs Update from Jamaica onExpectations of Missionaries current worksite projects Behavior Communications Home Dress Q&ASafetyThe Detailed ScheduleQ&A
    10. 10. A nation ofcontradictions
    11. 11. Tourism
    12. 12. Poverty
    13. 13. FormalHistorically part of British CommonwealthNot granted independence until 1962
    14. 14. Not so Formal
    15. 15. Jamaican culture is extreme• The beauty• The roads• The driving• The formality• The informality• The poverty• The excess
    16. 16. Definition Time:Irie: (I-ree) adj., a: a Jamaican termmeaning “everything is ok”, or “noproblem.” b: Often used as a term ofreassurance when things aren’t goinglike we thought.
    17. 17. The MissionaryThe task of the missionary is not to comein expecting to change a culture. We areguests in that culture. Our task is toaccompany our hosts in their culture andto point to Jesus.
    18. 18. Time
    19. 19. Jamaican CultureConsumerOriented:• We are the consumers• Customer service focused • Airport cabs… • Craft markets
    20. 20. Jamaican Culture• The culture has taught them value is found in selling.• We will operate from premise that value is found in who we are as children of God• We will build relationships and accompany our partners
    21. 21. Jamaican LanguageEnglishPatois Patois is a language/dialect that combines elements of English, Spanish, French, Creole. It is rapid. It is often what is used when Jamaicans don’t want to be understood by visitors
    22. 22. FundraisingButterbraids & theCraft and Bake Sale Connie
    23. 23. Parent’s Night Out This, and other events like this help us to: • Tell the story of what God is doing in Jamaica and around the world • Raise funds for our mission partners Details are on theDecember 9, 2011Carly and Margaret calendar
    24. 24. 2nd Suitcases Paige • Every missionary will carry a 2nd suitcase of donations. • Over 50 suitcases of material will go to our partners in Jamaica
    25. 25. PaigeMentors Every first-timer will be given a mentor Mentors will walk with the first time folks, answering questions, assisting and supporting • Pre-trip • Travel • Hotel • Site • Post-Trip
    26. 26. Hats or Shirts Paige This year: • A choice of a hat or a t-shirt (in addition to our regular group t- shirt) • Or pick one and buy the other for an extra $8
    27. 27. Due Dates Paige What Due When? Choice of hat or shirt? Today Signatures needed for registration forms Today Medical credentials November 15 Financial Balance due Dec 31, 2011 (if writing off in 2011) (final balances will be sent shortly after the bake/craft Jan 1, 2012 sale on Dec. 11th) (if writing off in 2012)