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Historical expedition of TAG Tour and Travel AGT 15 Days /14 Nights/by Surface
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Historical expedition of TAG Tour and Travel AGT 15 Days /14 Nights/by Surface


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Historical expedition of TAG Tour and Travel AGT 15 Days /14 Nights/by Surface

Historical expedition of TAG Tour and Travel AGT 15 Days /14 Nights/by Surface

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  • 1. Travel In Style Tour code: TTT- 212 Duration: 15 Days /14 Nights/by Surface Destination: NorthAddis/ADD- Bahir Dar/BJR -Gondar/GDQ- SemienNational Park - Axum/AXU -Yeha -Lalibela/LLI- AddisAbaba- Lake Wonchi-Addis/ADD DAY 03: Bahir Dar /BJR Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar, 560 km. After breakfast, in the morning visit the famous Blue Nile Falls. Known locally as TisDAY 01: Addis/ADD Isat - Smoke of Fire the Blue Nile Falls is the most dramaticArrival to Addis spectacle on either the Blue Nile rivers. Four hundred meters (1,312 feet) wide when in flood, and dropping over a sheerDAY 02: Addis/ADD - Bahir chasm more than forty-five meters (150 Feet) deep the fallsDar /BJR throw up a continuous spray of water, which drenches onlookers up to a kilometer away. In the afternoon we enjoy a boat trip on Lake Tana to visit the island monasteries of Azwa Mariam and URA Kidane Mihre O/n Bahir Dar in a chosen hotel. DAY 04: Bahir Dar /BJR - Gondar/GDQ Bahir Dar – Gonder, 180 km we drive to Gonder, We experience typically in an Ethiopian African landscape over wide grazing land, hilly mountains with numerous farmlands. The rest of the day visit attractions in Gondar. The attractions that you visit in Gondar includes: Castles of Gondar are included in the World Heritage List, the royal Fasiledes Bath and the Church of Debre Berhan Selassie with its unique murals and Awra Amba village. Over night stay at the selected hotel.
  • 2. DAY 05: Gondar/GDQ - Semien National Park Simien Mountains National [Gonder – Semien Lodge, 130 km From Gonder We head north to the Simein Mountains National Park and visit the breathtaking mountain range and one of the endemic mammals of Ethiopia – the Gelada Baboon or the bleeding heart baboon. Overnight: Simein Lodge DAY 06: Semien National Park - Axum/AXU Drive to Semien Lodge - Axum, 285 km DAY 07: Axum/AXU Today our destination is the legendary city of Axum, capital of the Axumite Empire that existed from 400 BC to 950 AD. Drive through the remarkable Tekezze GorgeDAY 08: Excursion to the village of Yeha to the earliest capital of Ethiopia – Axum. On our way, visit the villages of the Tigre people. The African nationsA full day of sightseeing in this fascinating historic route begins in the ancient city of Axum, whichancient city, with visits to the following dates to about 100 B.C. This capital city was the firstattractions, Visit Ethiopias earliest known place in Ethiopia to adopt a new religion --, Yeha, is less than two hours drive According to the Old Testament, The Queen of Shebafrom Axum through some dramatic highland was born in Axum, but travelled to Israel to meet Kingscenery. As the birthplace of the countrys Solomon. They had a son named Menelik, who laterearliest high Civilization, it is well worth became the first emperor of Ethiopia. Menelik broughtvisiting. To get there, head east for twenty the original Arc of the Covenant back to Ethiopia fromkilometers (Bahir Dar is a town 12 miles) to Israel. Over night stay at the selected hotel.Adwa. Continue along the main road towardsAdigrat for another twenty-four kilometer(15 miles) and then turn North on to a shortdirt track, where you will see the imposingruins of Yehas Temple of the moon aboutfour kilometers (2.5 miles) to the right ofthe track. The yeah temple .o/n at thehotel.
  • 3. DAY 09: Axum/AXU - Adwa DAY 10: Mekele - Lalibela Drive from Mekele - Lalibela, 315 km drive Departure from Axum after breakfast. We cross into to Lalibela, inhabited mostly by EthiopianEthiopia’s northern Tigray Region and motor to Adwa, site Orthodox Christians and, like Axum, one ofof a famous 1896 battle in which the Ethiopians defeated an Ethiopias holiest cities, known as theinvading Italian army. Over night stay at the selected hotel. Ethiopian Jerusalem. Over night stay at the selected hotel. DAY 11+ DAY 12: Lalibela Two days of sightseeing in and around fabulous Lalibela,focusing on the local churches, carved from the rock andconnected by a labyrinth of trenches and tunnels; they werebuilt in the 12th century. Lalibela, inhabited mostly byEthiopian Orthodox Christians and, like Axum, one ofEthiopias holiest cities, known as the Ethiopian Jerusalem.Lalibela is an unassuming village where nobody wouldsuspect a few hundred meters away lays one of the mostastonishing wonders of the civilized world. King Lalibela ofthe Zagwe dynasty built a series of rock hewn churches – theNew Jerusalem as he called it. Visiting the rock hewnchurches of Lalibella. Today you wil tour the first group ofchurches (the grouping is according to their geographicallocation): Bete Medhane Alem, Bete Mariam and BeteMeskel. And continue touring the rest of the first group ofchurches. O/ in a chosen hotel. DAY 12: Lalibela + ASHETEN MARIAM We will set off on a mule or by foot to the church ofAshten Mariam. This morning is approximately a four hourround trip which passes through small villages on theWay back to our guest house. This high dry plateau giveswonderful views of the Surrounding countryside from thetop of the mountain where the church is located. Afterlunch, we set off by road to the cave church of YemrehaneChristos, built by The king of the same name before thereign of King Lalibela. It is a built-up cave churchconstructed of Axumite wood and stone. The flat-span roofdisplays paneling richly adorned with geometrical designsand the ceiling over the sanctuary is domed and displayscarvings and paintings. Over night stay at the selected hotel
  • 4. DAY 13: Lalibela - Addis/ADD Flight to Addis Ababa. Arrival and additional sightseeing inthe capital, including a visit to the National Museum,featuring the remains of “Lucy,” a Female hominid (of theAustralopithecus Afarensis genus) that lived about 3 millionyears ago, Discovered in Ethiopia’s Hadar Region in 1974.Also some time to shop. Dinner and Over night stay at theselected hotel.DAY 14: Addis/ADD - Lake Wonchi - Addis/ADD Excursion to one of the most beautiful sites in Ethiopia,Wonchi Crater Lake, situated in a lush setting at an altitudeof 2,780 meters. Excursion to one of the most beautiful sitesin Ethiopia, Wonchi Crater Lake, situated in a lush settingat an altitude of 2,780 meters. This trip will involve a ridein a dugout canoe, a horse back ride, and a visit to 16th-century Wonchi Cherkos Monastery. Return to Addis Ababaand time to relax before our farewell dinner in a typicalrestaurant, Yod Abyssinia, enlivened by traditional musicand dance. Afterwards, transfer to the airport, as our flightdeparts shortly after midnight. O/n Addis Ababa DAY 15: Departure