How to get a single view of the customer - a solution for local government and the water industry

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Conductor concentrates on three core information areas: …

Conductor concentrates on three core information areas:
Asset and Spatial information
Property and Address information
Customer Information (Single Customer View including Social Media)

What it means to your organisation:
You can enter our data once and use it in all systems.
You can add Social media information in your existing corporate systems.
You can see all of customer interactions together and get a single view of the customer (ratepayer).
You can directly co-ordinate information with other levels of government.
This means:
More streamlined internal processes
A better understanding of the needs of the ratepayer
Better Service Delivery through more meaningful engagement.
Connection with the “next” generation.

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  • 6. The Main Technical Components Information Co-ordination – One Source of Truth Database Views (Data & Maps) & Integration Layer Asset Data Customer Data Property Data (Single Customer View) Copy of Relevant Asset Data Property address and maps or Customer Name and Address Live Asset Data Parcel owner and maps Summary of all customer Live Spatial Data for Assets communications from all Valuations systems Import & Management Permits and Planning of New Data Import / Management of Applications (A-Spec etc) Social Media Data SQL Databases (Corporate Data Warehouse) Database Management Software
  • 7. A Practical Example – Brimbank City Council BRIMBANK CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA SYSTEMS ENVIRONMENT Tell Brimbank Confirm (Custom App) (CRM) Twitter Facebook Single Customer View (Customer Understanding) Social Media Interactions
  • 8. The Next Steps CORPORATE SYSTEMS SOCIAL MEDIA ENVIRONMENT CRM Records Corporate Facebook ???? Twitter (Manage Social (Keep Social App media with Media (iPhone etc) Snap Send Neat existing systems) Interactions) Solve Streets AGGREGATING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR INCLUSION INTO Other Customer Touch points CORPORATE SYSTEMS Single Customer View (Customer Understanding) Social Media Interactions Customer All Customer Community Customer Name CRM Copy Transactions Attitude Maps Postal Add
  • 9. A Long Term Example Asset Web MapInfo + ACAD Official Unstructured Structured CRM EMERGENCY (Call Man Based ArcView + 3D Public Forum Future Twitter Neat Services GIS (Analysis/Design) Custom Streets Centre) System Website Apps Snap Send Blogs Facebook App Other Public ???? Solve & Private sector LISTENING TO AGGREGATING SOCIAL including UNSTRUCTURED MEDIA FOR INCLUSION Mapping DIALOGUE ACROSS THE INTO CORPORATE Agencies WEB SYSTEMS INTEGRATION LAYER (Web 2.0) Web Web Services Library (Data & Maps) Services Database Views (Data & Maps) MapInfo Name and Public & Editing Asset Data Address Register CRM Data Private Software Social Media Sector GIS Data InformationCRM Data Asset Data GIS Edit Data SQL database SQL database SQL Database Database Management Software Services(transactional) (transactional) (transactional) SQL Database (Corporate Data Warehouse)
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