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Temple Beth-El October 2010 Bulletin.

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  1. 1. OCTOBER 2010/5771 VOLUME XVIV · NO. 2 The Bulletin A monthly publication of Temple beth-el, a reform congregation, mailed 11 times a year, free to congregation members. Temple beTh-el mISSION STATemeNT Our Temple Beth-El Congregation worships God in the Reform Jewish tradition. We are both diverse and multigenerational, welcoming any person or family wishing to associate themselves with our Jewish community. We strive to cultivate a love of our Jewish cultural heritage and actively support the State of Israel. The spirit of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and a vibrant spirituality are ingrained within our Congregation. Our many educational programs reach deep into the community, embracing all ages, faiths, races and ethnic backgrounds. CONTACT US Temple beTh-el, 579 N. NOvA ROAd ORmONd beACh, Fl 32174-4405 Temple phone Temple fax 386-675-6615 386-673-7928 Rabbi Temple beth-el barry m. Altman School 386-675-6612 386-267-0952 rabbi@templebeth-el.us School fax 386-673-7928 Cantorial Intern Zev Sonnenstein malka Altman 386-675-6613 director cantorzev@templebeth-el.us Temple beth-el School, Religious School Jeff bigman & Temple Fitness Temple president 386-675-6616 386-675-6620 malka@tbeschool.com jeff@templebeth-el.us Therese Cirafisi Temple & Rabbi’s Secretary 386-675-6615 therese@templebeth-el.us CheCK OUT All The lATeST NeWS ONlINe www.templebeth-el.us • www.tbeschool.com and friend us on Facebook webmaster: Nikki Mastando, nixter1975@aol.com
  2. 2. bOARd membeRS & COmmITTee CONTACTS Jeff bigman dATe TIme SeRvICe President, Friday, Oct. 1 6 p.m. Simchat Torah Dinner 386-675-6620 jeff@templebeth-el.us 7 p.m. Shabbat Family Service Jeff brok Saturday, Oct. 2 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Rabbi President Elect/Treasurer 10:30 a.m. Yiskor Memorial 386-675-6621 jb@templebeth-el.us Friday, Oct. 8 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service Trienah Gorman (Oneg sponsors: Waigand and Spertus families) 1st Vice President/Secretary Saturday, Oct. 9 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Lay led (NO DAVEN) Fundraising committee trienah@templebeth-el.us 10:30 a.m. Noah Waigand Bar Mitzvah mickey Obed Friday, Oct. 15 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service (Oneg sponsor: Wagner family) 2nd Vice President Saturday, Oct. 16 9/10:30 a.m. Torah Talk/Daven w/Cantor Zev House Committee mc3ob@cfl.rr.com Friday, Oct. 22 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service michael Furman Saturday, Oct. 23 9/10:30 a.m. Torah Talk/Daven w/Lay Led Vice President Friday, Oct. 29 6:15 p.m. Tot Shabbat michael Orfinger 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service (Oneg sponsor: Berman family) Vice President Saturday, Oct. 30 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Lay led (NO DAVEN) Richard holtz Immediate Past President 10 a.m. Berman B’nai Mitzvah House Liaison Friday, Nov. 5 7 p.m. Family Shabbat Service Security Committee richard@templebeth-el.us Saturday, Nov. 6 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Rabbi ••• 10:30 a.m. Daven w/Rabbi Rochelle Goodman Membership Committee Tuesday, Nov. 9 7:30 p.m. Kristallnacht Service goodmanbuffy3@aol.com Friday, Nov. 12 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service Judith Josephson Saturday, Nov. 13 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Lay Led Social Action committee judiandclif@cfl.rr.com 10:30 a.m. Daven w/Lay Led Gwen Kotler Friday, Nov. 19 7:30 p.m. “Shabbat Rocks” Service Adult Education Saturday, Nov. 20 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Cantor Zev ghkot@cfl.rr.com 10:30 a.m. Daven w/Cantor Zev Robert Rothman Marketing Friday, Nov. 26 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service rrothman1@cfl.rr.com Saturday, Nov. 27 9 a.m. Torah Talk w/Lay Led barbara Steinberg WRJ president 10:30 a.m. Daven w/Lay Led bfsteinbergphd@cfl.rr.com Rochelle holtz Volunteerism Committee rochelleholtz@gmail.com Steven Katz Membership Liaison skinnola@yahoo.com ••• Loretta Aronson Deanna Bedford Barbara Doliner Conley Cory Danow Adrienne Grossman Lewis Heaster Carolyn Landy Dr. Steven Levine David Markowitz Christine Nuger Dr Howard Pranikoff David Sacks Lyle Trachtman
  3. 3. F A Family That Eats Together Stays Together: A Sukkot Message Columbia University. Through from who’s at the table and pathway to guide our children national observance of this day, what’s happening there. The to make choices that will keep CASA hopes to raise awareness emotional and social benefits them safe and healthy. among parents that they that come from family dinners This year, let’s make the or thousands of years, possess powerful tools to keep are priceless,” says Elizabeth most of the impetus Sukkot Jews have erected their children substance-free. Planet, CASA’s Vice President. offers for us to take time, in temporary huts, which Eating dinner as a family According to CASA, the the midst of our hectic lives, to become our homes “creates routine opportunities importance of eating dinner strengthen our relationships. for the week of this with your kids cannot be for parental engagement and Even after the holiday, we can beautiful holiday. The weather overestimated. A recent CASA communication, two keys to bring the experience of being is usually