Syntel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Event Fabric


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Syntel’s IoT Event Fabric is a robust, secure event processing platform for IoT devices which enables
faster time to market for your organization's IoT and mobile-to-mobile strategy.

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Syntel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Event Fabric

  1. 1. For more information, visit Syntel online at or call us at US/+1 (248) 619-3503, UK/+44 (0) 207-636-3587 © 2014, SYNTEL INC. 072014 Signal Data Dashboard MQTT Web Sockets Xtreme Event Server Protocol Adapter | Event Pre processor Message Queue Event Processor Business Rules Engine Complex Event Processing Real Time Analytic Engine Custom logic Processing Business action message publisher Event Data Store (Big Data Platform) Customer Service Desk Mobile Notifications Initiate Business Process Operational Intelligence Systems External Systems Syntel’s Solution Syntel’s IoT Event Fabric is a robust, secure event processing platform for IoT devices which enables faster time to market for your organization’s IoT and mobile-to-mobile strategy. The IoT Event Fabric provides a platform to process and action events from a variety of connected devices, including cars, health monitoring equipment or retail units like vending machines. Business Benefits • Reduced time to market for building IoT solutions • Gain analytical business insights based on real-time device data • Flexible and scalable business solution addressing device growth and integration with IT systems. The number of connected devices has already exceeded the number of human beings on the planet, and many industry researchers predict that by the year 2020, there will be 30 billion connected devices in the world. The information generated by these devices needs to be analyzed and acted upon in real time in order for businesses to benefit from the IoT technology disruption. Internet of Things (IoT) SALIENT FEATURES • Supports efficient processing of high volume device events • Enterprise-grade security to protect information • Lightweight and loosely- coupled platform architecture • Support for industry standard event processing and rules engine • Ease of integration with IT systems • Flexible to adapt to different device protocols • Cloud-ready solution IoT in Every-day Life: Healthcare Insurance Banking & Finance Logistics Automotive Retail Medical devices that connect to a network to improve patient care Redesign insurance products based on driving statistics of driver Order and pay for lunch hands-free, open a tab, get special offers Automate material handling and processing steps Utilize vehicle data to ensure road safety and decrease congestion “Know the Customer” and mobile payment applications