Web Monitoring and Analysis #msmbc10

Michelle Chmielewski   @Synthesio
Community Manager      @MiChmski
Monitoring is all about the numbers, right?
I’m   24
I’m                2429
The average age of Synthesio employees is
                                            3 700
The average age of Synthesio employees is
2429                         15

                                            3 700
The average age of Synthesio employ...
240                          15

                                            3 700
I’m                  29
The average age...
Maybe not…
You need to LISTEN to what people are saying first
But not necessarily all of it
Marketing can’t be controlled by a dashboard…
Social media (monitoring) is about people

  Maybe a little too much, sometimes
Listen to who’s talking about you

                     in the countries & languages you want
Be precise
Monitoring dashboards are no more than tools
Human analysis is what makes the difference
Humans can detect nuances that automation can’t
Make social media monitoring fit your needs
Customize your dashboard, widgets, alerts, and reports
Everyone is different

                        So are you
We can help
We would love to

                   to what you have to say
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Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp Presentation


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The slides from @MiChmski, our community manager, that presented at the Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp March 31st in London

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  • Hi I’m Michelle Chmielewski, Community Manager for SynthesioPowerful web monitoring and analysistoolbased in ParisWe’rethrilled to beherewith all of you and sharethisexperience and learningwithyouAnd I’mhere not necessarily to talk about Synthesio, but about how wecan help youachieve business and personal goals in social media monitoring
  • We’ve been talking allday about the importance of finding pertinent statisticsthatyoucan use to gauge yourbrand’s performance, analyze engagement, and understandwhoistalking about your brand onlineWeneed to know the volume of articles that are beingpublished in order to detectemerging trends, atwhat time theywerereposted, the audience size of those sites.Numbers.Alrightthen.
  • I’m 24Don’t let thatbedeceiving ; the founder of Facebookis
  • 25
  • I flew3,700 miles to come all of youfabulous people (or at least as many as possible)
  • To speak for about 15 minutes
  • To about 200 of you
  • Me tooSo that’sit..No more numbers for the rest of thispresentationWhy?Becausenumbers are only the surface of what’sgoing on
  • As withanyproject, beforegettingstarted, you have to know whereyou standBeforegettinginvolved in any conversation, you have to know what people are saying firstReal-time information iswhat’sat hand and that hand is the consumer’sWe all as consumers are nowdemandingthat brands listen to usTo the detriment of their online reputationsIf youheard about the case of Domino’s last summer, you’veheardsomeprettygruesome stories Becausecompanieswere not yetconvinced of the power regularpeople’svoices have onlineDidyouhear about the nestle case last week ?to be able to effectively talk and shareonilne on behalf of your client or your brand, youneed to know how people are talking about you, why, withwhom, etc
  • But youneed to be able to filter out the noiseEach social media monitoring platform has itsownway of collecting sites to monitor from the Internet withtheirowncrawlersi.e.Our automaticcrawlersdetectmainstream and social media sites thatwouldbe pertinent for yourproject if the sites are not alreadypresent in ourdatabase, but are checkedmanually to make sure that the links are active and relevant to yourprojectAnd of course wecanalsoadd sites manuallyIf you miss one site, youcan miss up to 80% of the relevant conversations(example of pharmaceuticalcompany, the 6th site wasmissing)Allowingyou to reallyhearwhat the market has to say
  • But Remember, There’s no right or wrongbutton to press in social mediaAn increase in the number of fans of a brand’sFacebook page does not guarantee an increase in for that quarterOr the next oneThere needs to be a welllaid-outstrategywithpre-determinedmeasures for yourtactics and someoneactivelyanalyzing the results in coordination withthatstrategyThat, once the monitoring is in place, accompanies the conversations and communicates back the resultsIf you are listening and have the correct corporatemeasures in place to use whatitisyou’rehearing, youcanbe flexible to customerdemand and opinionEmpathaticOpenAnd maintain an online reputationthat matches your offline one
  • Whichmeanstrulyconnectingwithyourcustomers or yourclient’scustomersjust as if theywere in front of youWecangiveyou influence scores for every site in our index, every article that’sposted and how that influence changes over time, and the influence of a person on Twitter,ButPhilip just last Friday left a post on his blog about influence – why do weeven care? A single personcan’tbegiven a unique score – he or sheinteracts in multiple communities online and off and his or her influence varies according to the givencommunityA score is not a personAnd itdoesn’tgiveyou the whole storyYou also have to beaware of the culture and how to respond to various people that are talking about you onlineYou have to bepresent and conversationalTheymightbetalking about the foodyou serve or the wayyoutreatyourcustomers or the palm oilthatyou use in yourchocolate bars, but they’re not alwaysnecessarilydoingit to talk withyouIt’s up to you to allow the conversation in and share
  • By combining qualitative and quantitative data, youcanget a more fullerpicture of who’stalking about you onlineWhatyouwillbelookingatwillbe more than a « thumbs up, thumbs down » of sentiment analysisA recent client, for example, monitored the success of the launch of a new advertisingcampaignled by the selection of twobloggers as web ambassadors of the brand. Anycomments made by the bloggersthemselveswerefiltered out sothat the brand could focus on whatother people weretalking about them in response to thesebloggersThis is the type of information that qualitative analysis of social media can help youobtainA Synthesiomugwillbegoing to the winner of best caption for thisslideJust tweet #captainamericasays or come see me at the Synthesiobooth