lovely, inviting us survey concluded that “the raising drug-free children.” together in this intimate space to be outdoors. Sukkot offers average risky score of teens back into our homes. No a wonderful opportunity for Jews have traditionally having dinner with their family matter what the season, we families to gather around the emphasized the family table fewer than three nights in a can experience the benefits of dinner table, under the stars. as the focal point of family typical week is 75% greater family dinners, knowing that, at For a few days, we can put and spiritual strength. We than that of teens having dinner the same time, we are investing aside the distractions of TV, the can now add another critical as a family five to seven nights in the well-being of our children computer and household chores reason for sharing meals, as we a week.” and our whole family. and celebrate the holiday and recognize that dinner time is a our blessings. Even though the Research has consistently valuable opportunity for family Succah is fragile, what gives it found that the more often kids conversations that provide a Rabbi Altman stability is the opportunity for eat dinner with their families, the family to be together. the less likely they are to smoke, The primary way of fulfilling drink or use other drugs. They the mitzvah of “dwelling” in are also likelier to earn good the succah is eating festive grades in school and maintain meals there. Because the good communication with their succah is a modest and simple parents. structure, we can focus on the “The magic of the family important people in our lives dinner comes not from – our families. This year, as the food on the plate but we are celebrating Sukkot, we can also take note of “Family Day-A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children” on September 27th, organized by CASA, the DAVEN WITH KAVANAH National Center on Addiction February 26, 2011 FULL SHABBAT and Substance Abuse at EXPERIENCE INCLUDING TORAH SERVICE EVERY SATURDAY Come celebrate with us! Temple Beth-El will be 60 years old in 2011! We will be Kristallnacht holding a celebration of renewal on February 26, 2011. We TORAH TALK, 9 A.M. program are inviting all our members and friends to a wonderful DAVEN, 10:30 A.M. Tuesday, Nov. 9 celebration on that evening, with food and music and 7:30 p.m. fellowship as we reaffirm our vibrant place in the Jewish at Temple beth-el community and the community as a whole. We are also Guest Speaker Kiddush sponsorships inviting members and friends who wish to renew their dr. Grady ballenger available. Call Therese for details wedding vows with us on that evening. dean at Stetson University Dr. Ballenger will introduce the Watch your mailbox, more information will be forthcoming movie “Night and Fog” and lead a on how you can be part of this wonderful celebration discussion following the movie commemoration six wonderful decades! Co-sponsored by Temple Beth-El and the Jewish Federation of Volusia/Flagler counties
  4. 4. T H his month I would up and running ... our fund- like to begin my raising efforts are in full swing, article with a heart- and we have a full year planned, felt thanks and a with great social activities, mazel tov to the social action-Tikkun Olam Temple Choir for an amazing projects, learning, traveling job this year at High Holy Day ... just lots of fun, while also services. There was a lot of making a difference! time and effort put in by the We also need volunteers to volunteers. The choir members help feed the less fortunate. were: Trienah Gorman, Nancy The first Wednesday of each Reuben, Barbara Steinberg, month is TBE’s day to man the Gail Weitz, and Juliana Weitz. soup kitchen. There is nothing ello Dafty This coming year, you will see more rewarding than the feeling followers, I more of the choir as they will you get after volunteering. We hope everyone be singing at the service for members are welcome to join need you! If you are interested, had a great new Temple’s 60th Anniversary. If this intergenerational choir. please call the office and let us year. As some you sang in the choir in the past Also, if you play an instrument know. of you know we had a great with Bill, Riselle or Mariana, and would like to be part of this I look forward to seeing you kickoff and we have tons of we want you to be part of the service, please contact me as at one of our many programs! events planned for the future. choir for this special service. If I would love to see more soon as possible. L’Shalom you would like to participate, participation so parents urge please contact me. All Temple The Youth groups are both your kids to come and have a great time. We have planned Cantor Zev everything from lock-ins to festivals and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun. Currently to support our Dafty and J. Dafty endeavors, we are selling coupon books for only $20. Any Jr. Dafty or Dafty member that doesn’t have any books please speak to Cantor Zev to help us raise money for our events. I hope to see all of you at our next few events. Sincerely, Cory Danow Youth Group president Nefesh Committee needs your help! If you know of someone from the congregation who is ill, in the hospital, etc, please contact: minna Kapinos at 386-672-2205 or alfitiger@cfl.rr.com so she can contact them and represent Temple Beth-El to support them during their time of need. Your assistance with this request would be most appreciated!
