Strategy management certification program in munich, 31 march 3 april, 2014 komprimiert


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O curso Oficial SMC Strategy Management Certification Program será realizado em Munique - Alemanha de 31/03 a 03/04
A Tantum Group - Holding da Symnetics - fará parte do time de instrutores deste programa

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Strategy management certification program in munich, 31 march 3 april, 2014 komprimiert

  1. 1. STRATEGY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM MARCH 31st to APRIL 3rd, 2014 Munich, Germany A certification program delivered In partnership with the STRATEGY EXECUTION WWW.TANTUM.COM
  2. 2. Become a Certified Strategy Management Officer (CSMO) The Official SMC Strategy Management Certification Program will be held in Munich, Germany from March 31st till April 3rd, 2014. Tantum Group will have a senior team of instructors presenting the Certification Program. Participants will learn about best practices to support the successful implementation and management of the organization’s strategy. The program is structured around a 4 days program (3 SMC Program + 1 day Best Practice Visits) . Participants will be submitted to a Certification Test delivered by Strategy Management Collaborative – SMC, Brussels, Belgium. The Office of Strategy Management is a key success factor of organizations that has brought strategy to results. Purpose With Best Practice Cases from Prof. Robert Kaplan  The Strategy Management Collaborative is a non-profit organization that researches and develops strategy management best practices and the corresponding reference process. Board Members of the Strategy Management Collaborative are Prof. Robert Kaplan and Prof. Werner Bruggeman. The program will present best practice case studies developed by Prof. Robert Kaplan.      Based on proven Strategy Management Concepts, Practical Implementation Steps, Exercises and Best Practice Case Studies experienced master practitioners will expand the Strategy Management knowledge of high level Executives in a 3+1 days intensive course. The Program covers the entire Strategy Management Process from Strategy Formulation until Strategy Implementation and Adaptation. The number of participants from national and international companies/organizations is limited to manageable 10 – 14 persons. The lectures and exercises are followed on the 4th day by best practive visits at outstanding organizations in the Munich Metropolitan area. Finally all participants will undergo a Certification test delivered by ‘Strategy Management Collaborative‘ , an international non-profit umbrella organization founded by renowned thought leaders (Prof. R. Kaplan, Harvard Business School, Prof. V. Ramaswamy, Prof. W. Bruggemann) Participants will have lots of opportunities to exchange their Strategy Management experiences among each other, with the international Instructors Team and last but not least with Strategy Management Specialists of the Best Practice Organizations visited during the Program. Source: DHBW Lörrach PROF. ROBERT KAPLAN Board Member, SMC
  3. 3. The program agenda will cover topics that will start with strategy analysis and strategy finding. From strategy finding the program will support strongly all concepts and tools for strategy execution. The focus will be on the use of Strategy Maps, Measures, Targets and Initiatives. The program will continue on the challenge of aligning the organization under one strategy. Exercises will give participants a chance through case studies to experience the alignment between business units as well and support units. Alignment will be also discussed on the personal level, through personal scorecards and initiatives. In order to live and understand the actual execution of strategy a business game will be played that helps participants to understand the prioritization of initiatives as well as its constant review through strategy review meetings in order to maximize outcomes and achieve the strategic targets defined. During the third day of the program, we will present and discuss the capabilities of the Office of Strategy Management - OSM. A structured OSM has been a key success factor of organizations that have transformed strategy into results. AGENDA Day 1 MODULE 1  Introduction: The Kaplan/ Norton Execution Premium Strategic Management System in 6 Phases MODULE 2  Develop the Strategy: Mission, Vision, Value Gap   MODULE 6  Strategy Analysis and Formulation Strategy Map and Measures Exercise  MODULE 7  Risk Management  Translate the Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard MODULE 4 Gap Analysis Exercise MODULE 5  MODULE 3 Strategy Analysis and Formulation Exercises MODULE 8  Align the Organization: Vertical & Horizontal alignment Exercise on Strategy Alignment Day 2 MODULE 9  Align the Employees: Process, Communication, Motivation & Reward MODULE 10  MODULE 13   Strategic budget allocation (Stratex) Exercise on Budgets and Strategic Initiatives Exercise on Aligning Employees and Communication MODULE 11  MODULE 14  Strategy Review Meetings to Monitor Strategy Execution Plan Operations: Key Process Improvement, Budgeting MODULE 12  MODULE 15  Exercise on Strategy & Initiative Management (Starbucks Business Game) Definition and Management of Strategic Initiatives MODULE 16  Strategy Testing and Adapting
  4. 4. AGENDA Day 3 MODULE 17  The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) MODULE 18  MODULE 19  Designing your OSM and Management Team Architecture Strategy Management Praxis: How to Implement the Management System Effectively—Kay Success Factors MODULE 21  Final Test on Strategy Management Day 4 MODULE 22 MODULE 23 MODULE 24 Best Practice Visit: Audi AG Best Practice Visit: tbd Wrap - Up      Case Presentation at facility Panel Discussion  Case Presentation at facility Panel Discussion Feedback Open Issues Day 5 - Public Services (Optional) AGENDA       Public sector and private sector, are they different? What are the different frameworks for the public sector strategies? What is the difference between organizational strategy and sectoral strategy? What is the implication of public sector specialties on the strategy map? What is an effective strategy governance system in public sector? Presentation of Public Sector Case Studies MODULE 20  Lessons Learned and “take away’s’ for the participants
