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TAUS Data Association | Consultation: Strategic Roadmap - Webinar (May 12, 2010)
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TAUS Data Association | Consultation: Strategic Roadmap - Webinar (May 12, 2010)


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The proposed developments were wide-reaching and have significant implications for how the industry conducts business. We received 680 usable responses to the consultation questionnaire and a wealth …

The proposed developments were wide-reaching and have significant implications for how the industry conducts business. We received 680 usable responses to the consultation questionnaire and a wealth of new ideas on further new features and services. Responses came from every stakeholder group in the industry: translators, corporate buyers, public sector buyers, service providers, technology vendors, academia, and consultants / sector analysts / commentators.

A very large majority recognize the benefits of sharing translation memories. There was a strong endorsement of plans to provide users and members with greater intelligent access and easier access to data through translation matching and open APIs for services. View the presentation to see how people voted, what has been prioritized, and when new services will be delivered.

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  • 1. TAUS Data Association Roadmap ConsultationWebinar
    5PM CEST / 8 AM PDT
    12 May 2010
  • 2. Hosts
    Jaap van der Meer, Director
    Rahzeb Choudhury, Operations Director
  • 3. Webinar Participants
    • 280 registered
    • 4. 50% translators
    • 5. 30% service providers
    • 6. 10% buyers providers (held buyer webinar 28 April)
    • 7. 5% technology providers
    • 8. 5% other
    From all corners of the globe and all have reviewed the following three tables and indicated needs and preferences:
  • 9. How People Use TDA Today
  • 10. Proposed New Features & Services
    Private: members may limit sharing of TMs to their own selection of registered users (‘private vaults’).
    Integration: API’s for all services will be available to everyone.
  • 11. Use Scenarios
    Registration and acceptance of terms is required for all use scenarios.
  • 12. Agenda
  • Implement an industry vision
    See TAUS animation on 2000 years of translation on YouTube or dotSUB – Translation: yesterday, today, tomorrow
    Share translation memories ….
    • to extend our investments
    • 22. to translate much more content
    • 23. to help world communicate better!
  • Background - from closed to open industry
    The evolution is irreversible .…From fragmentation to consolidation …. From closed to open …. From desk-top to enterprise server to industry shared platforms.
    language data
    Sharing language data accelerates automation and innovation in the translation industry.
  • 24. Background - milestones
  • 25. Status – TDA and the market
    • Sixty-five member organizations
    • 26. 7 billion words downloaded, 2.6 billion uploaded
    • 27. Sharing translation memories growing industry practice
    • 28. Translation tools moving to the “Cloud”
    TDA is the only member-driven and industry-sanctioned choice
  • 29. Consultation
    • 680 usable responses to survey
    • 30. 45% had not heard of TDA before the consultation
    • 31. Overall 85% believe/agree sharing translation memories brings improvements to term use, leveraging, machine translation quality
    • 32. 94% want to make use of TAUS Search
    • 33. 75% want TAUS Search integrated into own environment
    • 34. 86% want to be able to download data with translation matches
    • 35. 70% want to private vaults for limited sharing
  • Roadmap in implementation
    TM Cleaning already in place – tag filters, remove corrupt characters, remove corrupt XML, reject duplicates, flag missing translations, users report errors via TAUS Search
    Free TAUS Search API available by end May
    Translation Matching using scaled up open-source GlobalSight engine scheduled for October (sponsored by Welocalize)
    • Free translation matching API to reuse short strings
    • 36. TDA integration layer enabling connectivity with any CAT tool using XLIFF
    Private Vaults for limited sharing – by end of year
  • 37. Roadmap in pilot or testing
    TM Cleaning to come – Use statistical algorithms to flag bad translations. Proven in research now being tested for scalability
    Matching Scores – for more granular data selection for MT training & TM leveraging being tested
    MT Trainer – currently piloting
    To enable fully automated customization of machine translation engines. Prospective buyer loads sample file & own data. This is sent with additional data from TDA to MT vendors who train engines. Output quality is benchmarked to provide objective reporting across engines from various providers. Will allow small specialized solution providers to connect with buyers.
    Results to be presented 20 May during the TAUS Executive Forum in Copenhagen
  • 38. Roadmap
    Improvements to TAUS Search, matrix search and matrix TM, genre identification, full MT trainer service, tool compliance (saving in tool specific formats) will be delivered next year
  • 39. To share or not to share
    • 50% willing to share TMs for others to download
    • 40. 60% willing to share for TAUS Search only
    • 41. 70% happy to share in private vaults
  • Beyond current proposals
    Responses to consultation include a wealth of ideas on new features:
    Forums, open source middleware, glossary creation tools, flagging jargon and much more
    • People / companies offering services instead of sharing data
    • 42. We will report more use cases, provide more guidance on good practices with shared data, and create a blog
    • 43. Assessing potential to open-source TDA technology
  • Questions
    30 minutes were taken to answer questions on a wide variety of issues:
    A few answers :
    Member fees represent a collective investment by the all stakeholders in the industry to create a common infrastructure for everyone to win from sharing and benefit from reuse of translation memories
    Yes, TDA is partnering with other industry organizations
    Legal issues are covered by the sharing and pooling conditions found via the JOIN TDA web page
  • 44. Next steps
    May 19 - Members vote on reduced entry-level member fees (EGM in Copenhagen)
    May 20 - Report results of MT Trainer Pilot (Copenhagen)
    End May - Open API for TAUS Search
    June - TAUS Data Association blog
    Report more use cases
    MultiCorpora’sMultiTrans fully integrated for seamless upload and download
    July - Lionbridge’s Translator Workspace fully integrated
    October - Translation matching live with open API and XLIFF
    GlobalSight fully integrated
    TDA Annual General Meeting, Portland (OR), USA
  • 45. Thanks!
    Questions and comments are very welcome