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Syntel’s brings you a vast array of Voice solutions for the Hospitality industry with HMS integration, Display signage, Projectors, Video Conferencing solutions for Board Rooms, Walkie-talkies for large premises/hotel cars and much more covering all aspects of communications a hospitality company requires today.
Our solutions help in enhancing the staff efficiency through features such as:
• Real-time guest information can be fetched by telephone attendants helping them deliver personalized services.
• All faxes, e-mails and voice messages in one in-box accessible from anywhere
• Instant access to services and guest information through PMS

Syntel’s biggest strength lies with having built in applications like Auto Attendant, Call budgeting and billings, Check-in/Check-out, Customized Dial tone message, music on hold, alarms, temporary check-out facility and many more. Plus interoperability with other popular business applications and third-party hospitality application vendors in: guest room phones, property management, catering, environmental controls, premise-security systems, data security, on-property Wi-Fi, mobility applications and more.

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Syntel Hospitality Solutions

  1. 1. Catering to Hospitality
  2. 2. About Syntel • Syntel is the telecom division of Arvind Limited, a flagship company of the INR 50 billion Lalbhai Group • Its telecom operations commenced in the year 1989 as a CDOT licensee and in the nascent years the company made a major mark in establishing itself as one of the largest manufacturers of Digital RAXs for Department of Telecommunication • Existing portfolio includes Business Communication Solutions including IP Voice Communication Servers & Soft Switches for Enterprises plus a complete range of ISDN / Digital & Analog based EPABX Solutions for Corporates & SMEs. • Syntel can be accessed through a base of over 300 direct and indirect channel partners spread all across India • Backing up Syntel's pan India market presence is a team of +100 professionals fully experienced and technically equipped to offer cutting edge solutions to give your business a sharper edge. • With an installed base of nearly 3.25 million users, Syntel has carved out a leadership position in the enterprise communication space with a 24% market share • Syntel is the preferred vendor with all leading Telcos for their full portfolio of Voice & Data Solutions
  3. 3. Syntel Reach A widespread network across the country with… • HO at Pune • Pan India branch Offices @ +12 Metros & Mini-Metros including…. • Mumbai • Hyderabad • Delhi • Chennai • Kolkata • Jaipur • Bangalore • Kochi….etc • +100 distributors • +250 dealers/resellers • +50 Direct Sales Resources & +10 Key Account Managers • +10 Technical Resources to support the frontline & partners
  4. 4. Why choose Syntel? 1 Syntel has +20 years of Enterprise Communication experience to its credit. While offering the entire spectrum of Wireline & Wireless backbone & tools that the hospitality industry will need, you can take comfort in Syntel’s track record of having installed more than 3 million telephone lines 2 Syntel offers communication backbone with the expandability, scalability & a high obsolescence resistance index with state-of-the art internal communication solutions that are paced with evolving Guest expectations 3 Syntel promises to strike the best balance between CAPEX, OPEX, flexibility, longevity of investment, robust ROIs and industry best uptime SLAs 4 Syntel offers to its customers best in industry intelligent call routing, automated reception and customized greetings for a world class reception 4 Syntel offers communication solutions that make a significant difference to its customer’s business, the emphasis being on designing products & services with a superior return on investment!”
  5. 5. About NEOS • Auto Attendant The NEOS is a new age IP ready EPABX Hotel Features that makes technology work for you in Voice Guidance more ways than you can imagine. • The core strength of the product lies in even a layman getting enabled by the Least Cost Routing Auto Fax Detection system to exploit all the benefits that are unique to NEOS alone! • This is enhanced further with a true digital 10,000 SMDR CLI experience inbuilt into the basic system at no extra cost, something no other PBX in the market can truly claim to deliver today! Billing & Budgeting PRI GSM VoIP / SIP
  6. 6. Hospitality Apps Enhancing the Guest Experience • Guest Check in • Dial Tone Message • Room Call Budgeting • Music on Hold • Private Line for Special Guest • Wake-up Alarms • Room to Room Calling • Executive Ring for VIPs • Room to Room Call Barring • Differential Call Charges • Single Digit Access • Room Bill Entry • Temporary Checkout • Hotel Name Imprinting • Guest Checkout
  7. 7. Guest Check-in The front desk office is enabled to check in a guest into the hotel via the EPABX extension / operator console. Based on the same, the following applications get enabled for the room extension: 1 Allocating the guest name to the designated extension 2 3 Group Assignment in event of multiple guests checks in Budget Allocation for calling rights to room extension 4 Defining Class of Service for the room extension
  8. 8. Room Call Budgeting 1 2 3 Room phone calling is a revenue source for hotels but at time of group checkins or corporate tie ups, call budgeting may be required to restrict the guests calling to ensure budget compliance. Budget may vary for different guests based on room type or any other criterion specified by the hotel Call budgets can be set as per hotel norms or as desired by the guest can be allocated during check in & can be enhanced by the operator as & when required Budget