  5. 5. A Good Jews? Good Temple Members? What does it mean on Rosh Hashanah, out on Yom member the equivalent of every event and service. I cringe to be a “good” Jew? Kippur? Some of the above? All being a “good” Jew? Are you when I hear criticism of any We learned from of the above? required to attend every service member or Temple leader for Rabbi Altman on and event? Are you required what they don’t do or don’t Perhaps the answer lies Rosh Hashanah, to donate a lot of money? Can attend, how they dress or what in the heart of the beholder. I that believing in God is not a you be a good Temple member they do or don’t contribute. So had a Rabbi in my youth who prerequisite to being Jewish. if you don’t participate in use your Temple membership essentially said to do what you It can’t be DNA either, since Temple leadership, serve on as you feel comfortable – donate can, meaning do what YOU we have many Jews by choice, what you can, volunteer when were comfortable doing. He Committees or volunteer? As especially here in a Reform you can and attend when you was a Rabbi of a Conservative President, like Rabbi Morty, I want – you are welcome here Congregation. Is the answer Congregation at the time but say do what you can. We want as part of our family in the the same for everyone? Does we all knew that his guitar you as part of our Temple family capacity YOU choose. one require a Yiddishe Kup, playing tendencies and desire even if you’re just using us for as my mother used to say? Do Shana Tova, to be called Rabbi Morty emergencies and High Holy Jewish Americans have different would eventually lead him to a Days services or if you attend characteristics from Jews in Reform pulpit. I truly enjoyed Israel, France or Africa? Diet, Jeff Bigman dress, culture, music, study, his common sense approach business, Bris, Bar Mitzvah – to sermons and Judaism (not what makes a Jew? Patrilineal? unlike Rabbi Altman). In fact, Matrilineal? Reform, when Karin & I eloped almost Recontructionist, Conservative, 25 years ago, we did so in Rabbi Orthodox? What if you’re of Morty’s study. the revolving door variety – in Is being a “good” Temple URJ NORTh different modes of teaching and learning Hebrew, including AmeRICAN FORUm technological aids and how Hosted by the URJ South District, Hebrew influences Jewish November 19-21, 2010 in Atlanta, GA identity. Led by Mira Angrist, Union Hebrew Specialist, and Join us to learn with these Melanie Cole Goldberg, Union Networking Groups: Education Specialist • ADULT LEARNING: Discover the • SMALL REMOTE CONGREGATIONS: latest models and techniques Learn more about leadership used in the field, as presented development; financial health; by Dr. Ron Cervero of the ways to use technology to University of Georgia. Led by reach out and enhance worship; Wendy Grinberg and Rabbi and navigating the Union - all Joan Glazer Farber, Union Adult from the perspective of a Learning Specialists small congregation. Led by • EARLY ENGAGEMENT: Engaging Vicky Farhi, Union Outreach and retaining young families Specialist, and Rabbi Brian is crucial to the life of every Zimmerman, South District synagogue. Join discussions Union Rabbi of best practices and recent Plus, be part of engaging Torah study research to help your sessions with Rabbi Dr. Michael congregation’s efforts.Led Berger and a special workshop on by Stephanie Fink, Union Leadership Development. Also, Outreach Specialist, and Cathy enjoy learning and networking Rolland, Union Early Childhood opportunities, entertainment and Specialist Shabbat celebration with friends • HEBREW EDUCATION: Explore the from across North America.
