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Manuf Organization Pp


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Welcome and kick off: Tino Mantella
  • History of TAG: Tino Mantella
  • State of the Organization:Tino Mantella
  • Societies Overview: Tino Mantella
  • Societies:Tino Mantella
  • (Manufacturing Board Member #1) – please volunteer
  • (Manufacturing Board Member #2) – please volunteer
  • (Manufacturing Board Member #3) – please volunteer
  • (Manufacturing Board Member #4) – please volunteer
  • (Manufacturing Board Member #4) – please volunteer
  • (Manufacturing Board Member #4) – please volunteer
  • Q&A/Feedback section: 1. Do you see this working?/Are you interested?2. What topics/themes/subjects would you be interested in hearing more about?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Technology Association of Georgia<br />TAG Manufacturing Society<br />Formation Meeting<br />Thursday, February 4, 2010<br />
    • 2. History of TAG<br />B&TA<br />WIT<br />TAG<br />SSA<br />1997-1998<br />2001-2003<br />1999-2000<br />2004 and beyond<br />Formation of TAG<br />“Down to Earth”; <br />TAG matures<br />The “Tech Bubble”<br />A New Era for TAG<br />The largest membership base in the Southeast<br />TAG Education Foundation<br />Georgia Technology Forum<br /><ul><li>“Keynote speaker: Steven Ballmer”</li></ul>MindSpring, WebMD, IXL, etc.<br />More than just an event and networking organization...<br />...helping to drive the revitalization of GA’s tech industry<br /><ul><li>Professional development
    • 3. An organizing voice</li></ul>Information Repository<br />Unifying Tech Community<br />Fulfilling our vision of meaningful impact<br /><ul><li>Professional development curriculum
    • 4. Productive networking</li></ul>Umbrella organization: “You throw the party, we do the dishes”<br />A period of rapid growth and success<br />Restructuring and refocusing: “TAG grows up”<br />Economic Development<br />New, engaged leadership: a new period of TAG success and growth<br />
    • 5. TAG Now...<br />8,800+ members strong<br />Serves as a forum for connectivity among Georgia’s tech community<br />Today’s TAG is dedicated to making Georgia one of the top technology states in the country<br />
    • 6. TAG Societies<br />24 special interest groups or “Societies”<br />Over 150 meetings each year<br />Lead by volunteer board members<br />Speakers, panels, demonstrations<br />Learn from industry thought leaders<br />Share best practices<br />Connect with other members <br />
    • 7. TAG Societies<br />Broken into three areas<br />People<br /><ul><li>Women in Technology (WIT)
    • 8. TAG/ATDC Entrepreneurs
    • 9. TAG Diversity
    • 10. TAG Young Professionals</li></ul>Industry<br /><ul><li>TAG Business and Technology Alliance
    • 11. TAG Consulting
    • 12. TAG Health
    • 13. TAG Entertainment
    • 14. TAG Southeastern Software Association
    • 15. TAG Smart Grid</li></ul>Function<br /><ul><li>TAG Business Process Management
    • 16. TAG Content Management
    • 17. TAG Customer Relationship Management
    • 18. TAG Enterprise Performance Management
    • 19. TAG Global Sourcing
    • 20. TAG Information Security
    • 21. TAG Human Resources
    • 22. TAG Enterprise 2.0
    • 23. TAG Marketing
    • 24. TAG Product Management
    • 25. TAG Recruiting
    • 26. TAG Finance
    • 27. TAG Workplace Learning
    • 28. TAG Corporate Development</li></li></ul><li>Mission:<br /> The TAG Manufacturing Society is dedicated to professionals who participate in the technology of manufacturing production and supply chain and seek innovative thinking and leadership to drive operational excellence. <br /> By utilizing technology as the catalyst for positive change our members will apply new technologies to increase the competitiveness, performance, efficiency, and profitability of their businesses. The Society will focus on the “best practices” aspects of manufacturing and utilize information and technology to produce world-class processes.<br />
    • 29. Overview<br /> The Society will be member driven and promote the manufacturing industry through technology activities, education, events, and resources that will:<br />Allow members to connect and share with other industry professionals, share strategies and tactics, promote the group, contribute, cultivate understanding, and exchange strategies to facilitate operations excellence<br />Result in white papers, blogs, podcasts, guidebooks, research studies, webcasts and other resources that accelerate learning and knowledge transfer<br />Participate in regional events such as the Manufacturing Appreciation Week and hold various Summits to promote manufacturing excellence<br />Create a repository of shared information that can assist each member in achieving their goals<br />
    • 30. Member Groups & Industries<br /> The TAG Manufacturing Society will be a technology leader in support and data integration of all manufacturing initiatives across the value chain including web presence, logistics, shop floor, front/back office, and quality assurance and will consist of members from all areas of manufacturing, including:<br />
    • 31. Building the Society Board<br />Society Board Members are expected to:<br />Attend scheduled society planning meetings/conference calls<br />Attend as many Society events as possible<br />Read and respond to Society emails regarding board issues/monthly events in a timely fashion<br />Use their individual network to secure event speakers, sponsorships, and increase attendance at the Society’s monthly events<br />
    • 32. Sponsorship Benefits<br />Benefits available:<br />Logo Placement on event materials on website, on-site materials, signage at meetings<br />Recognition by meeting host at the beginning of the meeting<br />Option to host a meeting at your facility<br />3 minute welcome<br />Option to provide promotional items to attendees: pens, notepads, etc.<br />Opportunity to serve on a panel<br />Attend a reception with the prestigious TAG Board of Directors and TAG Leadership Council<br />Permission to bring a number of guests to the society meeting<br />
    • 33. Sponsorship Levels<br />Option to sponsor one meeting or all Society meetings for the year:<br />Gold - $2,500<br />Silver - $1,000<br />Bronze - $500<br />Friend of TAG - $250<br />
    • 34. Questions?<br />Rachel Sevin<br />Director, Corporate Membership<br />TAG Manufacturing Staff Liaison<br /> (404)920.2021<br />