What is hash tag in twitter & facebook


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What is hash tag in twitter & facebook

  2. 2.  The use of hash tag was the first initiated by twitter back in the year 2007, mainly to filter out tweets and sort them out according to various topics.  And now users on Facebook have ability to use Hashtags within their posts to help categorize content. Thus far, the Hashtag system is still some way off from providing the kind of integration on other sites like Twitter and Google plus
  3. 3. How To Create A Facebook Hashtag ?  Creating a Facebook hashtag is very simple. All you need is to place the # symbol before a word, and upon posting, that word will become clickable. This will confirm that the word is now being considered as a hashtag, and clicking on it will open up a new window revealing other posts using the same hashtag.  Always remember to keep your hashtags simple and easy to understand. Placing a lot of hashtags in a single post is never a good idea, and is usually considered as a turn-off for many visitors.  Below are some of the advantages of using Facebook hashtags can help you promote your business
  4. 4. Promoting a new product using Hashtags  A lot of businesses are using Facebook hashtags to promote new (or upcoming) products/services.  By placing unique (and creative!) hashtags with every new post on your Facebook page, you can basically create a long list of posts.  Whenever someone clicks on a certain unique (and repeating) hashtag, a new window pops up showing all previous posts related to that unique hashtag (A new product/service etc). Only posts that are shared publicly or shared from someone within your Facebook friends’ network are displayed.
  5. 5. Improve Your Facebook Presence  By constantly using relevant hashtags on your Facebook page, you can attract a lot of attention and improve your Facebook presence.  Doing so can greatly increase the chances for you to be noticed. People are always searching for their interests using the Facebook graph feature.
  6. 6. The Sharing Factor  This strategy can be extremely helpful to find out what type of content relevant to a certain topic/keyword is being shared on Facebook.  Also, if a certain hashtag becomes popular, people tend to add that to their own posts, which can be a great way to help spread the word out about your business.
  7. 7. Find Out Your Target Audience  By searching for certain hashtags, users can search for similar minded people who share the same interests and get to connect with each other.  This provides a great way for businesses to get to know about their target audience and even get to connect with them directly.
  8. 8.  Facebook has recently introduced Hashtags. the main purpose of these Hashtags, in Facebook, is to let users share their experiences, thoughts and status updates on a specific topic to a wider audience  for those who aren't aware, Hashtags is nothing new to social networking sites and they were first introduced and commissioned by twitter In fact Hashtags are now common to three major social networking sites namely Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook
  9. 9. How are Facebook Hashtags Different ?  Facebook Hashtags are also subject to already implemented privacy restrictions. This, in lay-man terms indicates that Facebook Hashtags are basically meant for social media and online marketers rather than users.  Users can also use these Hashtags provided their profile is publically accessible and their privacy restriction allows other users to see major chunks of their profile.
  10. 10. The Facebook Hashtag Generation  No rocket science at all! All you need to do is create a status update as usual and then Hashtag the keywords to reach broader audience.  Unlike twitter, it is advised to keep your Facebook hashtagging to a bare minimum since spam team at FB might consider that “extra” tagging an offence. Here’s a screenshot that explains it:
  11. 11. Do’s of Facebook Hashtagging  Use them:Yes, since these Hashtags are meant to be used, so leave that fear factor aside and utilize them or even experiment for better results.  Let your page users know: Since hashtagging status updates is more of a “Twitter + Instagram” thing, do let your page subscribers know about Hashtags and how to use them
  12. 12.  Utilize Hashtag Search: Hashtags are searchable and before making that rock-star post of yours and hashtagging it, it is advisable to search for related Hashtags. The search results will let you know the current volume of posts flowing in for your about-tobe-used hashtag.  Incorporate event-based hashtagging: For instance, if you are about to make a page status update relevant to NBA Finals, do run a Hashtag search to find the relevant tag and then incorporate it in your post to make it visible to a wider relevant audience.  Do cross-post your Twitter and Instagram statuses, which are hashtagged, for scoring audience from FB as well. But make sure that you stop over tagged posts from reaching Facebook.
  13. 13. Dont’s of Facebook Hashtags  Do not bomb your posts with a gazillion Hashtags: This isn’t advised as it can possibly land you on the wrong side of Facebook spam team.  Do not use irrelevant Hashtags: Irrelevance is discouraged on every social networking platform and Facebook Hashtags aren’t an exception. Irrelevant tagging can put you on the wrong side of FB and will tarnish your brand image  Do not break-up Hashtags: Just like twitter, #TBFtechnologys is preferred than #TBF #Technology since more folks will be tagging the whole event rather than breaking it up in meaningless babbles.  Do not tag every post with hashes: In order to remind your page fans regarding their exclusive status, since they have had the trouble to Like and remain your fan; it is important to make posts just for them. This is a bit psychological and might not stand true for your niche and page altogether.
  14. 14. Thank You