Symulast Method | Prevent Cellulite Using the Naked Beauty Package by Joey Atlas


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Joey Atlas came up with the Naked Beauty Package, featuring the SYMULAST Method - a Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program which features powerful yet easy-to-follow exercises designed to rid anyone of cellulite in only 27 days… just in time to get you beach body ready for the summer!

Today you can rejoice because no longer do you have to get ripped off with products that fail to cure cellulite at the root cause.

In just 24 to 28 days, women are experiencing visible, life-changing results... without putting their health or their hard-earned money at risk.

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Symulast Method | Prevent Cellulite Using the Naked Beauty Package by Joey Atlas

  1. 1. SYMULAST Method -How to Prevent CelluliteThe SYMULAST Method
  2. 2. Introduction• So youre here because you want to get rid ofcellulite, right?• Can you imagine being cellulite-free in about5 weeks?• Well, before we get to that let me ask a fewquestions...• What is cellulite? Is it a skin or a fat thing? Is ithereditary? ...and most importantly…Can You Get Rid of It????• Cellulite is actually a made up term to describe the dimpled skin areathat women get on their butts and their thighs.• But cellulite is not a skin or a fat issue... its a muscle-fiber issue!• Are you sick of hearing all the empty promises about the creams,solutions and diets all touting quick fixes for your cellulite issues? If youare… then keep reading…
  3. 3. What’s More…• At best – some cellulite-reduction approaches maycause the skin to feel softerand smoother – but that look isonly temporary…• …However, it wont do anything foryour horrendously dimpled skin!• Using these pseudo-cures wont giveyou the freedom to wear sexyswimsuits, dress in cute outfits thatshow a little leg, or enjoy intimatetimes of being naked withoutembarrassing feelings of selfconsciousness.• The harsh reality is …NONE of thesemoney wasting methods work! Noneof them get rid of cellulite becausethey’re not attacking the REAL rootof the problem.• The truth is… your muscle fibersMUST get proper stimulation to getrid of those cottage-cheese thighs!
  4. 4. Who is Joey Atlas?• Joey Atlas is a fitness expertwith 2 degrees in exercisephysiology.• Hes a renowned womensbody enhancement specialistwith 23 years experience,working with clients spanning193 countries.• He came up with the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program,which is a powerful yet easy-to-follow method designedto rid anyone of cellulite in only 27 days… just in time toget you beach body ready for the summer!
  5. 5. Overview• To get rid of cellulite and tonethose legs, SYMULAST is thename of the game.• SYMULAST stands for SYnergisticMUscle LAyer STimulation. Itsguaranteed to get your skintighter in 7 to 10 days.• SYMULAST consists of simple buthighly targeted body movementswith 3 critical elements: form,tempo, & sequence.• These are not gym or health clubworkouts either.• All those tired gym routines areonly 2 dimensional, whileSYMULAST exercises are 3multidimensional exercises thatcan be done right at home.
  6. 6. So What Makes SYMULAST SoEffective?• Well, its like this... there are 90individual muscles from your thighsto your ankles. The problem is...• Your muscles waste away (atrophy)when they are not being used.• When this happens, the muscle nolonger supports the skin directly ontop of them… leaving you withlumpy, wrinkly skin!• At just 3 times a week, SYMULASTwill firm and tone all your lowerbody muscles so you arent left withdimples on the skin. Makes sense,right?
  7. 7. “What Will I Get When I Order?”• Printable PDF Guide Version -complete with photos andinstructions.• Personal Schedule - knowexactly when to do it and forhow long.Order today and get Naked Beauty featuring SYMULAST...• Online Video Version - demonstrating theproper form on all SYMULAST exercises.
  8. 8. “…Is There Anything Else?”• Long-Term Cellulite PreventionSchedule - your "gone forgood" maintenance plan• Cellulite Files e-Newsletter – yourvery own private subscription• Anti-Cellulite Cardio Summary -perform these cardio exercises toREALLY tone up those thighs.
  9. 9. What Are the Benefits?• NO pills to flush toxins, NO brushes, NO massagetreatment & NO diet plans!• Lifts, tightens and smoothes your buttocks & upper thighs• Keeps LOTS of money in YOUR purse – which means nomore beauty spa cloth wrap treatments in hopes of curingyour cellulite.• Reduces your cardio time - in fact, only 36% of women whofollow my method need some cardio. Joey Atlas will tell youtell exactly how to determine if you need it... and how to doit if you do• Can be done right in the comfort of your own home. NOgym membership necessary!• Can be done at ANY age... whether you are 16 or 61!
  10. 10. Conclusion• So… enough with the body wraps,creams, cellulite-reducing potionsand all that other stuff.• Today you can rejoice because nolonger do you have to get ripped offwith products that fail to curecellulite at the root cause.• In just 24 to 28 days, women are experiencing visible,life-changing results... without putting their health ortheir hard-earned money at risk.
  11. 11. Conclusion (continued)BEFORE AFTER• Our research has found that people interested in getting rid ofcellulite have been getting great results using Joey Atlass NakedBeauty Package featuring the SYMULAST method.• And when people like yourself try our featured products, theyfeel more confident because it works quickly to smoothen andtighten the skin around their thighs and butt.