20 Ideas to "become friends" with Google (SEO for Image Consultants)

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Sylvie di Giusto, owner of Executive Image Consulting, is a professional Image Consultant and Personal Branding Strategist in New York City. Furthermore, she offers Business Coaching Services to her …

Sylvie di Giusto, owner of Executive Image Consulting, is a professional Image Consultant and Personal Branding Strategist in New York City. Furthermore, she offers Business Coaching Services to her fellow Image Consultants, and those who want to become successful in this competitive industry.

Sylvie also provides Webinars and Teleclasses for her fellow Image Consultants. "SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Image Consultants" is just one of the modern and innovative topics she teaches. This presentation contains 20 Google Tools she mentions during this training, valuable and useful for Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Personal Stylists, Wardrobe Consultants, … actually everyone who is a small business owner and wants to get ranked higher by Google.

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  • 1. 20 smart ways to become friends with Google's search engine was Google's first product, and it continues to be the company's most popular and important product. However, Google offers more than searching. Search Engine Optimization for your website is one (but not the only) reason you should consider to use some of their tools. This e-Book describes 20 of many fantastic Google tools fellow Image Consultants (and others) can use for their daily business. Sylvie di Giusto, Executive Image Consulting, New York Image Consultant, Trainer, Mother, Food and Wine Lover, ... Nerd
  • 2. 1 Google Plus (+) The first thing to do ... Get a +Profile How to use it for your business ... This is Google’s social media network and it’s the second largest social networking site in the world, surpassing Twitter in January 2013 with more than 359 million active users. There is no better time than now to use Google+ to promote your brand. Google+ offers countless features that can help your business grow, and it’s connected to many other Google tools shown in this e-book. Google+ helps you to easily interact with and engage your clients through posts, photos, special offers, videos, etc. It also has a huge mobile presence being the 4th most used App on IOS and Android. The importance of being easily found on mobile phones is becoming increasingly relevant. Google+ has quickly become a valuable marketing resource and it will grow. Showing how you work on a large social media network is the most effective way to reach out to your clientele. You can regularly post articles, photos and videos that will be seen by a large potential client basis. In addition, when you post public your content becomes searchable even outside of Google+. This will give you a tremendous SEO boost for your website. http://plus.google.com Sign up with your e-mail address and create your personal profile (eventually a business page in addition).
  • 3. Google +1 Button 2 It seems like a little detail, but ... How to use it for your business ... You’ve probably seen the G+1 button on many websites. It’s an easy way for people to show appreciation for things that they like on the web. The +1 Button allows visitors to recommend your content on Google search and to share it via Google+. It has a huge impact on your website’s page and domain authority, and therefore of the ranking of your site. By simply adding the G+1 button to your website you give users the option to recommend your content, which will not only drive traffic to your website, in addition improve the ranking of the content. Having a G+1 button on your website will grow your Image Consulting audience and increase credibility on Google. http://https://developers.google.com/+/web/+1button/ Copy the code for the G+1 button, and paste it to your website. Or, install any plugin that will add the G+1 button automatically.
  • 4. Google Analytics 3 Analyze how visitors see your site ... How to use it for your business ... This Google service creates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic, the traffic sources and it measures conversions and sales. Google Analytics can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, social media networks, direct visits, etc. It also tracks views from advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, or e-mail blasts. This can help you identify poorly performing pages or advertisements. With the e-commerce reporting feature you can even track your sales and performances of sites transactions. When you are in a competitive industry like Image Consulting your marketing initiatives and your brand exposure can be the main component that sets you apart from the rest. In order to understand your visitors, their behavior on your website and the way they came to your website, you need this tool. Only if you have this information you can improve the way you target your potential clients on the internet – better than your competition does. http://www.google.com/analytics Sign up with Google Analytics and get a piece of tracking code which has to be implemented on your website.
  • 5. Google Webmaster Tools 4 Analyze how Google sees your site ... How to use it for your business ... This service allows you to get data, utilize tools, and find diagnosis for your website in order to guarantee it’s an effective and Google-friendly site. Webmaster allows you to check indexing status and improve SEO of your website. The service shows traffic for each keyword separately and gives more information about a websites performance according to Google search queries. Google Webmaster is an essential tool to get the most out of your SEO activities. The basics of the tool are to help you understand what’s getting traffic, what’s getting indexed, and what’s getting linked. While Google Analytics shows you how visitors see your website, Google Webmaster Tools shows you how Google sees your website. The tools from Webmaster can be translated into SEO strategic gold which will set you apart from your Image Consulting competition. Google Webmaster guidelines are where you can find Google’s recommendations to make sure your website can be found and ranked higher in Google’s index, as well as it prevents you from getting penalized by Google by not following their rules. http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools Sign up with Google Webmaster Tools and submit a Sitemap.xml file in order to get your website indexed.