  • Wherewe’re not justtalking in English eitherNow, I promised no more numbersSo I’ll let you count the number of languages and countries thatwecan monitor for youAnd let us know if there are onesthat are missingthatyou’dlikeLocal knowledgeworkersallows us to carry out local sourcing, meaningthatwecandetect social media sites even in Chinese and RussianWhat’s more,You already know that not even the information thatis out there about youthat’s in English iscomingfromEnglandNorisitalwayseasy to tellBeforeadding the sites, then, to our index, we check them to make sure that the information is correct regarding the site’s country of originAndmakeiteasier for you to find all conversationsIf wecannot tell automatically, wewould assume, for example, that a blog written by a French personis a French site, unlesswecanfindotherwise(The top 5 languages used on Twitter are English, Japanese, Portuguese, Malay and Spanish. According to a study done by Semiocast in February of this year)
  • One client, for example, onlywanted to monitor social media in Dutchfrom the NetherlandsAndyoushouldbe able to bethisspecific in yourmoniitoring to get top quality informationBoth in the initial stages of monitoring – the setup, the thesaurus, etc – and throughout the project – filters, reports, alerts, etc
  • Evenso, evenlisteninginternationallycannotsaveyoufrom the factthat once you have this information, itisstilljust data, waiting to beanalyzedThe advantage of beinginvolved in the setup processwith us isyoucanalignyour objectives to your social media monitoringTogetherwecan set out a plan of how exactly the monitoring willbecarried outIt's more important that you figure out how these numbers correlate with activities outside and beyond your marketing and communicationsWhat is it that made the number of comments online spike or drop all of the sudden?What are your competitors doing, and how does it affect type type of buzz about you?How influential are the people talking about you within the communities that are important to you?Why are they talking about you?Is it positive or negative? Why?
  • you need a person carrying out the analysis of your information, not an automated botthere has to besomeonebehinditthatcanfilterthroughit to Delete articles thatdon’tpertain to whatyou’relooking forAnalyze the articles for sentiment to determine how people are talking about your brand and how thisischanging over time – and whyAnalyze the articles at multiple levelsAutomatic sentiment analysismay tag an article as being positive or negative or neutral but what about the topicswithinit?The sub-topicscanalsobetagged for you and analyzed for sentimentOur consultants can do the legwork for you, according to your instructions
  • For one client, for example, theywanted to evaluate the relationshipbetween a chosenspokesmodel and a new productlaunchTheylaunched the product and the campaign and the product in 2 countries in exactly the samewayCommentsweremarked as « negative » if theymentionedboth the spokesmodel and the ad campaign in a negativewayPositive meant the oppostieAnd neutralwas mixedBut thatwasjust the beginningWethenlookedatdifferencesbetweendifferent countries whereitwaslaunched to give more understanding to these classificationsInternet users in one of the countries wasveryfamiliarwith the spokesmodel and theirprivate lifeWhereas people in the other country mostlyknew the spokesmodel for their talent and focused on the new productWhat about you? What are the multiple levels of conversations thatyouwouldlike to discover and engage in?You have to beaware of cultural differenceswhichisonlysomethingthathumanscan doFor examplesomeonetweeting
  • we can help you-monitor your reputation online, Monitor in case of crisis, Provide consumer insights for market research identify influencers that can help drive engagement strategiesAnd measure the impact and ROI of a given campaign, online buzz, or sponsoring event
  • Barometers for conversations online about cosmetics LikeHospitality, whichis a toolwecreated for an international hotelchain to compare the online reputations of theirvarious brands and hotels in multiple countriesWealsotrack conversations about certain health conditions for a major pharmaceuticalcompanyWe help a cellular phone brand detect trends, rumors, and warning signs of crises regardingtheir brandsCrisis monitoring and identification of influencersEach of ourclient’s monitoring projects has been tailored to theirdemandsMappings of online reputation that allow them to develop 2.0 marketing and communications strategies
  • weneverforgetthatjustlikeeachpersontalking about a brand online is unique, asCommunication isaffected by ourindividualupbringings, cultures, experiences, etcAndthe people talking about you online are all different in theirownwaysSo are youWewant to help youcustomize social media monitoring to fit it to yourneedsWhatevertheymaybe
  • We have been monitoring for 4 yearsnow and have workedwith clients likeNike, L’Oréal, Chanel, Publicis, Ubisoftwe are here to provideyouwithready-to-use analyses on an easy-to-use interface thatallowsyou to see major trends immediately and use this information to informyour marketing, PR, and communications effortsWe are in constant contact withourpartners and clients throughout all stages of monitoring to make sure thatyou are gettingwhatyouwantEnd to end solution to accompanyour clients : snaphotanalysis, ongoing monitoring, crisisanalysis, campaignanalysis, influencers identification and engagmetn
  • We’d love to know whatwecould do to help you carry out yournext social media monitoring projectWant to hear more about Synthesio?
  • Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp Presentation

    1. 1. Web Monitoring and Analysis #msmbc10 Michelle Chmielewski @Synthesio Community Manager @MiChmski
    2. 2. Monitoring is all about the numbers, right?
    3. 3. I’m 24
    4. 4. I’m 2429 The average age of Synthesio employees is
    5. 5. 2429 3 700 I’m The average age of Synthesio employees is
    6. 6. 2429 15 3 700 I’m The average age of Synthesio employees is
    7. 7. 240 15 3 700 I’m 29 The average age of Synthesio employees is 0
    8. 8. Maybe not…
    9. 9. You need to LISTEN to what people are saying first
    10. 10. But not necessarily all of it
    11. 11. Marketing can’t be controlled by a dashboard…
    12. 12. Social media (monitoring) is about people
    13. 13. #captainamericasays Maybe a little too much, sometimes
    14. 14. Listen to who’s talking about you in the countries & languages you want
    15. 15. Be precise
    16. 16. Monitoring dashboards are no more than tools
    17. 17. Human analysis is what makes the difference
    18. 18. Humans can detect nuances that automation can’t
    19. 19. Make social media monitoring fit your needs
    20. 20. Customize your dashboard, widgets, alerts, and reports
    21. 21. Everyone is different So are you
    22. 22. We can help
    23. 23. We would love to to what you have to say