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Presentation: Turn Social Data into Insights


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Is your company just getting started with social listening? Are you up and running and wondering how to move to the next step?

Is your company just getting started with social listening? Are you up and running and wondering how to move to the next step?

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

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  • 1. WEBINAR: Turn Social Data into Insights
  • 2. Every day, social media users produce approximately 500 million tweets on Twitter, 4.5 billion more “Likes” on Facebook, and share 55 million new photos on Instagram. Even more social media data flows from Google+, You Tube, LinkedIn, and other social networks, forums, and online media outlets. Social Data Is Everywhere
  • 3. Everything About The Consumer Has Changed Social media = large, organic, & unbiased focus group. Consumers: have access to information have a voice unlike any before demand authenticity and quality expect us to know them (their profile) while we keep who they are (as a person) private and secure … And they’re not afraid to: leverage it speak loudly and publicly tell us when they don't get it remind us frequently of our obligation to them
  • 4. What Is Social Intelligence? Why Do Brands Need It? Social Intelligence is achieved when social media big data, is turned into insights, and action, and is shared openly across departments, and systems. Social Intelligence is integrated into business process and ultimately business results. ●  brand or product visibility ●  mood around a product or service ●  impact of marketing campaigns ●  opportunities for engagement ●  competitor activity and competitive comparison ●  emerging crises (before they explode) ●  evolving trends
  • 5. Move Past The Noise To Actionable Insights 1 - Set objectives first: Be clear about your goals. 2 - Use sampling solutions: Prioritize what you analyze using the influence of the verbatim. 3 - Consider social media as a super focus group.
  • 6. 1 - Data spikes: Determine an average threshold and get alerts. 2 - Large conversations with many comments: Pay attention if more than five comments. 3 - Set real time alerts on sensitive keywords. Detect And Manage Social Media Crises Combine online and offline data, for a richer understanding of your customers’ experience through a ‘One Voice of the Customer’ program.
  • 7. Drill down into your data and discover the most influential social media users around your industry or brand. Identify influential: -websites -users -mentions Engage with your influencers and advocates and equip them to help out. Identify Brand Advocates And Influencers
  • 8. Influence Ranking Services Include PostRank: Delivers objective, real-time data and analysis on topics, trend, or interests relevant to business. KLOUT: Measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage, you have the capacity to influence others. Traackr’s: Identifies the most relevant online influencers for a topic or campaign. Synthesio’s SynthesioRank: influence ranking system, simple score ranking 0 to 10: Reveals for each brand or topic the influential individuals online and the various sites where they “live”.
  • 9. ●  Who - Identify and monitor Influencers - both advocates and detractors ●  What - Are certain ideas getting traction or Share of Voice? ●  When - Do social spikes correspond to campaigns or crises? ●  Where - Are there sites/platforms where your audience likes to comment? ●  Why - What motivates people to express opinions online? How Do I Measure ROI? Leverage a Social Intelligence Platform to measure stats around:
  • 10. Keep It Simple ●  Don’t waste time tracking information that’s not important to your brand ●  One short-term goal associated with one KPI at a time = measurable and scalable ●  Communicate found insights across departments in order to leverage Social Intelligence across the enterprise.
  • 11. Social Intelligence Listen Analyze Connect Scale Collaborate Engage
  • 12. Enterprise Listening Platforms, 2014 #1 GLOBAL LISTENING VENDOR “Synthesio is a leader in this study due to its superior global data coverage, automated analysis built from human coding, and functional dashboard. Well-satisfied customer references score the vendor highly for its flexibility and the frequency with which it recommends new approaches.