Creativity works young carers project


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Creativity works young carers project

  1. 1. Creativity Works: it really doesCreativity is vital to the process of change and growth. It isfundamental to being alive and to finding and constituting meaning inlife. Creativity is a quality that can be nurtured or repressed and it isthrough creative actions that we make sense of the word around us.The Creative Process•Curiosity and interest are engaged and attention focused•Materials are transformed and something new is made – acting as ametaphor for change•Learning, expression, sharing, communication and celebration takeplace•Heightened awareness leads to experience being enriched•Transferable skills are learned such as R&D, problem solving andcommunication
  2. 2. Creativity WorksParticipants affirm that Creativity Works for them: “It means everything to me really… I feel my confidence and self esteem are better. At theend of the day I feel like I’m getting somewhere” “You have changed my life. Thank you.”
  3. 3. Creativity Works Project: Arts Council Funding The Creativity Works project used the arts to consult|engage|involve|empower.•It focused on children and young people, 0 to 25 years old, their families and communities.•It worked with a number of different groups of young people, young carers, looked after children, youngpeople at risk of self harm, families from disadvantaged communities and affected by domestic violence.•The project promoted creative play, creative expression and creative community development as a tool totransform lives empowering personal and social change.•Creativity Works included arts projects that linked in with families and communities as well as involving youngpeople in designing and developing projects that they themselves had identified as important to them.
  4. 4. Young Carers Project Partners: Off the RecordYoung carers face particular hardships due to their caring roles• They may care for a parent, sibling or grandparent with a physical disability or illness, mental health issue, learning disability or drug or alcohol addiction• This can mean they have to help with practical chores, helping with medical needs, financial responsibilities or emotional support.• These responsibilities mean young carers have less time to play and relax and lack the opportunities to explore their creativity• Young carers can miss a lot of school due to their caring role which means they don’t always achieve as much as other children and young people of their age Sonia Hutchison, Off The Record
  5. 5. Young people explored their creativity through: digitalphotography, painting, will ow weaving, stone carving, clay modeling, & charcoal“The projects enabled young carersto explore the things in their livesthat are important tothem, sometimes this has beenfocused on their caring role andsometimes it has been anopportunity to have a break fromtheir caring role.”
  6. 6. Participants were able to develop and showcase their work in a variety of ways• Steering group of young people• 3 Publications – Water Memories Making History – Our Side of the Story – Creativity |WORKS• Family Open Day• Provide training for Social Work students at the University of Bath• Creativity Works Conference• art|effects Exhibition [ Bath Fringe Festival]
  7. 7. Creativity Works: art|effects
  8. 8. “The young carers learnt new skills and tried creative methods they have never had an opportunity to try before. They have had the opportunity to document their creative endeavours through art books and by being published in Water Memories, Our Side of the Story and creativity |WORKS.This has added to the impact of using creative methods as it hasgiven them something they can put on their CV to support them in the future and supporting them to reach another one of theEvery Child Matters priorities to Achieve Economic Well Being.” Sonia Hutchison, Off The Record
  9. 9. Creativity WorksThe group developed their own individual personal stories and shared these withothers.Links with University of Bath Social Policy and Social Work Students has introduced theconcept of shared learning through service users to inform service providers andprovision.Numbers: – Steering group 12 young people – 16 Participants directly engaged additional to above – 2 Artists – 5 Off the Record Support Workers gaining skills transfer – Voluntary staff workers + 4 Social work accredited students gaining skills transfer – 20 Addition Social work/policy students – Total by project end: 79 + Audience estimates 300
  10. 10. Creativity WorksOff The Record Young Carers Legacy Creativity|WORKS•A new steering group has been formed at Off the Record supportedby the work of Sonia Hutchison. The facilitated group are developingprojects that they want to pursue and develop funding packages andapplications.•A new University and social work student learning programme hasbeen developed and is progressing the action research model adoptedand integrated within the Social Work Degree qualification.•Regular Young Carers arts activities steering group and consultativesessions are now running.•The work has been showcased and additional workshops delivered atFamily days in Keynsham and at creative development days atUniversity of Bath.
  11. 11. Creativity WorksCreativity Works has a strong commitment to working with artists to support their development and explore their relationship with culture and social change.Creativity Works aims to work with artists who see social engagement as a key element in their work and who bring a particular way of working to community projects: – facilitative and empowering – Responsive and flexible