Gold 2013 Sydney - Global Geoscience ASX:GSC


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Investor Presentation at the Gold Investment Symposium in Sydney, 16-17 October 2013. Presentation given by Global Geoscience's Managing Director, Bernard Rowe.

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Gold 2013 Sydney - Global Geoscience ASX:GSC

  1. 1. Global Geoscience Ltd The Tokop Gold Discovery
  2. 2. Disclaimer The information contained in this Presentation or subsequently provided to the recipient whether orally or in writing by, or on behalf of the Company or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and advisers (the Parties) is provided to the recipient on the terms and conditions set out in this notice. The information contained in this Presentation has been furnished by the Parties and other sources deemed reliable but no assurance can be given by the Parties as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. To the full extent permitted by law: (a) no representation or warranty (express or implied) is given; and (b) no responsibility or liability (including in negligence) is accepted, by the Parties as to the truth, accuracy or completeness of any statement, opinion, forecast, information or other matter (whether express or implied) contained in this Presentation or its appendices or as to any other matter concerning them. To the full extent permitted by law, no responsibility or liability (including in negligence) is accepted by the Parties: (a) for or in connection with any act or omission, directly or indirectly in reliance upon; and (b) for any cost, expense, loss or other liability, directly or indirectly, arising from, or in connection with, any omission from or defects in, or any failure to correct any information, in this Presentation or any other communication (oral or written) about or concerning them, or the issue of securities in the Company. The delivery of this Presentation does not under any circumstances imply that the affairs or prospects of the Company or any information affecting it have been fully or correctly stated in this Presentation or have not changed since the date of this Presentation or since the date at which the information is expressed to be applicable. No responsibility or liability (including in negligence) is assumed by the Parties for updating any such information or to inform the recipient of any new information of which the Parties may become aware. Notwithstanding the above, no condition, warranty or right is excluded if its exclusion would contravene the Trade Practises Act 1974 or the Corporations Act 2001 or any other applicable law or cause an exclusion to be void. The provision of this Presentation is not and should not be considered as a recommendation in relation to an investment in the Company or that an investment in the Company is a suitable investment for the recipient. Recipients proposing to invest in the Company should undertake their own analysis and obtain independent advice. Competent Person Statement The information in this presentation that relates to Exploration Results is based on information compiled by Bernard Rowe BAppSc (Hons) MAIG. Mr Rowe is a full time employee of Lydail Pty Ltd and Managing Director of Global Geoscience Ltd and has sufficient experience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity which he is undertaking to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the December 2004 Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves’ (The JORC Code). Mr Rowe consents to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on his information in the form and context in which it appears.
  3. 3. Global Geoscience Ltd Company • Sydney based, ASX listed company • Greenfields focus, recent discoveries • $4 in every $5 spent on exploration • Robert Reynolds – Non-Executive Chairman Team • Bernard Rowe – Managing Director (Geologist) • Peter Nicholson – Technical Director (Geologist) • Pat Elliott – Non-Executive • Joanna Morbey – Company Secretary Shareholders •185M shares, 37M listed options (5 cents) •Top 20 – 52% •Directors – 16%
  4. 4. Active Explorer •Five gold projects in Nevada Gold •Large intrusion-related and Carlin-style targets •Mostly 100% owned and/or optioned •Partnership with Osisko Mining (TSX: OSK) •Large porphyry Cu targets in Peru and Arizona Copper •Partnership with Antofagasta (LN: ANTO) in Arizona •New discoveries in Peru •All 100% owned Silver •High-grade silver discovery at Sara Sara in Peru •Large Ag-Pb-Zn target at Lone Mt in Nevada (100%) (100%)
  5. 5. Nevada Recent Discoveries • Red Hill (14Moz) • Spring Valley (4.1Moz) • Long Canyon (2.6Moz) • Converse (3.6Moz) • North Bullion •Nth Bullfrog (1.6Moz) •Tokop
  6. 6. Tokop & Excelsior Qal – Alluvium Ttm - Volcanic TJg – Granite Ce/Cc – Sediment Wy - Sediment Excelsior Tokop
  7. 7. Tokop, NV 6m at 2.7g/t 18m at 1.9g/t 9m at 2.1g/t 3m at 9.5g/t 40m at 0.4g/t 8m at 1.3g/t Trench, rock chip and soil gold results. Map Projection: UTM Zone 11, NAD27
  8. 8. Tokop, NV 19m at 1.3Au, 5Ag 18m at 1.9Au 9m at 2.1Au 3m at 9.5Au 6m at 2.7Au 3m at 0.7Au 40m at 0.4Au 102m at 0.1Au, 3Ag 21m at 0.6Au 4.5m at 0.6Au, 1Ag 27m at 0.8Au, 9Ag 12m at 2.5Au, 10Ag UTM Zone 11, NAD27 Drill intersections in yellow, trench intersections in brown. All values in g/t.
  9. 9. Fort Knox, Alaska Orebody 1998 4Moz Au Fort Knox Open Pit 2013 9Moz Au 2km Modified from Bakke et al, 1998. Fort Knox is owned by Kinross Gold Corporation.
  10. 10. Tokop, NV Fort Knox, Alaska Multiphase granitic intrusion Relatively restricted intrusion 1100 x 600m Tokop  2000 x 1000m Sheeted and stockworked quartz veining  Au-As-Bi-Te-Mo-W association  Au closely associated with Bi-Te  Mineralisation restricted to within the intrusion  Low sulphide content  Quartz-sericite (phyllic) alteration  Deeply oxidised  9 Moz gold ? Fort Knox is an operating gold mine located in Alaska, USA and is owned by Kinross Gold Corporation.
  11. 11. Excelsior, NV 43m at 0.5g/t 47m at 1.5g/t 15m at 2.5g/t 203m at 0.1g/t Major Structure 20m at 0.6g/t 24.4m at 1.1g/t 6.1m at 1.9g/t 18m at 0.5g/t Map Projection: UTM Zone 11, NAD27 12.2m at 3.3g/t 75m at 0.09g/t 447370E Interpreted geology and selected drill intersections 448200E
  12. 12. Excelsior, NV 447370E Highly resistive limestone/chert Intrusion? Major Structure 448200E Intrusion? Intrusion? Major Structure CSAMT Resistivity Cross-Sections
  13. 13. What’s Next? Nevada Arizona Peru • Follow-up drilling at Tokop • Extend mag/CSAMT coverage at Excelsior • Follow-up Au and Ag-Zn targets at Lone Mt • Field program underway • Reconnaissance on 13 new targets • Follow-up and acquisition of priority targets • Other companies reviewing project data • Incoming party to test deep porphyry Cu target and/or high-grade Ag target