  6. 6. O JUdAICA ShOp The Harriet Altman-Douguf Our Unwaivering Commitment Gift Shop is offering an opportunity to win a diamond studded Chai pendant and to Each Other companion necklace chain. Valued at $1,305 and studded n Rosh Hashanah what to say next, the receiving with 49 gemstone-grade when Rabbi person, with careful listening, diamonds and mounted in 14K discussed the need can clearly hear and feel white gold, this unique piece of for “our unwavering the honesty in the other’s jewelry is accompanied by an commitment to each expression. Also, the integrity official appraisal. other”, he certainly presented is often visible in the speaker’s Only 250 tickets are available a challenge to the members of physical being, and can be for a suggested minimum WRJ Sisterhood. In the past, observed. donation of $10 per ticket. Tickets will be available at the I’ve talked about our connection In addition, we support Temple beginning on Sun., to one another, but exploring our commitment by being Oct. 24, during the League our commitment to each other respectful to each other. A of Women Voters event. The takes the concept of connection polite request is a gentle, verbal winning ticket will be drawn at to another level! touch, not a jarring demand that random on Sat., Feb. 26, 2011, at Commitment to each feels like a slap. the Temple’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. You do not need to other implies that we are By communicating directly be present to win. not just responsible for our with one another there is no This beautiful pendant can be organization, but that we have room for misunderstanding, viewed in the gift shop as well a responsibility to one another for assumption or for as at various events between as women and as Jews. We misinformation that can Oct. 24 and Feb. 26. express this in how we behave For more information, please hurt or harm someone else. toward one another: contact Anna Obed at 386-672- Rather than telling another 8879 or annaobed@gmail.com. • With integrity about a situation involving a third person, it supports our ALSO: Over the years if you • With thoughtful listening commitment to each other by have collected any Judaica, and • With respectful, direct you now wish to down size your speaking directly with the third communication collection, why not donate it to person. our gift shop! All donations are By speaking from the heart WRJ Sisterhood members can tax deductible. Also, others may it is nearly impossible to make this a goal for the New be looking for an item you have communicate without integrity Year: to work toward creating but no longer use so it is a way because the receiving person to make our gift shop a success. an unwavering commitment to can sense the passion and each other. Count me in! If you are interested in seeing the care underpinning the the lovely spiritual objects we’re communication. offering, or if you wish to donate Judaica objects that are in good Rather than thinking about Barbara F. Steinberg condition, call Anna Obed, Gift Shop Manager, 386-672-8879 WRJ Sisterhood President, for a personal appointment. 2010-2012 SAve The dATe Temple Beth-El’s 60th WRJ Sisterhood Calendar of events Anniversary Celebration will be October 2 Country Western Dance 7:30 PM on Feb. 26, 2011, and we’d like October 10 WRJ Board Meeting* 9:30 AM you to join us. There will also October 24 League of Women Voters 2:00 PM Ballot Issues In tandem with Jewish Brotherhood be an opportunity to be a part November 5 Family Shabbat Dinner 6:00 PM of the 60th anniversary Tribute November 14 Fall Carnival/Shopping Spree 12–5 PM Book. Watch your mailbox for more information. *All events held at Temple beth-el except WRJ board meeting
  7. 7. Calendar Book Wrap Up W We want to thank all of you the cost, we are not able to not publish any email or who have put an ad in the WRJ mail these books to you, so cell phone information in Calendar Book this year. This please stop by and pick up the book without your prior year’s book was a tribute to your copy. If you live near written authorization. We get Harriet Altman-Douguf. She a member who cannot pick the membership listing from WAS the WRJ Judaica Shop! up their own copy, please the Temple office. We also want to thank Ellen bring one to them. For those Enjoy the book and visit Rothenberg for her artistic of you whose emails were our many advertisers. When talents in the designing of the not included in the Calendar you patronize an advertiser, cover for the Calendar Book. Book, we apologize. In the please remember to thank The Calendar Books are in the back of the Calendar Book them for placing an ad in the lobby of the Temple awaiting is a Congregant Information Calendar Book. pickup by the members of the Update form. Please take congregation. a moment to fill it out and hat a busy Sincerely, Unfortunately, because of mail it to the office. We will month this Rochelle Holtz & Adrienne Grossman has been with High Holy Days ~ the start of school with all its activities, and just getting back to basics. Volunteerism at the Temple has been slow. Some of you have stepped up and showed your true colors. For that we say “Thank You”. There are still many areas where we could use your help. All we ask is to volunteer whatever time you can spare. Pick an area to volunteer that you have an expertise in, or just enjoy doing. It could be in the Temple or the School. Wherever you would like to spend your time helping out is appreciated. It could be as little as one hour a week or more. Whatever time you have to spare. The Temple is high maintenance. We have a small staff who works very hard to make sure everything is kept running the way it should be. But there are items that need to be taken care that are being put off because of timing; because of cost. Temple Beth-El is home to all of us, so please find the time to help out. Call Therese at 386-675-6615 or myself at 386- 405-6605 for more information on how you can help. Rochelle Holtz Volunteer Coordinator rochelleholtz@gmail.com
  8. 8. OCTOBER 2010 Tishri/Cheshvan 5771 Kiddush Sponsor: Larry & Rita Lee SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 Torah Talk 9am Simchat Torah Daven 10:30 am Family Dinner All w/Rabbi 6 pm WRJ Line Dance Family Service 7 pm 7-11pm 3 4 5 6 7 8 Shabbat 9 DAFTY Event 1 pm First day of FEED THE HOMELESS Service Torah Talk 9am Monday Night School 7:30pm w/Lay led (no Daven) Jewish Book Club 7pm Oneg Sponsor: Waigand Waigand & Spertus Bar Mitzvah 10:30 am Families 10 WRJ Board 11 12 13 14 15 Shabbat 16 meeting Service Torah Talk 9am 9:30 am 7:30pm Daven 10:30 am Jr. DAFTY Event 1 pm Oneg Sponsor: All w/Cantor Zev Wagner Family 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Brotherhood No Monday Night Board Shabbat Torah Talk 9am Meeting School Meeting Service Daven 10:30 am 10 am 5:45pm 7:30pm All w/Lay led 24 Joint 25 26 27 28 29 Tot Shabbat 30 WRJ/Brotherhood 6:15pm Torah Talk 9am Meeting: League of Shabbat Service w/Lay led (no Daven) Women Voters 2pm 7:30pm Berman Triplets Oneg sponsor: B’nai Mitzvah Berman family 31 Youth Group Trick or Treat for Hunger 1 pm Halloween NOVEMBER 2010 Cheshvan/Kislev 5771 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 FEED THE HOMELESS Family Torah Talk 9am Shabbat Service Daven 10:30 am 7pm All w/Rabbi 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Torah Talk 9am Kristallnacht DAFTY TBE School Closed Shabbat Daven 10:30 am Service Over the Hump night NO HEBREW SCHOOL Service All w/Lay Led 7:30pm 7pm 7:30pm Jr. DAFTY Havdallah Veterans Day Gym Night 6:30 pm 14 WRJ Fall Family 15 16 17 18 19 20 Carnival & Holiday Board “Shabbat Rocks” Torah Talk 9am Shopping Spree Meeting Service Daven 10:30 am 12-5 pm 5:45pm 7:30pm All w/Cantor Zev 21 22 23 24 25 26 Shabbat 27 Brotherhood No Monday Night TBE School Closed TBE School Closed Service Torah Talk 9am Meeting School NO HEBREW SCHOOL 7:30pm Daven 10:30 am 10 am TBE School Closed All w/Lay Led Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Break 28 29 30 No Sunday School
  9. 9. N Noah Waigand oah James Waigand was born on September 23,1997 K at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. He’s a terrific son, and an awesome big brother to his little sister, Bailey. Noah currently attends Ormond Beach Middle School as an honor roll student. He is a sports fanatic and especially enjoys playing flag football and soccer. Attending Jacksonville The Bermans Jaguar football games with his My Bar Mitzvah project is to collect parents is one of his favorite money for Magen David Adom’s (Red atie, Zachary, and he goes with his siblings to activities. When he’s not playing Star of David) Red Bag of Courage Matthew Berman Orlando to take lessons. The project in Israel. This project is for will be called to the boys are also very active or watching sports, you will first responder bags. First responder Torah to become members of Troop 468 of the probably find Noah playing bags contain all the necessary B’nai Mitzvah on Boy Scouts, participating in video games, swimming, or supplies for the first person on the October 30, 2010. They spent service projects and going on spending time with his friends scene of an accident/incident to their formative years in Miami numerous camping trips. or with his dog, Pepper. aid and stabilize someone until an where they were born to While the children’s favorite ambulance arrives and can take bewildered parents (2 dozen hobbies often appear to be over. Each bag cost $1000.00 dollars. Noah has worked extremely My goal is to have enough money diaper changes a day), and playing computer games, hard in preparing for his Bar to buy at least 2 bags. I hope you moved to Ormond Beach when watching TV, and sleeping late, Mitzvah. We are so proud of his can help me reach my goal as well they were 4 (tragically leaving they do manage to maintain an accomplishments. as save a life. Thank you for your the extended family support impressive level of scholarship, With love always, support. system behind). consistently making the honor roll in all their advanced Sincerely, Mom and Dad. They attended Temple classes, and achieving Noah Waigand Beth-El pre-school before membership in the National matriculating at Pine Trail Junior Honor Society. Elementary, where they CONNOR bROK, eAGle SCOUT pROJeCT studied violin for 3 years. They For their B’nai Mitzvah branched out musically at projects, Katie repainted a Connor Brok is currently working on approximately 20 people to complete this his Eagle Project, one of the last steps project, hopefully the second weekend of Ormond Beach Middle School huge faded map of the USA on to becoming October. where Katie pursued chorus the pavement of Pine Trails an Eagle Scout. The Temple is currently accepting and now the flute. Zachary took (where she first learned the His project is to replace the mulch donations to help with this project. All up the clarinet, while Matthew names of the states), Zachary on the playground