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This introduction to the University Writing Center familiarizes graduate students with our services and explains how they can maximize their benefits when visiting us.

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  • Howdy. My name is __________, and I work at the University Writing Center. We are available to all TAMU students to help with any writing project. You can find out more about us by asking me, or by visiting our Web site at

    [If you have time, talk about the hours and locations of the UWC]
  • Provide to: undergrad and grad students of Texas A&M
    How do we do this? – Mainly through face-to-face consultations, but online submissions are possible as well. We also have great resources on our website for those who prefer to fly solo.


    We also help faculty who teach writing and speaking by providing them with teaching advice and tips. By helping them, we hope we also help you!

    ATTN UWC CONSULTANT (whoever you may be): If you are presenting to GRADUATE ASSISTANTS who will be TEACHING CORE COMMUNICATIONS COURSES (ENGL/COMM), the ONLY classroom workshop we can do for their classes (the classes they teach themselves) is the Overview. We can’t do any other workshop for their classes, per UWC policy. The core curriculum communications courses that we can’t present to are listed here:
  • We have two locations. Our main location is on the second floor of Evans Library (room 214). We also have a sattelite location in West Campus Library (Room 205). [WCL is closed fall 2012.]
  • Most of us are students, just like you!
    Our staff is made up of both undergrad and grad students excel in writing and public speaking. Most of us aren’t just born that way. We’ve worked on our skills and we practice a lot. And in our jobs, working almost every day helping others improve their skills, we get plenty of opportunity to practice our own.

    We are nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.

    Some of us have taught or edited writing, or worked as professional writers; some of us have done public speaking for a living , and a lot of us have presented at conferences.

    We’re here to help you in any way we can.
    We can serve as a second pair of eyes and help you review your work for errors or clarity..
    We can help you think about organization.
    We can give you honest feedback.
    We can help you find examples of articles or dissertations and help you figure out the style needed in your academic discipline.
  • Academic Writing , Business, Professional, or Creative Writing

    We can also help with non-native English speakers work on their writing in English

    If you can write it (or present it), we can help with it.

    NOTE: CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, an academic form of the resume. Of course, we can also help with resumes.
  • Remember that we can help you with written AND ORAL communication.
    So this means if you have presentation slides you want us to check out… we can.
    Making your own video or podcast? We can help you with that!
    Simply need to practice your conference presentation or dissertation defense in front of someone? We’ve got you covered.
  • Since we’re located in both the Evans and West Campus libraries, we can also help you with your research.

    The library has a lot of resources to help you with your papers.

    We can help point you in the right direction: searching for sources, using the “Ask Us” service, and contacting the subject specialist for your field.
  • First a brief overview of individual consultations. You go online and pick the time and day you want. You get there a little before the consultation starts because we try to start on the hour so that you get your full 45 minutes. The computer system will match you with an available consultant and you will spend up to 45 minutes working on whatever you need to.

    An alternative to the individual consultation an online consultation. This is like a face-to-face consultation in that the consultant will identify mistake patterns and try to teach them; it is not an editing service. It’s best not to send in more than ten pages because we spend the same amount of time on them as an appointment – 45 minutes. Five to six pages is a reasonable length.

    [May want to show them the website and how to “Make an Appointment.”]

    Also, FYI, you probably want to make an appointment at least a week in advance if you know you’re going to NEED one. Our time slots fill up pretty quickly.
  • Our international student workshops are designed to improve the writing and speaking skills of students who do not speak English as a first language. It is open to graduate or undergraduate international students.

    We understand how hard it is to come to a different country and have to write a 100 page document in that country’s language. So we have meetings once a week about a number of topics. Some topics are about giving speeches or about writing an abstract or about grammar. Sometimes we have workshops on slang and when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. There will be a schedule posting the workshop topics and dates on our website, so check it out.

