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Why automate your time & attendance solution?

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Synerion - Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutions

  1. 1. Why Automate yourTime & AttendanceSolution?
  2. 2. Why Should IAutomate? • Workplace becoming increasingly fast-paced and competitive • Companies looking to better manage labour costs, while improving operational efficiencies • Automating workforce management helps • Control labour costs • Minimize compliance risk • Improve workforce productivity. 2
  3. 3. Benefits• Reduced Payroll Error Rate and Processing Time• Eliminate Costs of Timesheets and Timecards• Reduced Overtime• Control Payroll Increase• Real time information• Better Planning• Improved Productivity3
  4. 4. Reduce Errors & Time• Human error can account for 1.5-8% of annual payroll costs• Approximately 5 minutes to manually process each employee timecard • Example: If your company has 100 employees, over 8 hours is spent in processing time!• Automated time and attendance can: • Increase accuracy • Reduces re-work • Reduces payroll overpayments. 4
  5. 5. Eliminate Costs• Reduce costs in terms of storing, archiving and restoring of timesheets and timecards• Save approximately $0.03 per timesheet  multiplied by number of employees and pay periods• Decreased risk of records being lost, damaged or destroyed 5
  6. 6. Reduce Overtime• Assign work more cost-effectively• Scheduling based on who is least likely to incur overtime rates• Automating rules and regulations ensures payments are made according to employee schedules, preventing unnecessary payments of overtime due to unauthorized early arrivals and late departures6
  7. 7. Control Payroll • Eliminate increases associated with rounding • 2-5% of annual payroll costs can be saved through automation • 3 out of 4 companies experience losses from buddy punching • Automated time and attendance and biometric terminals can: • Improve payroll accuracy • Eliminate risk of buddy punching and time fraud 7
  8. 8. Real Time Information • Generate real time reports for: • Labour assignments • Progress of work • Labour costs • Analyze and identify key trends, opportunities and threats • Identify gaps and monitor trends that could affect the organization, and take immediate corrective action 8
  9. 9. Better Planning • Extract data and transform it into presentation forms • Effectively predict and plan labour • Become proactive in matching resource supply and demand • Focus on topics that require attention to ensure continuous improvement • Identify trends and problem areas to respond by immediate corrective action 9
  10. 10. Improve Productivity • Improved monitoring, recording and managing time and attendance information • Employees can rapidly view data and submit changes when needed • i.e. Request absences, book vacation time, check work schedules, etc. • Managers can easily monitor and approve requests and retrieve information without HR/payroll intervention 10
  11. 11. Summary• Control Labour • Minimize • Improve Workforce Costs: Compliance Risk Productivity • Reduce • Centralized policy • Automate overpayments administration productivity killing • Eliminate manual • Local policy processes processes enforcement • Match labour to • Reduce over- • Detail audit volume scheduling tracking • Understand the • Provide visibility impact people and control have on their business 11
  12. 12. Visit for more informationon Time & Attendance and Workforce Managementsolutions! Thank You!