donations should be made payable to Temple Beth-El and please indicate that continues with the violin, after is organizing a concert for a and beautify the they are for the project. He is also looking a brief stint on the viola. After senior center, and Matthew front and interior courtyard, raking for volunteers. school, Zach and Matt play is raising money to save the the stones, adding Please contact him at JBrok124@aol. with the Daytona Beach Pipes Panamanian Golden Frog from planters and com if you would like more information & Drums, where Matthew is near extinction (for extensive plants, etc. about volunteering for this project. Your support of the Temple and of Connor’s learning the bagpipes and Zach, details on this poor creature He will supervise a group of project is greatly appreciated. the snare drum. and its plight, just ask him). In addition to their musical They have been diligently pursuits, Katie has been preparing for their B’nai studying dance for seven years. Mitzvah with the same energy She takes classes in classical and enthusiasm they display ballet, jazz and modern dance in all their pursuits. Their joie at the European School of de vivre is evident in their Performing Arts. Zachary ever present laughter and glee. enjoys playing tennis and It is with much naches that soccer, and Matthew is an their parents will share this avid reader with a passion for eventful day with our Temple fencing. When time permits, congregation, family and friends. 106 N. Old Kings Road Ormond Beach , FL 32174 (386) 672-2590
  10. 10. W Jewish War Veterans hen attempting to write a column on the Jewish War Veterans, it is hard for me to know where to begin. I have chosen to start the story with this picture, showing The discussion will be led by JEWISH BOOK CLUB members of our local Jewish War Jerry Goodman. Join us even Veterans Post 300 who attended if you haven’t read the book the Congressional Medal of members of the Jewish War veterans were among the attendees at the Congressional medal because you will want to after Honor Recipients Luncheon of honor Recipients luncheon at daytona International Speedway on July 2. Standing from hearing the discussion. left: past commander Charles Shalett, Ret. major Rabbi/Chaplain Stanley howard Schwarts, held at Daytona International and Commander Jack Resnick. Sitting from left: past Commander Irv hoffman, Sr. v. Speedway on July 2. You will D.C. Jewish War Veterans will Meetings are held at the Commander George Gold, Quartermaster Stan Kates, Chaplain Al brust and Gerry Soria. no doubt recognize some faces send packages to all whose Aberdeen Clubhouse (located “Maus I” and names listed in the caption names are received regardless off Clyde Morris about 2 miles by Art Spiegelman below the photograph. of religion. If you would like south of Granada). The dates for discussion on This is the story of a survivor The more than 37,000 to help support the program, future meetings are October 10, Wed., Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. of Hitler’s Europe and his son Jewish War Veterans members donations should be made November 14 and December 12, who is trying to come to terms nationally support programs payable to Jewish War Veterans 2010. Call Jack Resnick 386-673- with his father’s terrifying that deal with drug and alcohol and designated for the SOS 0931 to make reservations for a story. It is told in cartoon abuse as well as provide program on the envelope and delicious breakfast of bagels, lox format (Nazis are cats and Jews college scholarships to high memo line of the check. and other trimmings. are mice). It is gripping and school seniors who are direct Congratulations to the new shocking as the story moves descendants of members in good Commander Jack Resnick! Social Action Chair between Poland and New York standing. Judith Josephson describing how Spiegelman’s To be eligible for parents survived and how the membership, veterans must son’s tortured relationship with have served at least 90 days of his father affects their ability to active duty with at least one lead a “normal” life. day served during wartime and have received an Honorable Discharge. There are also special “American Pastoral” benefits for aging members who by Philip Roth This novel was written in the meet the above criteria and are Wed., Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. 1960’s and is one of Roth’s most in need of long-term care plus powerful novels ever. It is the pension benefits through the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Veterans Administration. One of the group’s notable programs is Support Our Book club choices with • “My Father’s Paradise: A Soldiers, which provides care dates to be announced: Son’s Search for his Family’s packages plus Jewish holiday Past” Ariel Sabar items to soldiers who are • “Suite Francaise” Irene Nemirovsky Four Mondays at noon: Oct. LUNCH BUNCH WITH RABBI 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15. Bring serving overseas. Of note: because of security rules, packages can be sent only to a specifically named soldier WE your lunch and be prepared for a stimulating lecture and conversation with the Rabbi. Drinks will be served. with an APO or FPO address. If you know of someone who could benefit from this program, please send names to JMW National Headquarters , 1811 NEED Gwen Kotler R Street N.W., Washington
