Syntel’s Healthcare Digital Transformation Solution - hDigitalTx


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Syntel's hDigitalTx is a strategic service offering designed to enable healthcare organizations to transform to digital enterprises. Built on the bedrock of the SMACI technology stack, hDigitalTx is a suite of services and solutions that will be the key enabler in your transformation journey.

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Syntel’s Healthcare Digital Transformation Solution - hDigitalTx

  1. 1. The most successful and admired companies today are ones that have built or transformed their businesses around the new consumer- centered paradigm. While healthcare has some serious catching up to do, we believe it is primed for a big transformation. The healthcare ecosystem needs to embrace the power of social media, mobility and analytics, and change its mindset from a “fee-for-service care-for-the-sick” to an “outcome-based-care wellness-first” model. A successful digital enterprise strategy will enable payers and providers to understand and engage their consumers better, deliver a seamlessly integrated care model built around the PCP and push the wellness agenda across the ecosystem. This is where Syntel’s hDigitalTx can help. The U.S. healthcare industry has traditionally been focused on improving the access and affordability of care, based on a predominantly employer or government-sponsored B2B model. In the past, the goal of both payers and providers was to use technology to drive administrative efficiencies. While efficiency was previously the need of the hour — today, the $3 trillion question is whether the prevalent model can meet the needs of increasingly empowered consumers looking for quality and value from healthcare service providers. hDigitalTx — Transforming Healthcare to an Outcome-based Wellness Model THE SMACI TECHNOLOGY STACK hDigitalTx – Services and Solutions hDigitalTx is a strategic service offering from Syntel that is designed to enable healthcare organizations to transform to digital enterprises. Built on the bedrock of the SMACI technology stack, hDigitalTx is a suite of services and solutions that will be the key enabler in your transformation journey. Digital Foundational Services At the outset of a digital transformation initiative, it is important to examine the current IT landscape and its components for digitalization opportunities. Architectural elements such as enterprise service bus and business rules engine are the key to unlock and process data in a secure manner. Data integration strategies need to be examined, to allow external, unstructured and Big Data into the enterprise. The business channels also need to be refreshed to a consistent consumer experience design. Syntel’s Digital Foundational Services enable healthcare enterprises to realign these digital building blocks, while complementing the current investments on underlying core administration, care management, wellness and other platforms. Social MediaSocial MediaSocial Media Creating differentiated consumer engagement MobilityMobilityMobility New disruptive business models AnalyticsAnalyticsAnalytics Unique business insights CloudCloudCloud Flexibility to scale with speed Internet of ThingsInternet of ThingsInternet of Things Intelligence from connected devices Digitization Services: Digital Enterprise Architecture • Mobility Software Development Kit (SDKs / APIs) • Service Oriented Architect (SOA) enablement • Business Process Management • Business Rules Management Data Integration Services • Master Data Management • Big Data Integration IOT Fabric • Device Connectivity • Complex Event Processing Customer Experience Management (CXM) • Multi-channel Enablement • Usability, User Interface Design and Responsive Design for Web & Mobile Channels Social Media Integration
  2. 2. • Deep healthcare platform knowledge and experience • hDigitalTx solutions complement your existing investments in core administration, care management, wellness and network platform • IP-based tools, accelerators and frameworks deliver speed and security to your digital journey • Strategic partnerships with leading cloud, analytics and healthcare product vendors Transforming Healthcare to an Outcome-based Wellness Model WHY SYNTEL? © 2014, SYNTEL INC. 052014 For more information, visit Syntel online at or call us at US/ +1 (248) 619-3503 UK/ +44 (0) 207-636-3587 hDigitalTx Solutions With a strong digital foundation and flexible architecture established, you can drive additional value by overlaying innovative digital solutions in the areas of consumerism, care delivery and analytics. Leverage Big Data and Analytics to deliver unique business insights. Clinical Insights to identify treatment and wellness program effectiveness, as well as patient satisfaction Financial Insights into claims, in order to identify cost and risk management strategies Social Insights to profile consumers, listen and analyze sentiments, improve products and the consumer experience hInspector IOT fabric for connected medical and wellness devices to identify at-risk and monitor high risk candidates Mobile Point of Care (mPoC) Integrates the care experience across patients, healthcare providers and program sponsors to enable remote physician vists and payment integration for mobile platforms KYC 360º An MDM-driven solution to link all aspects of member/patient data from sales, operations, medical management and social media sources EYC 360º Differentiated member/patient experience across digital marketing, customer service, care delivery and wellness, based on a holistic omni-channel strategy Consumerism AnalyticsCare Delivery Leveraging Our Intellectual Property Internet of Things Framework • Digital platform for Internet of Things • Ability to build clinical rules • Can be leveraged for remote patient monitoring Integrated Reference Architecture • Accelerates portal digital transformation • Re-usable architectural components ConText • Content and text analysis tool • Leveraged for sentiment analysis Analysis Studio • Modeling tool for business users • Business insights engine CCAT • Cloud assessment tool • Built-in code scanning utilities • Accelerates cloud deployment Accelerated Social Media Integration Framework • Social content aggregation • Sentiment analytics SmartXtract • Business rules extraction tool • Enables rules externalization SmartMobi • Mobile reporting dashboard framework • Connects to Oracle BI, Cognos, MicroStrategy Syntel In Action Syntel is currently engaged with a large Regional Health Plan to work on their digital transformation initiative. The elements implemented thus far include: • Setting up digital foundation services including an enterprise architecture blueprint • Implementing a new open source enterprise service bus and consumer / provider MDM • Enabling an omni-channel consumer experience design across web and mobile channels Syntel is in the process of implementing Digital Consumer solutions to connect prospect and members subject areas to enable sales and marketing campaigns and wellness outreach. To date, the client has experienced a 25% growth in their individual LoB membership as a result of these efforts.