Overview of University Writing Center Services for Undergraduates


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A look at the services the University Writing Center at Texas A&M offers undergraduates

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  • Howdy. My name is __________, and I work at the University Writing Center. We are available to all TAMU students to help with any writing project. You can find out more about us by asking me, or by visiting our Web site at writingcenter.tamu.edu.
    [If you have time, talk about the hours and locations of the UWC]
  • Provide to: undergrad and grad students of Texas A&M
    How do we do this? – Mainly through face-to-face consultations, but online submissions are possible as well. We also have great resources on our website for those who prefer to fly solo.
    We also help faculty who teach writing and speaking by providing them with teaching advice and tips. By helping them, we hope we also help you!
  • We have two locations. Our main location is on the second floor of Evans Library (room 214). We also have a sattelite location in West Campus Library (Room 205).
  • Most of us are students, just like you!
    Our staff is made up of both undergrad and grad students who excel in writing and public speaking. Most of us aren’t just born that way. We’ve worked on our skills and we practice a lot. And in our jobs, working almost every day helping others improve their skills, we get plenty of opportunity to practice our own.
    We are nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.
    Some of us have taught or edited writing, or worked as professional writers; some of us have done public speaking for a living , and a lot of us have presented at conferences.
    We’re here to help you in any way we can.
    Need us to serve as a second pair of eyes? Cool.
    Want us to help you rework your thesis? Can do.
    Looking for someone to give you some honest feedback? That’s why we’re here!
  • Academic/Scientific Writing – Analyses, essays, rhetorical criticisms, history papers, research papers, lab reports, etc.
    Business Writing – Abstracts, resumes, cover letters, formal memos, personal statements, proposals, etc.
    Creative Writing – Short stories, poems, biographies, memoirs, etc. Scientific Writing – Lab reports, posters, articles, research proposals
    We can help international students with learning to write (and to have conversations!) in English
    If you can write it (or present it), we can help with it.
  • Remember that we can help you with written AND ORAL communication.
    So this means if you have a powerpoint you want us to check out… awesome.
    Making your own video or podcast? We can help you with that!
    Simply need to practice your speech in front of someone? We’ve got you covered.
  • Since we’re located in both the Evans and West Campus libraries, we can also help you get started with your research.
    The library has a lot of resources to help you with your papers.
    We can help point you in the right direction: searching for sources, using the “Ask Us” service, and contacting the subject specialist for your field.
  • Understanding the assignment – This is one of the most important parts of the writing process; if you don’t know what your professor is asking of you, then you don’t know where to begin!
    Brainstorming ideas – Writer’s block? We understand. It’s helpful, but not necessary, for you to come in with something you’ve already written. If you need help but haven’t written anything yet, don’t panic - we can help you get started from square one as well.
    Organizing ideas and creating an outline – once you have a clear idea of what you’re gong to be writing about and how you’re going to execute your plan, the assignment often becomes much easier to complete
    Writing the paper – we’re here to give you support and feedback throughout your writing process
    Reviewing rough drafts and developing editing skills – we help you help yourself!
    Even if you have nothing at all, we can help you get started!
  • We don’t edit your paper, we help YOU learn to edit your own paper.
    We have no way of knowing what grade the teacher may give you, and we are not allowed to discuss teacher grading policies anyway.
    We don’t care if you’re Shakespeare or if you’ve never written a paper before in your life; our goal is to help you grow and develop as a writer, no matter what stage of writing you’re at
    We have so many amazing resources and can help you with so many various aspects of communication. We bet if you give us a chance, we can help you grow in some way or another, even if you’re already an “awesome writer!” Besides, even Hemingway had an editor.
    ***What we WILL do at the Writing Center is help YOU correct your own errors. We can help you identify the mistake, understand why it is a mistake or why it is less correct than another option, and then help you come up with techniques for recognizing and correcting these errors on your own!
  • Go to writingcenter.tamu.edu
    Click the icon for either in-person or online appointments (per the arrows).
    Once you’ve arrived at the appointment page, click the “make appointments online” link
    This will take you to our online appointment system – it’s pretty self explanatory from there.
    Make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance! Again, we book up quickly, so you’ll want to plan ahead.
    Check the location!
  • If you’re going to be more than 5 minutes late, please call us and let us know so we don’t forfeit your appointment to someone else
    Also, if you need to change or cancel your appointment you can do so online or by calling the Writing Center’s main desk
    Don’t neglect to cancel if you can’t make an appointment! A no shows means someone who needs an appointment can’t get one.
    If you make an online appointment, you get the next available appointment, just as if you were coming in for a face-to-face appointment—the only difference is in how we interact. So, if you send a paper in online, the consultant will take about 45 minutes to review it whenever it is scheduled. In most cases, you will get it back that same day, or the next day we are open. Your consultant will use Microsoft Word’s ‘Review’ function to offer suggestions and ask questions, and you can retrieve the reviewed document from your appointment page on our Cleopatra scheduling system.
    We also have web conferencing! If you’re out of town, or you don’t feel like changing out of your pajamas, you can book a web conference with one of our consultants. You’ll be able to see and hear one another (like Skype), and share a document so each of you can make comments on it.
    If you book the appointment online (using your NetID), you can schedule a consultation up to two weeks in advance. If you know you have an assignment due after that, and you want to make sure you have a consultation, call the UWC to set the appointment up! We can set it up for you ahead of time.
    If you want a record of your visit to the UWC, we keep notes for each consultation. If you ask your consultant, he or she can send the notes to the email you registered with. You’ll receive an email a copy of the session notes for your records.
  • We offer three options for regular appointments.
    For in-person consultations, you’ll come to the UWC (either West Campus or Evans) and work face-to-face with a writing consultant.
    Email consultations involve you sending your work to us through our scheduling system, booking an appointment, and then a consultant will read your work and ask questions and make suggestions to help you improve your writing.
    We also have web sessions – this is basically like Skype. You book an appointment, and at the assigned time you’ll be able to videoconference with a consultant. You can share documents so both of you can look at the same paper.
  • Here are our fall and spring semester hours. Summer and interim hours are shorter.
  • To get the most out of one of our sessions, think about what you want to ask and what kind of help you want before you come in.
    Since you only have 45 minutes in a session, be sure to prioritize your concerns. (Ex: First, I want to look at the organization and content. If there’s time, let’s go through the paper for grammar revisions.)
    If you’re hoping to check that you cited something properly, try to bring in whatever source you are trying to cite (if possible).
  • Hello consultant!
    This slide can be used (by you) to pimp UWC events. We always have contests/workshops/stuff going on. Ask staff about things!
    You can add info, then unhide the slide.
  • If you just have a five minute question, you don’t need to make an appointment. Just stop by our front desk.
    Also, check out our website for handouts, podcasts, workshops, events, and contests. You can search
  • Like us on Facebook. Check out our video podcasts on YouTube and our audio podcasts on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter. Check out our Pinterest page. Check in with us on Four Square.
  • Overview of University Writing Center Services for Undergraduates