  • 6. 5 Google Trends Know what’s trending right now ... How to use it for your business ... This public source shows how often a search-term has been entered into the Google search engine over years. You can compare the volume across various regions and in different languages. You can also get more in-depth analysis by seeing popular searches broken down by country, cities, and languages. You can refine the search by region and time period to make it more relevant to your SEO campaign. Google Trends is perfect for creating a new topic, blog post, article that people can resonate with according to popular trends. Categories such as Shopping, which show fashion brands and retail companies, can help you create web content that is being searched. You can also see what terms have had negative attention and therefore you don’t want to associate your brand with them. This Google service can really help you create content that will bring clients to your website. Another feature of Google Trends is Top Charts, which shows the most popular searches in Google separated by 6 different categories. http://www.google.com/trends No need to sign up. Just follow the link and find out what’s trending right now.
  • 7. Google Places for Business 6 Let them find you with a local listing ... How to use it for your business ... Nowadays most people are searching for businesses using the web. It’s essential that your business information, location, and contact details can be found effortlessly using the Internet if you want to establish local clients. Google Places is the local listing result showing up when searched in Google search engine. A small map shows up next to the listing, and the website and contact information is also listed below the map. Another great thing about Google Places is clients can leave feedback, and there is no greater advertisement than authentic testimonials from clients. This is extremely beneficial for Image Consultants, because most of your clients will be local, even if you offer web-based services. You want people in your area to easily find your services, reviews, and contact info. In addition, Google Places listings are always top results when users look for local information on businesses. http://www.google.com/business/placesforbusiness Sign up and submit your business information. After a verification process via mail or telephone your business will be listed.
  • 8. Google Business Photos 7 A picture says more than ... How to use it for your business ... ... thousands words. Right? Have you googled something recently and a business was displayed next to the search results with a high quality photo and a map to their location? That is done with the power of Google Business Photos. Google Business Photo helps you to showcase your studio or shop online. Google Business Photos enhances your local listing on Google, and your images are shown on Google Maps when people search for Image Consulting (or other related industries). In addition to improving your searchability this is a great way to attract more clients because the interactive features allows potential clients to explore your studio or shop through an online walk-through. http://maps.google.com/businessphotos‎ Sign up and work with trusted Google photographers and agencies that will work around your schedule to come for a quick and effective photo shoot.
  • 9. 8 Google Maps Get directions ... and share directions How to use it for your business ... Google Maps serves as a locator for any address or local businesses directions, and offers route planners via public transport, walking, or car. Google Maps business listening’s are from online and offline sources and listings are based on phone numbers, address, or geocode. If you registered your business with Google Places for Businesses your local business address will be highlighted. In addition to being properly listed on Google maps to help clients find your location easier, you can make Google Maps an interactive and information service for your clients. Prepare (and share) a shopping tour, or show locations of local partners you like to work with in a customized map. http://maps.google.com If you are signed in with your Google+ account you can create any map and save it at “My Places”.
  • 10. Google Adwords 9 Get to the top with paid ads ... How to use it for your business ... Google Adwords has been one of the most successful advertisement services offered through the web, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. It’s Google’s main advertising service and it’s based on payper-click (cost-per-click, CPC) and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. Adwords can be used for local, national or international advertisement campaigns. The concept is simple – people search on Google, Google Adwords makes sure you get listed for certain keywords and potential clients click on your paid link. You only pay if people click on your ads and visit your website, which can be affordable on any budget. If your keywords match what people searched, your ad will be displayed on Google’s result pages. Therefore, the more specific you are the more effectively you will reach your potential clients. You can also use Adwords geotargeting to show your ads to people in your city, region, country, etc. You can even show your ads on specific days of the week, hours, days, months, etc. This helps keep your budget low and your effectiveness high. http://www.google.com/adwords Sign up, define your keywords and your daily budget for your paid ads. Make sure you use the right keywords!
  • 11. Google Adsense 10 Let others advertise on your site ... How to use it for your business ... AdSense has helped over two million publishers to grow their business in the last decade and it’s the most popular advertising network. AdSense is a program that allows businesses in the Google Network to display automatic text, image, video, or interactive media adverts that are targeted to site content, geographical location, and audience. The ads are administrate, sorted, and maintained by Google and can be run on a pay-per-click or pay-impression basis. Google AdSense is a free and flexible way to earn (some) money from your website. By displaying Google’s high quality and relevant ads on your fashion or image related blog posts, you can increase your revenue. You have control over the type of ads that are displayed on your website and you have access to detailed reports to keep track of revenue made from ads on your site. On a personal note: Use advertisement wisely, don’t overfill your website with ads! http://www.google.com/adsense Sign up and submit your website as potential advertisement partner for specific categories. After approval you can implement advertisement (containers) on your website.
