The Sales Institute Training Brochure 2013


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The Sales Institute Training Brochure 2013

  1. 1. The Sales Institute of Ireland Management Selling Connecting Negotiating B2B 2013 Courses
  2. 2. Inside Sales The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction Some business to business sales models have changed. More and more parts of the sales process are now taking place remotely enabled by technology. This course is designed for Sales Professionals who sell medium value, complex products remotely. It provides conceptual approaches to maximise your engagement with your territory and your customer, It also provides the sales behaviours to enable the Inside Sales Professional to sell more. Course Objectives • Increase the number of real, qualified opportunities generated • Get higher and wider within accounts and opportunities • To help you present your product/service as an enabler to the customers business strategy • To increase success with decision makers Content  Understanding My Territory – Identifying the right prospects – Identifying your connection strategy – Understanding your customer base • Using LinkedIn for acquisition • Target Strategy – How to connect with your prospect • How to write emails to interested prospects so they will accept your call • How to converse in an email conversation that gets the customer curious and thinking robustly about your product • How to converse in a Social Media that gets the customer curious and thinking robustly about your product. • How to create more commitment before you converse. • How to make a phone call that will get an appointment • Preparing for the remote meeting • How  to structure the remote meeting • How to influence remotely Duration: 2 days (non consecutive) Dates: 23rd September, 7th October Cost: €690 (members) €750 (non members)
  3. 3. Increasing Sales by Telephone The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction This course is aimed at sellers who use the telephone to sell products and services directly to consumers. Whether you sell on inbound or outbound calls, this workshop help you develop the prospecting protocols and influencing skills required to significantly increase your sales success over the phone. Course Objectives • Evaluate your current telephone skills level • Develop an appropriate telephone structure based on best practice • Learn how influence works over the phone • Increase your telephone sales results Content • Understand the way buyers think and buy • WIIFM - ‘What’s in it for me’ – the only item on the customer’s mind • Incremental steps – how customers make the decision to proceed with your offering • How to structure the call for maxim commercial impact • Developing results based call openings that gets the customer interested • How to give the customer perceived control at all stages of the call • Asking better questions to create better understanding and better sales opportunities • Use of summary and conditioning questions to move the call forward • How to present your offering based focusing on the customer’s priorities and motivations • Asking for the business • How to explore and overcome an objection • Managing gatekeepers and voice mail • Get an outcome for every call: How to bring every call to a conclusion • Managing the follow up call - How to get commitment in advance. • Best practice telephone sales metrics Duration: 1 day Date: 11th November Cost: €345 (members) €395 (non members)
  4. 4. Business to Business Selling The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction Identifying new customers, driving demand, and building a solid sales pipeline is at the core of successful sales prospecting for anybody who sells business to business. The marketplace is growing more competitive by the day which means that the business customer has more choice than ever before. Sellers now have to work as hard for repeat purchases as they do for new business. This business to business sales course will teach you the necessary consultative selling skills required to exceed your sales target this year and beyond. Course Objectives After attending this course participants will have the ability to: • Make appointments by phone, email, and 'LinkedIn' • Structure a prospecting meeting for maximum effect • Better understand and profile their sales prospects • Structure the sales process for maximum revenue and shortest lead time • Ask the best sales questions to qualify and position your solution • Ask for a commitment smoothly and effectively • Sell more profitably and efficiently Content • Techniques to target better prospects. • Understanding your metrics • How to write a compelling email • How to connect with prospects using LinkedIn • Where and how to network successfully • How to get appointments by phone • Preparing for the initial sales meeting • How to structure a sales meeting • Conditioning: Using the techniques of influence to increase conversion of sales. • Handling objections: using forward planning to handle objections seamlessly. • Closing: Gaining commitment or movement to the next stage • Adapting your approach for different types of opportunities • Developing a personal action Duration: 2 days (non consecutive) Dates: 8th October, 22nd October Cost: €690 (members) €750 (non members)