    1. 1. At a loss for words? 214 Evans Library | 205 West Campus Library writingcenter.tamu.edu | 979-458-1455 1
    2. 2. Our Goal To enhance your oral and written communication skills 2
    3. 3. Locations Evans Library Room 214 West Campus Library Room 205 3
    4. 4. About Our Consultants 4
    5. 5. Academic Writing Scientific Writing Business Writing Creative Writing Writing for non-native English speakers Help with Every Type of Writing 5
    6. 6. Help with Oral Communication Speeches Poster/Slide Presentations Conversational English Interviews Podcasts Videos 6
    7. 7. Help with Research Finding Sources Using Library Resources 7
    8. 8. Help at Every Stage Understanding the assignment Brainstorming Organizing Writing Reviewing and editing 8
    9. 9. Myths I can go into the Writing Center, and they’ll edit my paper for me! The people at the Writing Center will tell me what grade they think my teacher will give me. The consultants are going to judge me based on the quality of my work. I’m already an awesome writer, so I have no need for the Writing Center. 9
    10. 10. For an Appointment 10
    11. 11. Sessions begin on the hour and last up to 45 minutes. Consultations are limited to one per day. Walk-ins are welcome when space is available. Appointments can be booked online up to 2 weeks in advance. If you need one more than two weeks in advance, call the UWC at (979) 458-1455. We can provide you with a record of your visit, if you want one. About Consultations 11
    12. 12. About Consultations In-person Consultations Email Consultations Web Consultations 12
    13. 13. Fall & Spring Semester Hours Evans Library *Appointments and walk-ins (if someone is available) Sunday: 3-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday: Closed West Campus Library *Walk-ins only Sunday-Thursday: 5:30-10 p.m. Hours 13 *Summer & Interim hours can be found on the UWC website!
    14. 14. Do you have the rubric/guidelines for the assignment? Do you know what citation style you’re using? Do you have a list of your sources? For the Most Productive Session. . . Do you know what you want to talk about? What are your main concerns? 14
    15. 15. Quick question? Stop by the front desk! writingcenter.tamu.edu •Helpful handouts •Informative Write Right podcasts •Workshops and events More Help 16
    16. 16. 214 Evans Library | 205 West Campus Library writingcenter.tamu.edu | 979-458-1455 We’ll help you find the write words. U N I V E R S I T Y J X I G Z P O E N H B W D E T L Q I L R D R C K K K P P T R T I V R M X S T X J P T B C Z P B Y O U C I S K E W V J D A E N S I N N Q O G P E G I C J C T O B Y P X E G K G V E F G B S R M C E V Q R M Check us out on… 17