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Symbioun factsheet

  1. 1. FACT SHEET Symbioun Technologies, Inc. 770.755.7557 | | Atlanta |Silicon Valley |Belgium| Chennai ABOUT SYMBIOUN Symbioun is a software product engineering service provider with a successful track record of over 5 years. We build software products for Startups, established Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Fortune 1000 companies. Symbioun has significant domain expertise in several industry segments including eLearning, Mobile Platforms, and Social Media segments. SERVICE OFFERING NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Symbioun provides an end-to-end product development services that includes proof-of-concept, feasibility study, rapid prototyping, complete product development, and deployment. We understand the challenges of rolling out a new product and have adopted a set of best practices that ensure successful new product rollout. REENGINEERING: When products outlive their design, become obsolete due to technology changes, or have new demands due to an evolving market place, re-engineering becomes imperative to protect or grow the market share. Symbioun has a well-defined three phase methodology to provide re-engineering services. SUSTENANCE: Symbioun provides ongoing sustenance for new products, multiple product versions (including legacy versions), and end-of-life support. Symbioun’s approach to Sustenance is geared to deliver significant tangible benefits to its customers. PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING: Symbioun offers services to measure performance using tools, identify bottlenecks in the application and resource utilization. Once the performance bottlenecks are identified, we go through a corrective phase to improve the code and/or design, or suggest an infrastructure that provides the required performance. IT Consulting: Symbioun has rich experience in addressing a variety of business challenges in Fortune 1000 companies through the use of technology, off-the-shelf software products, processes, and global talent pools. Our consultants have exposure to several industry domains and can be productive right from the start of the engagement. Number of Employees: 140 + Successful Projects: 65 Services: New Product Development, Sustenance Performance Engineering, IT Consulting Key Differentiators: Innovation in Services Delivery, Domain Knowledge, Agile Development. Optimized delivery model Microsoft Gold Partner, Sun Partner Advantage ISO 9001-2008 certification*, MBE certified KEYFACTS
  2. 2. Symbioun Technologies, Inc. 770.755.7557 | | Atlanta |Silicon Valley |Chennai (India) DIFFERENTIATORS INNOVATION IN SERVICES DELIVERY: Symbioun has invested in bringing innovation in services delivery. Proactive investments in building capabilities on new technologies, innovation contests for Symbiounites, proactive de-risking through POCs, emphasis on finding the shortest path to solving customer challenges are some of the practical ways by which innovation is fostered. DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE: Symbioun has invested in building domain knowledge in various industry segments including eLearning, Mobile platforms and Social Media applications. Domain knowledge is imparted to Symbiounites through a combination of hands-on project work, ongoing training through a in-house learning management system, exposure to industry events, and guest speakers from the industry. AGILE PROCESSES: Weekly sprints and frequent product releases have become the norm among our customers and we have recognized this from the day we started our operations. Symbioun has invested a lot in building a team that lives and breathes the agile development model. Daily Standup Meetings, Test-driven development, Refactoring, Continuous Integration and Build Management, Multi-skilled team members are all a way of life at Symbioun. MILESTONES Dec 1993 Commenced IT Consulting Operations in Atlanta July 2005 Established the Chennai ODC Nov 2005 Foray into eLearning product development service July 2006 Launched Mobile Banking Product Development Service with focus on J2ME, SMS,USSD Mar 2007 Adopted ProTi Project Management framework TechMon (Technology on Mondays: Interactive Weekly Knowledge Sharing Sessions) Nov 2007 Established Center of Excellence for Adobe RIA tools Jan 2008 Started building Mobile Product Framework Apr 2008 Microsoft Certified Partner May 2008 Sun Partner Advantage Jun 2009 Commenced service offerings for location based services Nov 2009 Top 15 in the Silicon India Si100 Merit List June 2010 Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  3. 3. Symbioun Technologies, Inc. 770.755.7557 | | Atlanta |Silicon Valley |Chennai (India) MANAGEMENT TEAM Victor Kannan, President & CEO Prior to founding Symbioun, Victor was the CFO at American Megatrends, a privately held fast growth successful high-tech company and Cadillac Jack, a fast growth international gaming company. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning and execution in various industries including Banking, High Tech Manufacturing, Engineering, Gaming and IT. He has a knack for picking growth areas and risk management. He is a member of several advisory boards including that of BB&T. Shanker Janakiraman, CTO With about 20 years of IT architecture, software product design, software development and project management experience in various MNC’s including Goldman Sachs and Siemens; Shanker leads Symbioun’s India operations. He is an alumnus of Tulane University and Georgia Institute of technology. He has received Siemens’ innovator’s award. Venkat Ganupuru, Chairman An industry Veteran with over 25 years in technology sector and founder of Instcomp, Inc. in 1993, Venkat is currently working in the Nano Fuel Cells development technology. CUSTOMERS *ISO 9001-2008 certification expected by Dec2010