  11. 11. W ow!! For Rosh also help when disaster strikes Treat for Hunger Drive that will Hashannah, and we sent funds directly to be held in October. Thank you we asked for Andrea Frank’s sister in Haiti Rabbi Altman and Cantor Zev toilet paper who ran a missionary which for the inspiring services held and tuna fish helped families and children during the High Holy Days. and we received these items in that area. Andrea, together Please continue to sup- in abundance. Thank you with her husband Frank, are port this Federation. We again Temple Beth-el Congregants members of Temple Beth-El. wish the entire congregation a for outdoing yourself. They say We always try to give funds Happy, Healthy and Sweet New the recession is over but that is directly because we want to not the case at our food pantry. Year know that our funds are used Shalom, Families are increasingly wisely and efficiently. coming to our office for for always contributing to assistance. We are spending Thank you Cantor Zev for pay part of the expenses. We Gloria Max, over $8,000 on food besides again spearheading the Trick or couldn’t do without you. Executive Director the in kind donations. Nice High Holy Days is the perfect time to participate in this mitzvah which helps those in our local community who are in need of assistance. At all services, you will find paper bags available for your use. PLEASE TAKE A BAG, fill it will your donation & return filled bag to Temple. TO SIMPLIFY SORTING OF DONATIONS THIS YEAR, EACH AREA TEMPLE HAS BEEN ASKED TO PROVIDE A SUPPLY OF TWO SPECIFIC ITEMS. TEMPLE BETH-EL’S REQUESTED ITEMS Multipacks of: Tuna Fish & Toilet Paper * * * * Your donations will be gratefully accepted through the end of High Holy Days and will be distributed to our area community through the Jewish Federation’s Jerry Doliner Memorial Food Bank Marian Kohen, President PLEASE BE GENEROUS AND SUPPORT THIS PROJECT which has been our Major Social Service Project for the past 20 years. families with little kids have Our Pacesetter Dinner, been hit hard by this economic courtesy of Barbara & downturn and we are proud Buzzy Glickstein, was held 6000 CARS that our Jewish people here on Tuesday, September 14, give back to the community by 2010 – at the new Rose Villa supporting the Jerry Doliner Restaurant, in Ormond Beach. 217 MODELS Food Bank. Anyone wanting to $3,600 Minimum Pledge see our food pantry is welcome for the 2011 Campaign was 1 HUGE LOCATION to come and visit. required to attend this dinner. William Daroff, one of the For Rosh Hashannah we most 50 influential Jews in helped 73 Jewish families (the America was our speaker largest amount we ever had) and he was fantastic. We are WE who came to the Federation for raising funds to purchase help, giving them food and gift KNOW another Bomb Shelter for cards. We also gave our seniors children in Sderot, Israel. a fantastic Holiday lunch WHAT complete with entertainment. We are now beginning Charley Moskowitz blew the our 2011 Campaign. Please DRIVES shofar and for most of these make your pledge now which seniors this is was the only doesn’t have to be paid until tradition of the holidays they December, 2011. A budget is YOU! were able to receive. We had needed for 2011 and we need two 102 ½ year olds-Sadie to know how much funding we Gorman from Bishops Glenn will have to help our people and Lee Malmon, (a member of locally, in Israel and whenever Temple Beth-el for many years) disaster strikes around the from Signature Nursing home world. This little Federation and one 100 ½ year old who makes a big difference in has a twin sister who is still Volusia & Flagler Counties living – Charlotte Eisgrou who and we are proud that in the still lives independently. They last few years, we were able looked and acted much younger to purchase two responder than their years. Some of the Fire Trucks for the people in elderly who suffered strokes Kiryat Shimona, Israel and a It’s All at theI-95 & LPGA BLVD were there for the first time, bomb shelter (which is also and it was amazing how they used as a classroom) for more EXIT AutoMall! EXIT 265 265 reacted to the music. These than 150 children in Sderot, EXIT senior events are a lot of work Israel. More bomb shelters 265 but the joy they bring to all of are needed and this year we 1-866-AUTO MALL them is worth all the effort. are trying to raise money to Thank you Jonathan Rotstein purchase another one. We www.daytonaautomall.com
  12. 12. W the preparation for this event. YOU are Temple Beth-El. Let’s all work together to make our SAve The dATe! 60th Anniversary Celebration a On Saturday, February 26, 2011, we will be celebrating memorable event! Temple Beth-El’s 60th Anniversary. We’re planning a wonderful ith the arrival I would like to take this event for our entire community so please volunteer. Contact : of the New opportunity to thank the Trienah Gorman Rochelle holtz Year and the congregants who assisted event Coordinator Keepsake booklet High Holy Days me with some of the tasks in 846-6619 405-6605 passing, we are preparation for High Holy Days. czarina52@live.com rochelleholtz@gmail.com looking forward to the many Your caring and support during upcoming events at Temple vISIT ThOSe IN Need such a busy time in the temple Beth-El. October promises to be office is most appreciated. We If you know of a congregant Also, because Minna is the a busy month, filled with many could not have accomplished who is ill, facing surgery or in WRJ Sisterhood Correspond- fun events planned. all we had to do without your the hospital, someone who ing Secretary, she will be