Case Study: BT


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BT needed to understand and analyze how its customers felt about its products and services so that it could improve both customer service and the products it was offering.

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Case Study: BT

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: BT BT USES SOCIAL LISTENING TO PRIORITIZE BUSINESS EFFORTS ACROSS THE ENTERPRISE THE CHALLENGE: BT needed to understand and analyze how its customers felt about its products and services so that it could improve both customer service and the products it was offering. BT realized that to do this, it needed to gauge what people were saying about BT across the web on social media platforms and forums. After looking at various providers of social media listening software, BT chose Synthesio as its social media monitoring partner in June 2012, after recognizing that Synthesio offered the most accurate and easy to use tools. THE SOLUTION: BT now uses Synthesio to monitor a variety of topics such as quality of service, products and price. When launching new products BT also uses the software to understand and gain consumer insight. The product team can then use this insight to address any problems or issues that have been identified and solve them accordingly. In crisis situations, BT uses the insights and analysis picked up by Synthesio to identify any issues early on and assess their potential impact, which helps with customer service capacity planning. During the London 2012 Olympics, BT used Synthesio’s tools to track customer sentiment relating to BT’s position as official supplier of Wi-Fi at the Games. Using Synthesio’s software the BT team were able to pick up on customer issues that would have otherwise remained unknown to them, due to the fact that whilst at the Olympic Village, customers would tweet their issues rather than contact call centers. The team used a fully managed service for the high level alerts but also monitored in-house, tracking the volume of tweets requiring customer service response. Using Synthesio’s tools the team were able to quickly and effectively identify any influencers who may have tweeted negatively. RESULTS: As a result of BT and Synthesio’s successful relationship, BT has raised the profile of social listening in the company, with regular reports now being received at Managing Director level. Amy Chamberlin, Head of Social Media at BT, comments: “By showing us the broad brush picture of customers’ reactions to things we have said or done, Synthesio has helped us to assess what we should be focussing on by showing the relative level of conversation and sentiment about specific topics or crises.” BT has now quadrupled the size of its contract, expanding the use of Synthesio’s dashboards to Consumer Marketing, Better Futures and BT Business teams. BT feels that it makes sense to use the same tool across the organization, as it provides more areas of the business with access to the analytics, reducing the pressure placed on the Customer Service team. Amy concludes: “Compared to other social listening tools on the market, we found Synthesio to be very easy to use and with a high quality of data output. The team at Synthesio are always very responsive, easy to work with and have supported us well in times of intense social focus such as the Olympics.”
  2. 2. ABOUT SYNTHESIO Synthesio is a global social media monitoring company helping brands and agencies listen to, understand and engage with consumers worldwide. Synthesio helps clients cut through the social noise, focus on the conversations that matter most to the business, track and measure online reputation, collaborate and engage in real-time, and manage consumer relationships in one single, easy-to-use platform. By delivering social media data of the highest quality within 190+ countries & 50 languages, clients receive crucial insights into their market’s opinions, wants and needs, to drive real business value. DRIVING POSITIVE BUSINESS CHANGE, AND BUILDING STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS WITH CONSUMERS SINCE 2006.