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  • 1. Gathering 2009
  • 2.
    • Quick Facts :
    • It’s 35,000 people gathered together for:
      • Worship
      • Service
      • Learning
      • A whole lot of fun
    • It’s New Orleans:
      • Which makes it an incredible opportunity to change people’s lives!
    • It’s our group:
      • Bonded together in this experience. Making new friends, having fun serving together.
  • 3. Purpose : Serving like Jesus Christ – recognizing the humanity of every person. It is about living a life of compassionate justice. Mission : Christians are called to a life of compassionate justice
  • 4. “ Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others. Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:4-5). Photo
  • 5. Serving like Jesus Christ ...invites ...nudges ...challenges ...even compels us to compassionate justice
  • 6. Yes. We will serve the people who are victims of Katrina.
  • 7. We are guests in New Orleans in 2009. We will enter with respect. Are you aware that thousands of people are still displaced from their homes? It’s been more than 2 years.
  • 8. The first point of the New Gathering Design is that we are not the priority. This is more than a fun trip to a new city. More than encountering a huge Lutheran community. And more than stirring consciousness about Jesus and living Christian in the world. Sure, it will be fun. There will be Lutherans everywhere. We will know more about Jesus and what Jesus has done for us. We will know more about the world God created. Yet there is something deeper in 2009. Think about improvising... we are creating a new sound, adding to the basic beat of your own congregation. We believe the young people are ready for this jazz.
  • 9. Re-cap: The Gathering will invite everyone who attends to mature in their faith by encountering Jesus in the humanity of New Orleans and returning home to practice compassionate justice. Photo
  • 10.  
  • 11. Why do we participate?
    • Lord of Life has participated in youth gatherings since 1988
    • Youth Gatherings have been a powerful experience for our young people
    • Great opportunity for our youth to experience a stadium full of Lutheran youth, to form community, to revitalize their relationship with God, to see the power of the church in action, and to have fun!
  • 12.  
  • 13. How do we get there?
    • We are considering two travel options: train and bus.
      • Train would involve taking an Amtrak to Chicago and making a connection to New Orleans. Would include travel overnight on way down and back.
      • Bus would be one or two charter buses driving to New Orleans. Would include travel overnight on way down and back.
  • 14. What happens when we arrive?
    • Our current plan is to arrive a day before the gathering officially starts.
    • Check in to the hotel (4 to a room).
    • Explore the city in small groups, worship as a Lord of Life community, rest, and get pumped up for the gathering!
  • 15.  
  • 16. What is a typical day like?
    • Well, we aren’t totally sure! This Gathering will be different from those in the past!
    • Wednesday will consist of a huge opening at night in the dome.
    • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be spent doing service, learning, and experiencing. Each night will end with a huge worship in the dome.
    • Sunday will wrap up with worship in the dome, then we’ll hit the road.
  • 17.  
  • 18. JESUS Day: Who’s Jesus and how do we believe in and follow him Expect a cafeteria of choices, tons of learning centers, conversations and safe places to ask questions, wonder about God and our world, discover Biblical perspectives, engage in theological reflection and pray. These are BIG IDEAS ABOUT GOD, YOU AND OUR WORLD! Relax. It won’t be boring. If you already know a lot you will be challenged to think bigger. If you are new at reading the Bible, you will get the basics and a lot more. Either way, this day is going to help you understand Compassionate Justice through engaging, new activities!
  • 19. JAZZ Day: The music becomes part of our very being The world is a messy place and most of the time we don’t even know the half of it! Your Jazz day will make you aware of new things! You will learn some unknowns about your Interest Area, including facts and current concerns in our world. You will hear great music, stories, and speakers. The Interaction Center will be your playground as you encounter a new understanding of your baptismal identity. This will be a day with a bit of listening, tons of conversations and interactive learning so you are wiser and challenged in your compassionate justice . Embrace your power as a Christian!
  • 20. Justice Day: serving like Jesus, making the world holy & whole Imagine this: New Orleans will have three solid days with 12,000 Lutherans making an impact each day! You will be assigned for a particular Compassionate Justice Project in the city within your Interest Area. The city is expecting us to show up! Your day will include driving to & from a project site, working on a project and being part of the recovery in New Orleans. (A transportation plan is in the works!) There is a plan to these projects that is bigger than any one person or that any one congregation can complete. We are using our power as a Christian community to seek justice in our world – this will feel big and small at the same time.
  • 21.  
  • 22. What about small groups?
    • Throughout the entire trip, young people will be in a small group. It is with this group that we will serve, learn, worship, and hang out. Each small group will have one adult leader. Groups will be between 5-8 youth in size.
  • 23.  
  • 24. What about safety?
    • The City of New Orleans and the Gathering staff are making special arrangements to enhance safety for all participants.
    • Small groups are a huge part of how we stay safe. Each group leader is responsible for knowing where the youth are at all times.
    • Youth will be encouraged to bring cell phones and exchange numbers with Erin, Pastor Todd, and their group leader.
    • We always follow the rule of three: don’t go anywhere, ever without at least two other people.
  • 25.  
  • 26. What about cost?
    • This is our best estimate right now.
    • Subject to change depending upon train or bus, cost of housing, etc.
    • We try to estimate high, actual price may be lower.
    • $150 non refundable deposit due at registration, $150 due in February 2009.
    • Fundraising will be available.
    • Scholarships are available as well.
    • Fee does not include food
    Yes, this is a big ticket item…the most expensive thing we do. But we believe that it’s worth it! $720 Total: -50 Support from Lord of Life: 770 Sub Total: 20 Misc: 15 T Shirt: 250 Transportation: 190 Hotel: 295 Registration Fee:
  • 27.  
  • 28. What about fundraisers?
    • Fundraisers will be a large part of how we form community before the trip.
    • Fundraisers could include:
      • Car Wash
      • Parent’s Night Out
      • Easter Breakfast
      • Applebee’s Breakfast
      • Stock Sales
      • Others (up to youth)
  • 29. Recap!
    • WHO: Trip is open to all 9-12 th graders as of Fall 2008.
    • WHAT: ELCA Youth Gathering
    • WHERE: New Orleans, LA
    • WHEN: will be Monday, July 20-Monday, July 27.
    • HOW MUCH: Estimated Cost is $720
    • Registration Deadline is Sept 14, 2008
  • 30. Want more information?
    • Check the website at www.lordoflifeyouth.org
    • Talk to Pastor Todd (todd@lordoflife.org) or Erin (erin@lordoflife.org)
  • 31. Gathering 2009