Synthesio's Great Big Book of Insights


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Over 30 examples of best practice uses of social intelligence from some of the world's leading brands.

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Synthesio's Great Big Book of Insights

  1. 1. Synthesio’s Great Big Book of InsightsExamples of best practice uses of social intelligence from some of the world’s leading brands
  2. 2. Synthesio works with some of theworld’s largest brands to extractactionable insights from the Web.The goal? Delighted customers andwanted products.After all, if you want to understandthe tiger, don’t go to the zoo, go tothe jungle.
  3. 3. >> Product InnovationBrand: Major automotive manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: A deep-dive audit reporton the Indian car market, in preparation for a new carlaunch.Insight: New car purchases are a big deal and ahuge source of pride for Indians, and thus they love topersonalise and ‘pimp their rides’ with options andaccessories.Take Action! Ensure that new cars launched intothe Indian marketplace come with an array of optionsfor customisation, personalisation and accessories.
  4. 4. >> Campaign CreationBrand: A leading hair regrowth treatment.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring withhuman analysis and alerts, to better understandconsumers and key influencers.Insight: During the lead up to the Royal Wedding,many people were commenting on Prince William’shair loss and mentioning the brand as a possiblesolution.Take Action! Take advantage of organicallygenerated conversations to drive a highly topicalguerrilla marketing campaign.
  5. 5. >> Service InnovationBrand: Global mobile telecommunications provider.Synthesio Deliverable: Synthesio’s UnityEngagement Platform, used to manage customerservice engagement within key third party forums.Insight: Incoming call volumes reduceddramatically, once the answers to common questionsbecame easier to find online.Take Action! ‘Fish where the fish are’ by investingin online customer support teams, and achieve ROIthrough significant reductions in call handlingvolumes and therefore costs.
  6. 6. >> Crisis ManagementBrand: Global mobile phone manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Crisis managementmonitoring in 10 countries, including daily reports tothe board, around a major service outage.Insight: The same compensation package offeredby the company (free apps worth $100) was greetedwith enthusiasm by customers in Turkey but withabsolute dismay by those in Western Europe.Take Action! In the future, tailor compensationoffers to individual countries or smaller clusters ofcountries, rather than trying to take a ‘one size fits all’approach.
  7. 7. >> PPC OptimisationBrand: Major pharmaceutical brand.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of conversations about prostate cancer andpotential treatments.Insight: Using the tag cloud on the Synthesiodashboard, it became clear that the words people useto talk about prostate cancer online differed to thecore terminology usually used by the brand.Take Action! Optimise your PPC spend and make iteasier for search engines to point people to yoursites, by using the words consumers actually usewhen talking about a topic online.
  8. 8. >> Campaign CreationBrand: Major automotive manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Deep-dive insight reportinto the ecologically friendly car market in Europe,and in particular, perceptions towards electricvehicles (‘EVs’).Insight: Five key barriers to purchase wereidentified in relation to EVs, including questionsabout Total Cost of Ownership, ChargingInfrastructure etc.Take Action! Use these insights as the keymessaging pillars of a multi-million dollaradvertising campaign aimed at turning people on toEVs and promoting the brand as the market leader.Measure the success of this campaign, using theinitial monitoring as a benchmark.
  9. 9. >> Campaign EvaluationBrand: A global beer brand.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis across 20 countries.Insight: The brand spent a significant amount ofmoney changing its strapline, and was anxious toknow what people thought about it and its impact onthe brand. The answer? Nobody noticed or cared.Take Action! If you want to make a big Word ofMouth impact with new branding, make sure yourmarketing campaign is highly social and engaging. TVads alone are unlikely to spark conversation.
  10. 10. >> Product InnovationBrand: A leading skincare manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring ofverbatim relating to their new facial foundationproduct.Insight: Consumers loved the product and wishedthere were more color shades available. The onlynegative was that it made their faces look a little tooshiny.Take Action! Bring forward the launch of productsin the pipeline where there is notable demand forthem. In this case, the brand had a further range ofcolours planned for future release, and an oil-freeversion of the cream which would address the‘shininess’ effect, both of which they launched early.