  • 12. Google Books 11 Promote your book on Google ... How to use it for your business ... Google Books has lots of great features for everyone, from bookworms and researchers to writers and public libraries. The basic features of Google Books are search, browse, borrow, and buy. The book search works exactly like a Google.com search. Google will display book search results with content that matches your search terms. The browsing option gives you the opportunity to preview or even read the complete book by downloading a free PDF copy. You can also buy or borrow books by clicking on the appropriate link and Google will suggest where you can buy or borrow. Additionally, you can purchase e-Books from the Google Play Store. The books available come from their Partner Program and Library Project. If you are an author in your field of expertise then uploading your book via the Google Books Partner Program is a great way to promote your book and your business. If you have written a book then you have put a lot of creative effort and hard work into your book and Google can make it easy for people to find it, which will directly promote your brand and Image Consulting reputation. http://books.google.com Submit your book at the Google Books Partner Program (books.google.com/partner.) in order to get it published on Google Books.
  • 13. Google Hangouts 12 Wanna hangout with me? How to use it for your business ... Google Hangouts will bring your conversation to life. Google Hangout is a free plugin from Google that allows you to have free voice and video conversations from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can turn a live hangout into a live video or voice call with up to 10 people. Another great feature is that you can go back to any of your Google hangouts since you can record them. Rather than sending e-mails back and forth with your clients, simply organize the best time for a Google hangout. You can even offer consultations on the web. This is a great way to engage your clients, personalize their experience, and allow for flexibility when scheduling meetings or consultations. http://plus.google.com/hangouts Sign in with your Google+ Profile and simply start a hangout on air. In case you start it for the first time, you’ll be asked to install a plugin.
  • 14. Google Web Designer 13 Create your own ads “easily” ... How to use it for your business ... Despite its name, this is not a typical web design application. So don’t plan to build your website with this tool. Instead, Google Web Designer allows you to create advertisements with simple animations that can be shown to all screens – mobile, computer, tablets, etc. You can use common design tools such as pen tool, text tool, and shapes to create your animations. However, a basic knowledge about coding (and an understanding of CSS3 animations) is recommended. This Google service just launched, and it will improve over the time. Right now it’s probably too difficult to use for beginners, and too clunky for professionals. However, it’s an excellent tool to create your own animations, for free in a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) application. http://www.google.com/webdesigner Download the application and install it on your PC/Mac. Start creating your own animations.
  • 15. Google GoMo 14 Go mobile !!! How to use it for your business ... Perhaps your clients start browsing your website on their computer, but then have to leave and continue searching your website and services from their mobile phone. Or, they search for you on the go with any mobile device. This is precisely why you want your website to work on all devices. GoMo is a guideline making it possible for you to build a website that works on every device, from smartphones and tablets to TVs and computers. Businesses that allow their web presence in all circumstances and from every device create more engagement and generate more traffic. GoMo is a mobile website training and testing ground. You can view your Image Consulting website as clients would see it on their smartphones, you can check out example of mobilefriendly sites, and find mobile site developers and tools. http://www.howtogomo.com Nothing to sign up. Just get started!
  • 16. 15 Google Docs Have your files with you ... all the time How to use it for your business ... This is a service offered within Google Drive. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating with others. The Data storage initially offered 1 GB, but has recently been upgraded to offer a substantial 15 GB of data storage. Documents can be shared, opened, saved, and edited by multiple users at once. It has recently been growing amongst business owners because of its sharing features and accessibility. Google Docs has endless benefits for Image Consultants. You might often be out of your office and at different locations. With Google Docs you can simply jump on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop and all the information that you need is right there. You and your clients can share a Google doc, let them describe what they are looking to get from you, their ideas, preferences, personal taste, etc. and you can add your ideas, services, price, etc. right away on your personalized Google doc. http://docs.google.com Sign up with your Google Profile and create folders and documents, or upload existing ones. Afterwards share them by adding the participants e-mail address.
  • 17. Google Trusted Stores 16 Show that even Google trusts you ... How to use it for your business ... This program by Google helps shoppers feel confident about their online purchases. Google Trusted Stores also makes it possible for merchants who meet their shipping and client service performance criteria to participate in this free program. Businesses who have met the requirements provided by Google receive the Google Trusted Stores badge. If you are selling products such as make up, jewelry, accessories, image tool kits, books, DVDs, etc. then you could apply to become a Google Trusted Store. This is a great way to reach new clients and improve sales through Google Shopping. By having the Google Trusted Stores badge you are telling potential and existing clients that you are a reliable business that e.g.provides exceptional client service. http://www.google.com/trustedstores Sign up and provide your shop and product information to Google in order to get reviewed and possibly certified by their Trusted Store Program.
