Cheat sheet 04.16.12


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By: Elizabeth Stroud, Margaret Griffiths, and Olivia Boulenger

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Cheat sheet 04.16.12

  1. 1. Creativity + Bravery CHEAT SHEET 9 APRIL - 16 APRIL 2012
  2. 2. INNOVATION & TRENDSLouis Vuitton Taxi Encounters – Venice:Louis Vuitton presents “Taxi Encounters – Venice”, the second in a travelseries about unique taxi experiences in the cities of the world. The firstvideo takes a look at taxis in the city of London. Current 4-15-12In Munich, Students Go to School in Slides:The university of Munich in Germany has installed in its hall two impres-sive slides that carry students down three floors in a few seconds. Thereare entry-points to the slides on every floor with a final exit on theground floor. InnovCity 12-3-10iPad App Helps Kids With Autism Communicate:The older brother of a child with autism has released an iPad app de-signed to be a communication and therapy tool for people with autism.AutisMate allows you to add your own pictures, videos and voice re-cordings to the app. The goal: to create visual scenes that help pro-mote social skills and communication. Mashable 4-16-12
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGYInside the ‘Battery-Powered’ Brain:In this video, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on treating depressionwith electrical stimulation to the brain – particularly an area calledArea 25, a so-called “junction box” for brain circuits that control ourmoods. CNN 4-13-12What Google Would Have Looked Like in the 80s:GoogleBBS, from MassWerk, allows you to surf Google as if it werethe 80’s and running on the old-school Bulletin Board System. The pageaccesses search and news services by Google™ in order to providerealistic results in an artistic layout. Mass Werk 4-12World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine Created at Purdue:The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers team has crushed its ownworld record for the largest Rube Goldberg machine. The latest ma-chine from the team at Purdue has 300 steps and rotates large sectionsof the machine some points for more steps to happen. Slash Gear 4-9-12
  4. 4. CULTURECoachellagram:Curious what everyone is up to at Coachella? Check Coachellagram, acollection of Instagram photos from this year’s epic music festival in In-dio, California. The web app was created by two indie designers ChrisKalima and Aaron Van Bokhoven with help from the brilliant minds atFueled, a mobile design agency in New York City. The Next Web 4-15-12An Abandoned Amusement Park Becomes a Public Art Space:Hidden in a lush forest along the Spree River in East Berlin sits an aban-doned amusement park filled with wild grass, sun-faded dinosaur mod-els, roller coasters frozen in time, and much more. This June, a group ofcreatives based in Berlin plans to revamp the newly christened “Kultur-park” as a haven for public art. Good 4-1 12 1-The Golden Forty-Year Rule:In the new issue of the New Yorker, Adam Gopnik talks about pop cul-ture’s 40-year cycle of nostalgia. The prime site of nostalgia is alwayswhatever happened, or is thought to have happened, in the decadebetween forty and fifty years past. New Yorker 4-16-12
  5. 5. AGENCY NEWSAetna Taps Ogilvy for B2B in Latest Agency Change:Aetna continued its wave of agency changes as it named WPP’s Ogilvy& Mather its new B2B marketing shop. “Our advertising and marketingneeds are growing globally, in particular as we become more consum-er-facing, and we wanted to ensure we have the right strategic partnersto work with,” said a spokeswoman. Ad Age 4-12-12News From the Advertising Industry:Creative Artists Agency, Los Angeles, won two prestigious advertisingawards that are more typically presented to ad agencies. The talentagency was honored for “Back to the Start,” an animated commercialan animated commercial for Chipotle Mexican Grill that features asong by Willie Nelson and celebrates sustainable farming. NY Times 4-15-12Omnicom Acquires Majority Stake In UK Firm Portland:Omnicom Group has acquired a majority stake in UK public affairsagency Portland. Portland’s senior management team, lead by founderand former Tony Blair aide Tim Allan, will retain a “significant stake” inthe business, according to an Omnicom statement. Holmes Report 4-12-12
  6. 6. SUSTAINABILITYSwedish Fast Food Chain Makes Bank by Becoming ‘Klimatsmart!’:Sweden’s No. 1 burger chain got rid of its kids’-meal boxes and, con-trary to expectations, sales of the meals rose. Max Burgers has gone“Klimatsmart!” in other ways, including green roofs, company-widereductions of energy consumption, and offsetting 100% of its carbonemissions by planting trees in Uganda. Grist 4-13-12QR Codes Used to Encourage Citizens to Adopt Neighborhood Trees:The District of Columbia Department of Transportation’s Canopy Keep-ers project has hung QR codes on newly-planted trees in the state, en-abling residents to easily sign up to care for them. Springwise 4-12-12Are Games The Key To Educating Children About The Environment?:By leveraging the attention grabbing potential of gaming mechanics,parents and educators can tailor content to instill lessons of sustainabil-ity in subtle ways while avoiding a formalized education. Through re-peat engagement and continued use over time, these platforms can beleveraged to instill life lessons in children at an early age. PSFK 4-14-12