  9. 9. Private Line for Special Guests Option of reserving a private line for the special guests, who need their independent connectivity; bypassing the reception. An ideal option for guests housed for long business stays or for those hosting important business events and needing privacy.
  10. 10. Room to Room Calling…. Group Global Facilitates the guests in a group Facilitates room to room calling amongst occupying to all rooms while enjoying the hotel communicate on their own without features including single digit access operators assistance codes multiple rooms
  11. 11. Room to Room Call Barring • Internal calls between guest rooms can be blocked • Emergency calls remain active even with call barring • Internal Calling Facility for Guest Groups remains unaffected
  12. 12. Single Digit Access Enables room phones to access important service numbers such as reception, room service, house keeping, etc by dialling just a single digit (0 to 9) 2 Reception 4 House Keeping 6 Restaurant 8 Travel Desk
  13. 13. Temporary Checkout This feature enables the temporary disabling of the room phone when the guest goes out; extremely useful in avoiding misuse by either hotel staff / any other person/s. 1 Temporary check out can be activated by the operator in the event of guests going out 2 Room dialling facility gets locked temporarily 3 Dialling facilities can be reactivated once guests comes back 4 Bill is not generated during this event
  14. 14. Dial Tone Message “Welcome to The ABC Hotels, Jingles Messages Please Dial the desired Number ” Room phones can have pre recorded message/s, Jingles, Advertisement, etc playing in place of the Dial Tone. An ideal tool to be utilized for internal upselling & promotional campaigns for residing guests. Advertisements
  15. 15. Music on Hold for Internal & External Callers • Hotels can choose to play music of their own choice by programming the same in the system • Hotel’s advertisement jingles too can be recorded in the system, thus ensuring that the company branding happens while the callers are put on hold
  16. 16. Wake-up Alarms • Good Morning’ or ‘Wake-up Alarms’ with pre-set messages greeting & announcing the time • Option to set alarm from Guest Room and Front desk • Alarm Snooze function supported
  17. 17. Executive Ring for VIPs • Option of unique ring tone (cadence) for VIP guest room phones • Unique ring helps operators identify between VIP & Non VIP call even without looking at the CLI call source
  18. 18. Differential Call Charges Apart from the room tariffs, even the call charges can be different based on the type of room allocated. E.g. Call charges for an Executive Suite can be Rs.5/minute while that for a deluxe Room can be Rs.1/min
  19. 19. Room Bill Entry Guests may use chargeable services like food, laundry, spa, etc. Charges of all these services along with room tariff, tax & telephone bill can be included in a single consolidated bill outputted via the NEOS.
  20. 20. Hotel Name Imprinting 1 Name of the hotel gets printed on final bill to be presented to the customer 2 The hotel name can be of max. 40 characters 3 The hotel’s impression gets enhanced as its name on the final bill gives a professional touch and eliminated the need of a separate billing system.
  21. 21. Guest Checkout X • When guest is checked out, system deactivates the class of services assigned to the room extension • This automatically cancels calling budget, alarms, etc • The bill gets generated with call details and other charges • The call records of customers remains undeleted in the system call buffer for reprinting (for security reasons) even after check out
  22. 22. HMS/PMS Integration The NEOS is integratable with IDS HMS/PMS Software for enhanced hospitality administration. That apart, it supports its own cost effective HMS option that can enable smaller setups with the ‘must have’s’ of the application. Proprietary HMS 3rd Party App
  23. 23. Operational Enablers The NEOS equips a Hotel with more apps to enable & equip productive backend operations and superior call management with… • Auto Attendant • Mini-CRM • Room Number Extension Mapping • Least Cost Routing • Calling Activity Reports ….and so much more!!!
  24. 24. Auto Attendant 1 Automates the caller reception by playing professional customized greeting messages 2 3 Simultaneously 8 calls can be received before being transferred to the operator Option to record 8 different messages to be allocated to different phone lines for a multi specialty hotel. 4 Different greeting messages possible for different time zone to add a professional feel and further enhance the hotel image
  25. 25. Customer Relationship Management 1 Automatic computer screen popups, with contact details, on an incoming call… 2 Customer details including name, number, address, etc 3 Incoming Call Alerts with a list of the conversation remarks for last 5 calls 4 Facility to insert remarks against each incoming & outgoing call logged 5 Call logging with date & time stamps of all incoming and outgoing calls 6 Print Reports & Much More… Syntel Responz
  26. 26. Room Phone Extension Mapping • Flexible numbering up to 4 digits for the hotel to define the extensions as per Room & Floor Numbers Ext 242 • Simultaneously, 2/3 digit extension numbering options for the back end staff • Single digit access for critical services as specified earlier
  27. 27. Least Cost Routing Landline to Landline Landline to Mobile Mobile to Mobile Uses the best route to make a call based on the CUG, etc calling providers rates or of trunk service lines interfaced, to ensure minimum cost of operation
  28. 28. Calling Activity Reports • Call reports can be generated room wise & with Guest Names • Separate reports can be generated for backend operational staff • The Call reports provide details of: • All Outgoing calls with date & time • Missed & Received Calls • Total units of calls with cost • Other events as per customer specification
  29. 29. …& the ‘much more’ list
  30. 30. Customized for Hospitality