    An added benefit to these workshops is that they are usually fairly small, so you will have the opportunity to practice your spoken English. In fact, we invite you to stay a few extra minutes for just that purpose every week.
  • Students working on their thesis or dissertation may also sign up for the DATA program. This means that you are paired with a consultant who has a similar schedule to yours and that consultant meets with you ten times to go over your paper. Meeting with the same consultant helps because the consultant becomes more familiar with their topic and you don’t have to explain every time. Also, it means the consultant becomes familiar with your writing style and the issues you struggle with and can better help you. You can start the DATA program at any point during the semester; but we suggest that you begin more than 30 days before your dissertation is due. Because we need to give a lot of students the opportunity to work with a single consultant, we do limit your DATA visits to ten. Your first DATA appointment won’t count as one of the ten; it’s a time for you and your consultant to decide on a schedule and procedure that meets your individual needs.
  • Dissertation boot camp is fairly exclusive. It is good for students who have little free time to work because it requires a one-week commitment. You must have your advisor’s permission and be working on a Masters thesis or a dissertation to participate. We meet daily, Monday through Friday at 9 am, and you get a place to write. We stop and share lunch. For one hour each day, you meet with two experienced consultants who are reading as you write.You’ll hear about these from an announcement sent to your neo email.Here’s a comment form a 2012 participant when we asked (in an anonymous survey) if the camp met her expectations: “I expected to be locked in a room and write but didn't anticipate the level of preparation the staff took. The room set up, the coaching sessions, the tabletopics, etc. were so purposeful and designed to promote EFFICIENT writing—not writing for writing's sake. It was awesome and surpassed my expectations!”
  • All students at A&M can get individual consultations, or come to workshops for international students. But we also offer programs exclusively for grad students. We usually host two or three graduate student workshops a semester. Sometimes, members of our faculty will come in and present on topics essential to grad student writing. Seating at these workshops is limited so you want to sign up ahead of time and then let us now if you can’t make it so we can give someone else your spot. Sign up is online or you can come by the writing center and talk to Melanie at the front desk. If you miss the workshop, you will probably find a video of it on our YouTube channel.
  • Go to writingcenter.tamu.eduClick the “Make an Appointment” tab at the top of the pageOnce you’ve arrived at that page, click the “make appointments online” linkThis will take you to our online appointment system – it’s pretty self explanatory from there. Make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance!Check the location!
  • If something comes up and you want to cancel your appointment or want a different time, you can switch it easily online. Just go back to the Make an Appointment page and you’ll see tabs for cancelling or switching. If you’re late but still want an appointment, make sure you call because if you’re more than ten minutes late, we will give your appointment to someone else. The UWC has students walk-in a lot without an appointment and if we don’t think you’re coming, they will get your time slot. So make sure you call if you’re going to be late. Also, be aware of our missed appointments policy. If you do not cancel and do not show up for an appointment, or if you send us multiple online submissions all at once without considering consultant advice between submissions, we consider the appointment missed. Three missed appointments, and you may lose your appointment privileges.
  • Here are our fall and spring semester hours. Summer and interim hours are shorter.
  • If you just have a five minute question, you don’t need to make an appointment. Just stop by our front desk or call the Write Line. Also, check out our website for handouts, podcasts, workshops, events, and contests.
  • Like us on Facebook. Check out our video podcasts on YouTube and our audio podcasts on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter. Check out our Pinterest page. Check in with us on Four Square.
  • Graduate uwc overview

    1. 1. At a loss for words? 214 Evans Library | 205 West Campus Library | 979-458-1455 1
    2. 2. Our Goal To enhance your oral and written communication skills 2
    3. 3. Locations Evans Library Room 214 West Campus Library Room 205 3
    4. 4. About Our Consultants 4 Nationally certified professionals— graduates, and undergraduates Experienced writing teachers, editors, and/or professional writers
    5. 5. Help with Every Type of Writing Proposals Abstracts Articles CVs Dissertations Grants Literature Reviews Theses 5
    6. 6. Help with Oral Presentations Speeches Poster/Slide Presentations Conversational English Interviews Podcasts Videos 6
    7. 7. Help with Research Finding Sources Using Library Resources 7
    8. 8. Individual Consultations Face-to-face or online advice about writing or public speaking from a certified consultant. Sessions begin on the hour and last up to 45 minutes. Consultations are limited to one per day. Walk-ins are welcome when space is available. UWC: (979) 458-1455 8
    9. 9. International Student Workshops Once-a-week workshops designed to improve your academic writing and public speaking skills. Each topic ties in ways of communicating from an American cultural perspective. Check out our website calendar for the workshop schedule! 9
    10. 10. Graduate Writing Groups Meet regularly during the semester with other grads and UWC group leaders. Get feedback on your drafts and set writing goals to make progress on your thesis or dissertation. 10
    11. 11. Dissertation and Thesis Assistance (DATA) Receive one-on-one help with the same consultant for up to 10 sessions. Start this program at any time during the semester. 11
    12. 12. Dissertation Boot Camps • Four days, 9 am to 5 pm, in August, May, and January • Only 12 seats available • Write, eat, and get advice every day from our most experienced consultants. • For more information: 12
    13. 13. Graduate Writing Series Learn from experienced faculty and staff on topics like: • Proposal Writing • Literature Reviews • Abstracts • Writer’s Block Sign up online to attend. 13
    14. 14. For an Appointment 14
    15. 15. About Consultations Sessions begin on the hour and last up to 45 minutes. Consultations are limited to one per day. Walk-ins are welcome when space is available. Appointments can be booked online up to 2 weeks in advance. If you need one more than two weeks in advance, call the UWC at (979) 458-1455. We can provide you with a record of your visit, if you want one. 15
    16. 16. About Consultations In-person Consultations Email Consultations Web Consultations 16
    17. 17. To cancel or switch appointments Change or cancel appointments online or call (979) 458- 1455. Call us if you will be more than five minutes late, or your appointment will be forfeited. 17
    18. 18. Hours Fall & Spring Semester Hours Evans Library *Appointments and walk-ins (if someone is available) Sunday: 3-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday: Closed West Campus Library *Walk-ins only Sunday-Thursday: 5:30-10 p.m. *Summer & Interim hours can be found on the UWC website! 18
    19. 19. More Help Quick question? Stop by the front desk! • Helpful handouts • Informative Write Right podcasts • Workshops and events • Dissertations and Theses • Graduate Student Services decision matrix 19
    20. 20. We’ll help you find the write words. U N I V E R S I T Y J X I G Z P O E N H B W D E T L Q I L R D R C K K K P P T R T I V R M X S T X J P T B C Z P B Y O U C I S K E W V J D A E N S I N N Q O G P E G I C J C T O B Y P X E G K G V E F G B S R M C E V Q R M Check us out on… 214 Evans Library | 205 West Campus Library | 979-458-1455 20