We hope everyone will come help, and I thank you for your would love a card, a tele- sending congregants remind- out to join us for the Simchat volunteerism! phone call or a visit, please ers of family Yartzeit anniver- Torah dinner this Fri., Oct. 1 and contact Minna Kapinos at saries so if there are correc- the WRJ Country & Line Dance On a personal note, I am 386-672-2205 or email her at tions and/or additions to be on Sat., Oct. 2. looking forward spending a alfitiger@cfl.rr.com. made, please let her know. week with my husband when he Four of our Temple youth will of their coupon books) AND Plans are in full swing for the returns in early October, just in make their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs their Annual Trick or Treat for 60th Anniversary of Temple time to celebrate my birthday! this month: Noah Waigand Hunger (10/31), a mitzvah they Beth-El and we anticipate a Since he won’t be home for (10/9) and the Berman Triplets do to benefit the Jeremy Doliner wonderful celebration next (10/30). We encourage you our upcoming 4th wedding Food Bank. In today’s economy, February. Please contact anniversary in November, we to join these young men and all assistance to this Food Bank event coordinator Trienah women as they achieve this will celebrate that as well while helps our community members Gorman or Tribute Book milestone in their lives. he is home as well as enjoy who are struggling to make coordinator, Rochelle Holtz, some family time! The junior and senior ends meet. Please support this if you can volunteer some of DAFTY members will be busy most worthy cause and help your precious time to assist with their fundraiser (sales make a difference! with the many tasks involved in Therese Cirafisi Harriet Altman-Douguf Judaica Shop We now offer “Bar & Bat Mitzvah Packages” Including your choice of Photo Album or Guest Book YAD and TALIT CLIPS ALL FOR ONLY $50.00 ~ Pre Order yours now No Sales Tax ~ Free Gift Wrap If we don’t have it, we can get it! Come browse the shop and see what we have to offer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shop Open Friday Nights and By Appointment Anna Obed (386) 672-8879 ~ annaobed@gmail.com
  13. 13. T OCTObeR ANNIveRSARIeS Mark & Paige Cohen he newly invigorated In October we will co-sponsor William & Trienah Gorman Brotherhood is with Sisterhood a League making great strides Gregory & Josie Wagner of Women Voters Program in serving our on the current Proposition OCTObeR Temple members. items on the November ballot bIRThdAYS Our goal is to establish Brotherhood Breakfasts programming that is interesting (which have become famous or Benjamin Branoff and timely, provide service to infamous) are held on the third Sunday of most months. (watch Sara Droker our Temple, and ensure that the men of the congregation see the Bulletin). RSVP is needed Samuel Markowitz the Temple as a place where so we can prepare food. The Alex Koblick they too can count and make a cost is $7 for members and $9 for non-members. Annual dues George Rogers difference. scheduled to have the Daytona for those men interested in David Sacks We are proud to have Beach police chief address membership are $18. Sidni Manne presented interesting programs us on “Security against Hate in May, June, July and August. Membership is open to Crimes.” Glenn Gottlieb Topics have been diverse and all Jewish men in the area. Matthew Share of high quality. Our speakers’ We are looking forward to Applications are at the Temple future programs which will Office. Haim Fred Smooha topics have included the Middle East, Current Economics, and include topics on: “Separation Carol Gunthorpe the state of basketball in the of Church and State” and “Raoul Suzanne Konchan US. As of this writing, we are Wallenberg.” Morton Kotler Adam Branoff Chairman Terry Cureton Sasha Weiss Alisa K. Bastiani Connor Brok Sarah Ann Miller Marie Ehrlich Rebecca Bigman TEMPLE BETH-EL Mindell Brown PROUDLY ANNOUNCES: Matthew Gartner 2010-11 Anita Rimler Samantha Sacks Mira Gladstone Shay Hubert TOT SHABBAT SERIES Al Collins Marian Kohen Catherine Miller Howard M. Goldman LED BY RABBI BARRY ALTMAN, CANTOR ZEV SONNENSTIEN, MALKA ALTMAN Simon Katz Bernard Mirel $36.00 PER CHILD SUPPLY FEE, SUGGESTED DONATION SCHEDULE Meghan J. Weisberg PLEASE FILL OUT REGISTRATION FORM AND SEND IT TO:  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 TEMPLE BETH-EL, 579 N. NOVA RD. ORMOND BEACH, FL. 32174  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 Rebecca Drucker  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2010 Katie Berman NAME OF CHILDREN(CHILDREN) “TOTS TOO” ___________________________________________________________ FAMILY SIMCHAT TORAH DINNER Matthew Berman PARENT NAME_______________________________________________  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2010 Zachary Berman ADDRESS__________________________CITY_________ZIP___________ “TOTS TOO” FAMILY CHANUKAH DINNER Marta Heller E-MAIL ADDRESS*____________________________________________ FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011  Tirzah Cabiac Hochreiter WANT TO SPONSOR A TOT SHABBAT? $75.00  FRIDAY, MARCH, 18, 2011 “TOTS TOO” Nikki Katz _______ SEPT. 24 _______ OCT.29 ______JAN. 21 ______APRIL 15 PIZZA PURIM FAMILY DINNER Dawn Share ENCLOSED IS MY PAYMENT OF $__________  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011  SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011 Brandon Whitt * TOT SHABBAT REMINDERS ARE SENT VIA E-MAIL