  11. 11. >> Service InnovationBrand: Global pharmaceutical company.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis, including Adverse Event reporting to meetpharmacovigilence regulations.Insight: Some patients were reporting a side-effect of the drug being monitored that hadn’t beenpicked up as significant in clinical trials.Take Action! Train Sales Reps to proactivelymention the possible side-effect to healthcareprofessionals, and equip them with ways to addresspotential concerns.
  12. 12. >> Campaign CreationBrand: One of the world’s leading luxury watchmanufacturers.Synthesio Deliverable: The Communities tab onthe Synthesio dashboard, which shows whereconversations are happening by the primary topics ofconcern.Insight: The bulk of conversations about whichexpensive watch to buy were taking place not onfashion or luxury goods sites, but on automotiveforums – particularly those relating to Formula 1Racing.Take Action! Reflect customers’ shared passionsfor fast cars in the events sponsored and thespokespeople featured in advertising.
  13. 13. >> Customer SatisfactionBrand: A global hotel group.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of customer reviews about 4,000 individualhotels and their competitors.Insight: Monitoring detected a number ofcustomers expressing frustration about the fact thattheir room keys were being demagnetized betweenchecking in and reaching their rooms, when they heldthem close to their cellphones.Take Action! Fix collective problems as soon asthey are detected to minimise their impact oncustomer satisfaction. In this instance, the hotelgroup contacted their keycard suppliers who resolvedthe technical issue promptly.
  14. 14. >> Product InnovationBrand: A global beauty product manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring ofconversations about the brand’s makeup products.Insight: The brand was gearing up for a bigadvertising campaign to launch its innovative facialfoundation mousse, but discovered users werecomplaining it was too liquid and was splatteringonto their clothes when applied.Take Action! Hold fire on high profile marketingcampaigns if early adopters are talking about majorissues with the product. Work on getting the productright before a big marketing splash.
  15. 15. >> Service InnovationBrand: One of the world’s leading sportsequipment brands.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of conversations in Japan about recreationalrunning, including monthly reports on would-berunners’ desires and frustrations.Insight: It’s not easy to live and work in Tokyo, andit’s particularly hard to pursue outdoor exercise givenhow time-poor most people are.Take Action! Support your customers’ desire toexercise and increase your sales by providing a spacein the middle of Tokyo, equipped with lockers andshowers, for inner city runners.
  16. 16. >> Campaign CreationBrand: One of the world’s largest IT companies.Synthesio Deliverable: The Communities tab onthe Synthesio dashboard, which shows whereconversations are happening by the primary topics ofconcern.Insight: Developers don’t just discuss the pros andcons of software platforms on IT sites, they also havethese discussions in places where they share otherinterests, such as automotive and fishing forums.Take Action! Reflect your customers’ wider sharedpassions and affinities in the activities you offer atcustomer events and training days.
  17. 17. >> Service InnovationBrand: A leading European airline.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of conversations about the in-flightexperience.Insight: People get bored during flights, whichdetracts from the potential pleasure of flying.Take Action! Enable your customers to check-inusing their Facebook and Twitter profiles, so they canchoose to sit by people with common interests. Agreater flying experience for all!
  18. 18. >> Campaign CreationBrand: The margarine division of one of theworld’s largest FMCG brands.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of conversations about margarine vs. butter.Insight: Butter is perceived to be more authentic,indulgent and comforting than margarine. This wasreflected in the places people talked on the web(butter: sites for people who love food; margarine:sites for people who feel anxious about food).Take Action! Adapt the language used to promotemargarine brands to associate it with ‘family’ and asense of essential nutrition / nurturing qualities towin over food lovers.
  19. 19. >> Product InnovationBrand: Major paint manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Online monitoring andanalysis to better understand discussions relating topainting and DIY.Insight: People are always looking for specificcolors they see around them but they don’t know howto find the color reference.Take Action! Create a mobile application whichenables consumers to match real life colors with thebrand’s own paint references.
