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20091122 Sw Group04

  1. 1. Klicka här för att ändra format på underrubrik i bakgrunden 28/01/15 Global warming effects on water management
  2. 2. 28/01/15 What is Global Warming? The principle of global warming is that the average tempreture of planet Earth is increasing.
  3. 3. 28/01/15 …In Political Point of View
  4. 4. 28/01/15 Political agreements about global warming Make something about it. Create global agreements.
  5. 5. 28/01/15 The Kyoto Protocol
  6. 6. 28/01/15 Main Goals of the Kyoto Protocol Reduce the emission levels, generally in the developed countries. Making emission trading possible and increase the amount of carbon sinks (forests).
  7. 7. 28/01/15 Kyoto Protocol Participation As of year 2009, 184 states signed the protocol. The USA got high emission levels, but didn’t sign. We need a new protocol written before year 2012.
  8. 8. 28/01/15 Signed and ratified Signed, ratification pending Signed, ratifictaion declined No position
  9. 9. 28/01/15 The Copenhagen Meeting Meeting in Copenhagen year 2009. The UNFCCC and danish government want to create a new protocol. Renew the protocol, make USA a part of it
  10. 10. 28/01/15 Political Issues Unfair share of the majority of global warming problems. Exposed countries will suffer first. It is fair to expect the developed to develop slowly and at a low emission level rate since we’re not?
  11. 11. 28/01/15 …In Economical Point of View
  12. 12. 28/01/15 Drought Will cause poor harvest, less labor, food and transport goods. Water availibility will be low, causing high costs.
  13. 13. 28/01/15 Flood Inundation will also destroy the harvest on agricultural land. The indunation will also cause problems for transport of other important trades.
  14. 14. 28/01/15 Costs Developing countries will be first to suffer from the effects. They will also be the ones suffering the most. According to IPPC:s* repots 2001, developing countries BNP will reduce with 5% every year. The effecs of global warming will cost 20% or more of the worlds BNP. Today the damage from the effects costs 85 dollars a day but computations
  15. 15. 28/01/15 …In Geographical Point of View
  16. 16. 28/01/15 Effects of Global Warming Arctic ice, glaciers and mountain snows are rapidly melting. Coral reefs suffers from bleaching or death by stress. There will be an upsurge in the amount of weather events.
  17. 17. 28/01/15 The chance that an ice age will come to Scandinavia is greatly increased. The sea level will increase. Polar bears will very soon be exterminated.
  18. 18. 28/01/15 Disadvantages with the Increasing Sea Level Global warming causes a loss of inhabitant land.
  19. 19. 28/01/15 …In Social Point of View
  20. 20. 28/01/15 Flooding The global warming is causing extreme raining that causes severe floods in the world. Scientists say that there will be even more severe floods in the future if the global warming continues. These type of floods does not only cause
  21. 21. 28/01/15 Droughts The global warming effects in the world have caused droughts to become severe. Intense sandstorms have begun to accur in the world. The droughts are making it difficult for some people to grow crops. The sandstorms are gaining intensity and occuing more frequently.
  22. 22. 28/01/15 Landslides After an area experiences extreme droughts it becomes volnerable for intense rain. As the drougts and raining intensifiy the severity of landslides increases. Landslides can eliminate populations
  23. 23. 28/01/15 Malaria Because of the malaria many people in malaria areas have moved up in the mountains. When the heat increases the musquitos are able to move higher up in the mountains. Because of this more and more people are getting
  24. 24. 28/01/15 Thanks for taking your time
  25. 25. 28/01/15 The End By: Richard, William, Nora, Kajsa, Olof, August and