Content Marketing Introduction (Marco Seiler, SYZYGY Group)


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  • Content Marketing is not new, but it is definitely on the rise. Its rise happened when the largest purchaser of marketing services announced Coca Cola Content 2020 the Content Manifesto of the Coca Cola Company.
    And when we put that line bar in context and compare it with its mother which is Corporate Publishing it is clear, that Content Marketing is one of the hottest topics of our industry.
    There are over 350 million search results for Content Marketing on Google - it is getting cluttered, some say contaminated so it is important to define what Content Marketing is and what its potential is.
  • Most of our Marketing $, € or pounds still go into activities which are based on the traditional campaign model.
    The campaign model was on the rise for the last 50 years it is dependent on paid media. It has become harder to run this traditional model in an efficient way.
    We have to market more products than ever, have to manage lots of fragmented paid media channels and are dealing with always on, smart consumers.
  • CM evangelist believe that the world will experience a seismic shift from Push to Pull marketing. The model is different from the Traditional Campaign model In most cases CM has no defined end it is a long term play.
    To achieve this, you have to treat content like a product, view it like an asset not as an expense because content has a shelf life. It will then create some strong momentum for brand.
  • Two elements are the building blocks of a sound content marketing strategy: Creating relevant, compelling content. This is the toughest part: creating engaging content and enough of it. And how to create content that works in different context content that is useful and usable in a multiscreen world?
    The best content on this planet is worth nothing, if nobody is able to find it. If content is King, content promotion definitely is Queen. You want people to find your content and you want users to come back. So you need to be armed with a strong approach on distribution and promotion.
  • Content Marketing Introduction (Marco Seiler, SYZYGY Group)

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