  20. 20. >> Service InnovationBrand: The leading Swedish brand of creamedcaviar.Synthesio Deliverable: A report into perceptionstowards eggs and egg consumption habits (Swedesoften eat the brand’s spread with boiled eggs).Insight: Two issues were preventing people fromeating more eggs: making a perfect boiled egg is noteasy; and anxieties around the origins and ecologicalcredentials of the eggs themselves.Take Action! Create a branded iPhone Egg Timerapp that enables people to find out more about theiregg (via a code on the eggshell) and helps them tomake perfectly boiled eggs to eat with their caviar!
  21. 21. >> Campaign CreationBrand: Major home furniture brand.Synthesio Deliverable: A report about longdistance driving, commissioned to help the brandvalidate a creative concept developed by itsmarketing agency.Insight: Fatigue at the wheel is a major cause ofaccidents and frustration over the holiday period.However drivers don’t want to extend their travellingtime even more with expensive on-route stays athotels.Take Action! Build temporary roadside hotels toenable drivers to take a free 20 minute nap. The napenables people to test the brand’s beds whilsttangibly showing that the brand cares about itscustomers.
  22. 22. >> PRBrand: Major automobile manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring,analysis and proactive alerts - one of whichhighlighted the difficulties drivers were experiencingdealing with snow in Bulgaria.Insight: Winter 2012 in Bulgaria was terrible.People were not prepared to face the snow andneither were their cars.Take Action! Hire a team of men to help drivers tocope with winter. Generate significant PR coveragethrough a simple, relatively low-cost activity whichtaps into the zeitgeist of the moment.
  23. 23. >> Campaign CreationBrand: A nicotine patches brand.Synthesio Deliverable: Monitoring and analysisto better understand Russian consumers’ attitudes togiving up smoking, and to test a theory: that a mythabout a drop of nicotine being enough to kill a horsewas preventing people buying nicotine patches.Insight: The myth was not prevalent at all inonline conversations. Instead, the biggest barrier topurchase was deep cultural scepticism about whetheranything other than strong willpower would everwork in the battle to give up smoking.Take Action! Develop content and campaignsaimed at educating the market about how nicotinepatches are proven to be more effective thanwillpower alone.
  24. 24. >> Crisis ManagementBrand: Global mobile phone manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Crisis managementmonitoring in 10 countries to provide insights into aTwitter campaign which went wrong.Insight: A Twitter campaign promoting a newhandset was hijacked by customers still angry abouta recent major service outage. The campaign acted asa lightning rod for rants about all aspects of thebrand.Take Action! A social media campaign cannotpaper-over real-life cracks in the customerexperience, and can trigger a backlash if there’s a #failclear disconnect between the marketing message andreality.
  25. 25. >> Campaign CreationBrand: World’s leading brand of anti-dandruffshampoo.Synthesio Deliverable: Deep-dive insight reportinto conversations about the brand across threecontinents.Insight: In countries where the brand’s campaignsare about what the brand stands for (‘a winning stateof mind’) there is a much better brand perceptionthan in those where campaigns are product-efficacy-and attribute- led.Take Action! Invest in campaigns which reinforcewhat the brand stands for, such as a tie-in with theTV show China’s Got Talent, embracing the conceptthat “people are capable”.
  26. 26. >> Service InnovationBrand: A trash bags manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring withhuman analysis and alerts, to better understandconsumers.Insight: People would like to be moreenvironmentally responsible, but a major practicalbarrier to recycling is not knowing where the nearestrecycling spot is for different types of rubbish.Take Action! Support your customers’ desires bymaking an app which helps them to find the nearestrecycling spot. The clients are satisfied and the brandequity is increased.