  • 18. Google Offers 17 Offer some deals online ... How to use it for your business ... Google Offers is very similar to the popular coupon discounts places like LivingSocial or Groupon. It also integrates with both Google Maps and Google Wallet for mobile offers. You can discover offers from businesses and save instantly by simply taping on the coupon you wish to use on your smart phone or tablet and then pull up the offer at checkout. There are 9 categories including: Shopping, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Travel, Services, Automotive, Adventure & Activities, Events & Classes, and Food & Drink. Google Offers is a great way to reach clients and drive traffic to your store (and website). By simply adding an offer such as ‘15% off closet cleansing’ under beauty or ‘10% off personal styling classes’ under Events & Classes, you can reach a lot of new potential clients. Google will distribute your offers across Google to the right clients based on their interests and location. However, be aware that Google keeps a sort of provision for each purchase. http://www.google.com/offers Submit your “deal” at http://www.google.com/offers/business/.
  • 19. Google Enterprise Search Use the power of Google for your own website ... Google Enterprise Search helps employees and clients find what they are searching for – fast. Google Search Appliance unlocks your data with the power and relevance of Google search. Google Site Search gives websites the power of Google.com technology to help your visitors find exactly what they are looking for quickly and effectively 18 How to use it for your business ... By using Google Enterprise Search you can put everything you love about Google Search on your own website. Google Enterprise Search makes it possible to use the power of the biggest search engine for your own Image Consulting website. Today people want to find things quick and if they can’t, they will go somewhere else they can, right? By using Google Enterprise Search you provide your clients and potential clients with relevant search results through the Google search features on your own website. However, be aware that this is NOT a free service. http://www.google.com/enterprise/search Choose the right plan, sign up and follow the instructions to add the search engine features to your own website.
  • 20. 19 Google Apps for Businesses Go Google! Every where! How to use it for your business ... The benefits and products available through Google Apps for Business are seemingly endless. The Google Apps service features web applications including: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Drive, Play, Docs, News, Wallet and Sites. Google Apps for business is free for 30 days and $5 per month or $50 per year, a small fee for everything that you receive. Security: You have access to dozens of security features designed to keep your data safe and in your control; your work is always backed up, you own and control the data, strong encryption and authentication, etc. http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/ business/ You start by simply getting an e-mail for your own personalized domain name, which will add credibility to your brand and business. Stay connected: Google Apps is perfect for those who have to travel. With Google Apps for Business everything is automatically saved in your cloud, you have access to your e-mail, documents, calendar, notes, etc. Invisible IT: By spending less time and money on your IT infrastructure you can invest more money in your business and spend more time with clients. Total Access: Staying directly in touch with Google helps you utilize all of their apps, get the most from the products, enhance your online marketing, and increase your online traffic and revenue.
  • 21. Google Helpouts 20 Real help from real people in real time ... How to use it for your business ... The innovative Google Helpouts service is a brand new way to connect people who need help with people that can give them help over live video chat, which means location is not an obstacle. Helpouts is aimed at helping people do a certain task via video and those folks who are helping others get paid on their contributions. Users will pay through trusted Google Wallet, and Google will charge a 20% fee on all transactions. Google Helpouts isn’t available to everybody just yet, but in the near future it could change how we all offer our consultations. Google Helpouts is an easy and effective way to increase your sales from your online services. The exact date Helpouts will be available to everybody has not yet been announced. https://helpouts.google.com When publishing this e-Book Google Helpouts is only accessible by invitation. Stop by regularly to find out when you are able to sign up as an expert.
  • 22. Sylvie di Giusto offers Real Help in Real Time for Real Image Consultants Another big move by Google. Google Helpouts are live! Google just launched Helpouts, a new service that provides one-on-one video sessions with experts for whatever you need. Google has asked an exclusive group of experts to share their knowledge on Google Helpouts. I am very happy and honored to be one of them. Are you an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Consultant and need help with your website, or have questions about search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc.? Have a quick chat with me and I easily can see what your problem is and “help out you” in just a moment. Check my listings (on helpouts.google.com) and my availability, or click on the image below. I’m looking forward to help you out!
  • 23. 20 smart ways to become friends with THANK YOU | DANKE | MERCI | XIE XIE GRAZIE | GRACIAS | SPASIBO | ARIGATO ... 8 Spruce Street | New York, NY 10038 | United States www.linkedin.com/in/sylviedigiusto +1.267.303.7577 www.twitter.com/sylvie_digiusto Executive_Image_Consulting www.facebook.com/ExecutiveImageConsulting say-hi@executive-image-consulting.com www.instagram.com/executiveimageconsulting www.executive-image-consulting.com www.pinterest.com/ExecutiveImageC/ www.executive-image-consulting.com/blog www.klout.com/Sylvie_diGiusto https://plus.google.com/+SylviediGiusto