  5. 5. STRATEGY MANAGEMENT COURSE (SMC) INSTRUCTORS The program will be presented by Georg Reygers, Peter J. Warns and Mathias Mangels, founders and partners of the Tantum Group European Offices with more than 20 years’ experience in Strategy Management. Omar Shroof will lead the optional Public Services Program. All instructors have been exposed to challenging strategy implementation projects in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas and have supported very successful outcomes. MATHIAS MENGELS PETER J. WARNS GEORG REYGERS OMAR SHROOF Founder and Partner Tantum Group World Partner Tantum Group World Partner Tantum Group World Managing Director Tantum Group– Middle East Peter Warns is project leader in international consulting assignments since the late 80´s and has a vast track record of successful strategy implementation projects. He also is experienced in Process Reengineering, Quality Management and Sales & Marketing Audits. With over 25 years of professional experience as General Manager in international groups in Consumer Products and Capital Goods and as senior business consultant he lived and worked in Europe, Asia, South America and the US. He has a profound understanding of business processes, different cultures and knows the challenges and clues of operative and strategic management. Georg Reygers is experienced in leading and delivering international consulting assignments around Strategy Management and Balanced Scorecard projects and delivers also top management trainings and facilitation for organizations implementing the ‘Office of Strategy Management (OSM)’ and ‘Strategy Focused Organization’ concepts. Georg engages actively in best practices researches focussing on ‘Organizational Alignment’ and the ‘Office of Strategy Management’ themes, where he has published several articles and research studies. He has presented his broad Strategy Management experiences on national and international Performance Management Conferences. Mathias Mangels is the founder of Tantum Group, a leading global management consulting company focused on Strategy formulation and execution. Tantum Group has been cooperating with Robert Kaplan and David Norton since the year 1998. Mathias’s past experience is focused on strategy design and execution for private, public and non-profit organizations in the Americas, Middle East and Europe. He has been researching both, the theoretical and practical aspects of the Strategy Focused Organization Framework. He has been also supporting organizations on innovative new development and growth strategies with the use of Blue Ocean and Stakeholder/Citizen Experience Co Creation Methodology. Mathias has been presenting these topics at conferences and summits in Europe, the Americas and Middle East and is one of the founding members of the strategy Management Collaborative. Omar Shroof is currently the Managing Director of Tantum Group in Middle East, an international management consulting, research and education organization with offices in Europe, The Middle East and Latin America. Omar has supported several implementations of the Strategy Management System in the region. Several of them were in the regional private and public sector. This includes, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Kuwait private and public sector. Functional domain expertise in strategy development and execution, strategy deployment and result management (Execution premium). Omar has been consulting and advising organizations with special focus on the Life Sciences industries among others in the Middle East.
  6. 6. BEST PRACTICE VISITS The program will also provide practical experiences in loco. The 4th day of the program will be 100% committed to visits of successful German organizations that have implemented a Strategy Management Process and have had success in generating value for the respective stakeholders. Organizations we plan to visit are Allianz Insurance AG, Audi AG and Munich Airport.
  7. 7. TESTIMONIALS “Great hands on course where you learn by doing from an “The overall experience of this course is above of what I had expected. I would recommend this course for any strategic planner or executor.” experienced strategist’s practitioner. ABDULAZIZ ALMOSAAD Strategy Management Officer ARASCO MR. ABDULRAHMAN ALSHUBBAIKI Business Analyst Coordinator ELM Information Security Company “A very informative, insightful and highly interactive program, lead by highly experienced and articulate professionals from the Tantum Group. Highly recommended for all managers responsible for Strategy or its delivery.” CHRISTOPHER M. DISWAI General Manager of Strategy
  8. 8. COOPERATION PARTNER & PROGRAM LOCATION Munich, Germany CONFERENCE VENUE University of Applied Sciences in Economics and Management (FOM) Arnulfstr. 30, 80335 Munich With Coffee Breaks & finalizing Lunch Suggested Hotel Accommodation das HOTEL in München Historical building from 1902 in Schwabing, Munich, Germany Rate : 595 Euros ( US$ 783) for 5 days with breakfast
  9. 9. PRICING AND REGISTRATION Prices for the full SMC program including Test & Certification Foprm plus the Strategy Best Practice visits in Germany, Coffee breaks and finalizing Lunch HOW TO REGISTER  For one participant US$ 4.500 or 3.460 Euros for payments until January 30th Please register below or send a short email with your contact details to  For 3 and more registrations US$ 4.000 or 3.075 Euros for payments until January 30th Deposit of registration fee for Tantum Group Gmbh at:  From February 1st, 2014 US$ 4.800 or 3.690 Euros per participant Commerzbank AG, München, Germany IBAN: DE50 7004 0041 0270 3544 00 BIC/SWIFT: COBADEFF700 For Europe and Americas: Optional: (Public Services) For the Middle East:  Please email for online registration. US$800 additional cost for the 5th day event. REMINDERS: REGISTRATION DETAILS: Participants will only be considered registered to the program if the bank deposit has been received. NAME: A confirmation letter and invoice will be send to each registered participant. For further information on the payment policy and process please contact the following: Tantum Group CEE in Germany Email: (for European Registrations) Abdulrahman AlForaih Email: (for Middle East Registrations) _________________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________ JOB TITLE: _________________________________________________ COMPANY: _________________________________________________ CONTACT NO. _________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Please fax this form with complete registration details to Tantum Group GmbH, +49 (0) 8024 4745 154 WWW.TANTUM.COM
  10. 10. TANTUM GROUP GmbH Germany D-83607 Holzkirchen St. Bartholomäus Weg 4 Telephone No. +49 (0) 8024 4745 152 Fax No. +49 (0) 8024 4745 154 Email: Website: