Top 10 biggest food safety disasters of 2014


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Discussing the Top 10 Biggest Food Safety Disasters of 2014

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Top 10 biggest food safety disasters of 2014

  1. 1. Top 10 Biggest Food Safety Disasters of 2014
  2. 2. Nevada Church Potluck Salmonella Outbreak • Over 140 to 150 people got sick due to Salmonella infantis • Site of outbreak: Logandale, Nevada; at a Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints-hosted potluck dinner • No specific dish were identified as the source because the event had no leftovers Food Safety News
  3. 3. Foster Farms Salmonella Outbreak • 134 people got sick due to the outbreak • Caused by contaminated poultry from Foster Farms • Was traced to a Heidelberg strain of Salmonella which was antibiotic-resistant • Resulted from improper food handling and undercooking Food Safety News
  4. 4. North Carolina Holiday Inn Salmonella Outbreak • 103 people got sick from the salmonella outbreak; 6 were hospitalized • Site of outbreak: Fayetteville, North Carolina • Was traced back to food sold at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux Food Safety News
  5. 5. MN Football Banquet Norovirus Outbreak • 75 people got sick due to the Norovirus outbreak; 34 were students • Outbreak was traced back to food at an eat-allyou-can celebration for high-school football players • Site of outbreak: Brooklyn Park Minnesota • People experienced the symptoms two days after the banquet Food Safety News
  6. 6. Shigella Outbreak in Sioux City, Iowa • 105 people got sick due to the Shigella outbreak • Health authorities have yet to determine the source of the infection Food Safety News
  7. 7. E.Coli Outbreak from Mexican Restaurant in Arizona • -- 94 people were infected with E.coli O157:H7 • - Health authorities are still determining the source of the outbreak • - Site of outbreak: a branch of Mexican restaurant Frederico’s in Litchfield Park, Arizona Food Safety News
  8. 8. OxyElite Pro Supplements Hepatitis Contamination • 56 people got sick with Hepatitis; 1 died • Was traced back to a dietary supplement called OxyElite Pro • Site of outbreak: Hawaii • Hawaii State Department of Health is yet to determine whether the cause of the outbreak was a contaminant, ingredient or a production mistake Food Safety News
  9. 9. Nationwide Cyclospora Outbreak • 631 people got sick due to Cyclospora; 49 were hospitalized • 26 states were reported to have been impacted by the outbreak • Occurred in June 1 to August 29, 2013 • The outbreak was traced back to the fresh cilantro and a particular brand of salad mix Food Safety News
  10. 10. Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend • 162 people got sick from Hepatitis A; 71 were hospitalized • The foodborne illness-related outbreak affected 10 states • Was traced back to a frozen berry mix called Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend
  11. 11. • Products were already recalled but foodborne illnesses incidences continued to crop up in 10 states • Health authorities report that the foodborne infection was traced to the pomegranate seeds included in the frozen berry mix Food Safety News
  12. 12. Wyoming Norovirus Outbreak • 200 people got sick due to the foodborne illness outbreak • Site of outbreak: Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park Food Safety News • Source: orne-illness-outbreaks/