Engaging through many lightweight interactions


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Building and measuring multiple touchpoints via a Festival-themed music hub saw a dramatic uplift in Dell’s organic viral connections

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Engaging through many lightweight interactions

  1. 1. Engaging through manylightweight interactions© 2012 TBG Digital
  2. 2. What’s the story?© 2012 TBG Digital
  3. 3. Dell wanted to engage with their target audience, promoting the fact that “Dell products empower you to do more, faster” They also wanted to measure interactions within their Facebook campaign properties to monitor viral uplift on paid and owned activity© 2012 TBG Digital
  4. 4. What did we do?© 2012 TBG Digital
  5. 5. As music is a huge passion center for Dell’s target market, TBG Digital built a social presence around the company’s sponsorship of US events such as the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Lollapalooza TBG created a hub on Facebook to host Dell music-focused apps, which all had the same aim - to create many targeted lightweight interactions over time© 2012 TBG Digital
  6. 6. The Dell Festival Tour hub allowed TBG to engage with users recruited via any app during the process TBG created two apps for the New Orleans Jazz Festival, held between April 26 and May 5 2012© 2012 TBG Digital
  7. 7. PhotoFest allowed users to tweet their pics to #DellLive over the event period to be in with a chance of winning after- show tickets or a new laptop The photos were shown live on the festival’s screens and at home on the Festival Tour hub where users could also vote the winners© 2012 TBG Digital
  8. 8. Dell Road Trip challenged users to invite as many of their friends as possible via Twitter, Facebook or email into their virtual car within the space of an hour The users with the most passengers at the end of the contest won festival tickets and $2,000 spending money© 2012 TBG Digital
  9. 9. TBG measured all user interactions within the Festival Tour hub, including the source that instigated each interaction Interactions included installs, visits, share intent and votes Sources measured were Paid (interactions prompted by ads), Owned (interactions initiated by Dell communication) and Earned (untracked interactions earned through organic reach)© 2012 TBG Digital
  10. 10. What were the results?© 2012 TBG Digital
  11. 11. on all App Installs on Page Likes The campaign also achieved 142% of target acquisitions Viral uplift is the percentage increase in organic interactions over both paid and owned interactions© 2012 TBG Digital Case period: April 2012 to May 2012