  27. 27. >> Campaign CreationBrand: Global FMCG brand.Synthesio Deliverable: A deep-dive audit reportinto consumers’ perceptions of the brand’s mostwell-known chocolate bars.Insight: Each bar had its own unique onlinefootprint. E.g. one bar featured in a lot of recipes onbaking and family oriented sites, whereas another‘lower calorie’ bar had a fan base within diet forums.Take Action! Fuel your agencies’ creative juiceswith insights into how your products are alreadytalked about online, so that campaigns cancapitalise on, and amplify, existing spontaneousbrand associations and fan bases.
  28. 28. >> Campaign EvaluationBrand: Major automotive manufacturer.Synthesio Deliverable: Monitoring of a majorsocial media campaign in India to enableoptimisation of the campaign on-the-fly and todetermine the campaign’s overall success.Insight: The Bollywood star featured in thecampaign was so famous that online conversationsabout him drowned out the brand and diluted thecampaign’s impact on brand preference and new carsales.Take Action! Make sure your products retaincentre stage in any campaign involving popularcelebrities, otherwise the money you invest willincrease their fame but have a nominal impact onyour brand.
  29. 29. >> Service InnovationBrand: The largest provider of telephony in theUSA.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of consumer conversations about mobilephones.Insight: Short smartphone battery life wasputting people off upgrading to more expensivehandsets, because if you don’t have a charger and asource of electricity handy it can be a majorinconvenience.Take Action! Create special lockers in majorareas, where customers can leave their phones tocharge in a secure place. This helps to overcome oneof the key barriers to purchase, whilst positioningthe brand as innovative and switched on to itscustomers’ needs.
  30. 30. >> Product InnovationBrand: Global mobile telecommunicationsprovider.Synthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of consumer conversations about the brandand its key competitors.Insight: A new calling plan introduced by acompetitor was receiving rave reviews fromcustomers.Take Action! Use social intelligence about yourcompetitors to be a Fast Follower, by replicating thethings they are doing which are getting a strongthumbs up from customers.
  31. 31. >> Campaign CreationBrand: Leading treatment for diarrhoeaSynthesio Deliverable: Ongoing monitoring andanalysis of conversations which surround theproduct’s ‘myths’ – to determine why 70%+ ofsufferers don’t use the product.Insight: Volume of conversation regarding thealleged myths was extremely low and nearly alladvice on forums seemed to be given first hand fromexperience rather than from an official medicalsource.Take Action! Employ an online health careprofessional to provide a central information sourcefor potential customers, to educate them and givethem a clear understanding of what the product doesand for what situations it can be used.
  32. 32. >> Service InnovationBrand: A global pharmaceutical company.Synthesio Deliverable: Synthesio’s UnityEngagement Platform, used to manage onlinecommunity building and customer service for thebrand’s diabetes products and services.Insight: People with diseases such as diabetesoften want to share their experiences and ask foradvice and support online.Take Action! Build places where diabetics canconnect with each other online through the creationof communities on Facebook, Twitter and the brand’sown website, and become trusted advisers throughactive participation and support.
  33. 33. >> Campaign CreationBrand: A well-known pop culture and music TVchannelSynthesio Deliverable: Monitoring buzz andconversations around the channel’s ‘Kids Choice’awards to identify areas of improvement for nextyear.Insight: The huge majority of conversations wereabout particular celebrities, some of which wereretweeted thousands of times. Voting was spokenabout in less than 20% of conversations, despite itbeing an awards ceremony.Take Action! Target your celebrity choices andencourage them to endorse voting discussions in thebuild up to the next event to generate moreparticipation.
  34. 34. Are you ready to start monitoring? New York 116 West 23rd Street, Suite 110 New York, NY 10011 +1 (212) 228-7565 London 50 Featherstone Street, London EC1Y 8RT +44 (0) 207 5660 400Paris London New York8 rue Lemercier 78ParisStreet, York 130 7th Avenue, Suite 242Paris 75017 London W1H 1DP4 New York, NY 10011+33 (0) 1 55 26 43 40 8 rue Villedo, 75001 Paris +44 (0) 20 7788 7448 +1 (347) 40 +33 (0) 1 55 26 43