Ethiopian Under sized Tour


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Tour code: TTT- 100-19
Duration: 02 Days /01 Nights /under sized Tour / by Surface
Addis/ADD – Awassa- Langano -Wondogenet - Addis/ADD

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Ethiopian Under sized Tour

  1. 1. ` ETHIOPIA Travel In Style Tour code: TTT- 100-19 Duration: 02 Days /01 Nights/under sized Tour / by SurfaceAddis/ADD – Awassa- Langano -Wondogenet - Addis/ADD DAY 01: Addis/ADD – Awassa Drive 275km to the south nation and nationality people representative capital city which is Hawassa. The south of Ethiopia is characterized by one of earths most amazing natural wonders - the African Great Rift Valley. The rift that runs through southern Ethiopia has created numerous lakes fringed by forests teeming with birdlife. Hawassa is known by numerous hot springs, beautiful lakes and a variety of wildlife. Excursion at Hawassa, when it comes to lacustrine peace and serenity, Lake Awassa- lying just south of the town of Sashemene and close to the town of Awassa. A gentle chain of mountains and a low plateau surround the lake, opening to a wide, low bay in the south. Swampy bays interspersed with volcanic rocks, sandy shores with bare rocky hills, and every formulation of terrain imaginable can be found near Awassa. The lake seems with a great variety of fish and, as elsewhere in the Rift Valley, endless species of birds. Visit Most of the lakes which are suitable and safe for swimming and other water sports. Lakes Abiata and Shalla are ideal places for bird watchers. Most of the Rift Valley lakes are not fully exploited for tourists except Lake Langano where tourist
  2. 2. ` class hotels are built. The Rift Valley is also a site of numerous natural hot springs and the chemical contents ofthe hot springs are highly valued for their therapeutic purposes though at presentthey are not fully utilized. In short, the Rift Valley is endowed with many beautifullakes, numerous hot springs, warm and pleasant climate and a variety of wildlife. It isconsidered as one of the most ideal areas for the development of internationaltourism in Ethiopia. O/n in a chosen hotel.DAY 02: Hawassa - Wondo Genet – Langano - Addis/ADD Drive to Wendo Genet –WondoGenet is known for its hot springsand is surrounded by primaryEthiopian forests. It is home to anarboretum and a College of Forestrywhich was founded in 1977 withSwedish assistance. Also located inthis resort town is the EssentialOils Research Sub Center, wherespices, aromatic and medicinalplants are conserved and theirqualities researched. Also, visit Two hundred and tenkilometers south of Addis Ababa,the brown and copper colored LakeLangano beckons. It is a popularresort for swimming, aquaticsports, sunbathing andbird-watching. Halmet shrikes arealso found in great Numbers, alongwith the butcher-birds. The waters of the Lake Langano are soft brown. The lake ishome to various species of birds. Drive back to the capital (Addis Ababa). End of theTour