  5. 5. Managing Major Accounts The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction Many markets are flat currently, as a result more organisatiions are chasing the same revenue. Retention is one of the biggest issue in sales currently. Customers have also changed. Their business priorities, budgets, authority and influences may be different from the last time they bought from you. When power shifts - requirements can get redefined. It is vital that sales organisations are engaged strategically and positioned correctly to retain and grow major accounts. Course Objectives • To help organisations engage their accounts at a more strategic level. • To position your product/service in a more differentiated fashion and shift the focus from services and prices to strategic value and relationships. • To help you identify the relevant stakeholders and develop the right relationships, which help shift the perception from supplier to Strategic Partner. • To retain and grow more business • To help you write strategically robust Account Plans Content The Role of the Account Manager – How to see your role. The Business Context of Account Management - How to understand your client’s environment. Account profiling – The Key Account Management Wheel, an effective diagnostic to tell you how you are positioned within an account. Relationships in Accounts – We will help you maximise the value of your relationships within your accounts through : • Identifying Purchasing Roles • Discovering Individual and Business Agendas • Identifying Personal Wins and Personal Losses • Identifying Influence Account Planning - How to write an Account Plan that will engage all of your organisation in retaining and growing the Account. • Identify the Key Players, their roles, their agendas and your strategy • Understand the business challenges of the customer • Identify your objectives • Identify your unique business value proposition • Create and execute on an action plan Duration: 1 day Date: 21st October Cost: €390 (members) €450 (non members)
  6. 6. Microsoft Office For Sales Professionals The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction Most of us use Office routinely every day, this course is designed purely for the busy sales professional, its focus is to create much higher levels of efficiency and impact. Content Prospecting • How to create mail merge documents to communicate with multiple prospects • How to create email merge documents to communicate with multiple prospects • How to manage all your sales prospects  information  including LinkedIn and facebook • Learn how to track all your activities with a prospect and customer using Outlook • How to manage all activities for your sales prospects including email, appointments and tasks • How to set up distribution lists so you can stay in touch easily and maintain your thought leadership Personal Organisation • How to sync outlook with other devices • How to Integrate your sales calendar into outlook Proposals • How to use templates to write customised attractive proposals in a fraction of the time. • How to use advanced formatting functions to create professional tenders and proposals • How to easily integrate sales data from Microsoft Excel into your proposals and reports • How to easily integrate charts from Microsoft Excel into your proposals and sales reports Sales Reporting and Insight • How to create professional formatted sales forecasts • How to easily create charts to analyse sales information • How to conditional functions to automatically highlight important sales insight Preparing Presentations • How to customise presentations to include customer images,  logos, videos and audio • How to use templates to create customised attractive slide decks in a fraction of the time • How to easily integrate sales data and charts from Excel into your sales presentations Security • How to password protect important customer data • How to encrypt important customer data Duration: 1 day Date: 20th September Cost: €350 (members) €395 (non members)
  7. 7. Negotiating for Higher Profitability The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction Customers often buy in two stages, the first stage is that they decide that your product is suitable and beneficial. The second stage is they negotiate the very best deal they can. Negotiation is a very different dynamic to sales and as a result requires a very different set of behaviors. If your staff both sell and negotiate, this programme will ensure they negotiate more profitable deals Approach This is an extremely practical and interactive course. Case studies are used for preparation and negotiation. Real issues are surfaced and techniques are learnt that will enable much better negotiation in the field. There will be at least three fully recorded role plays with detailed feedback that provide a superb vehicle for the learning Content Principals of Negotiation • The six key principals of excellent negotiation How to Prepare for a Negotiation • Understanding your position and objectives • Assessing their objectives • Identifying your opening position • Identifying your bottom line • Ascertaining the value of the other parties concessions • Preparing for "what if's " How to Structure a Negotiation We will explore the six phases of negotiation and the most appropriate behaviours in each phase. The Behaviors to Use in a Negotiation 20 key negotiation behaviors to improve profitability and execution Duration: 2 days Dates: 18th November, 19th November Cost: €795 (members) €895 (non members)
  8. 8. LinkedIn for Acquisition and Retention The Sales Institute of Ireland Introduction LinkedIn is now the pre-eminent business networking platform for B2B sales professionals. Many sellers use LinkedIn merely as a research tool, and then assume if they build a profile .... then the sales enquiries should come. But they don't! LinkedIn, if fully integrated into your sales prospecting activities, will create better online networking opportunities that will help shorten your sales cycle and win more business. Course Objectives This workshop will help clarify your LinkedIn sales strategy and also teach you a series of practical and ethical sales tactics that will help move you closer to having conversations about potential business opportunities with your LinkedIn network. Workshop will include; Content • What is your current LinkedIn sales strategy - and is it sustainable? • How to build a LinkedIn profile that will get noticed and sell your expertise • Networking principles and applying them to LinkedIn • How to best reach out and connect with targets and prospects (and how not to) • Targeting prospects using the Advanced Search and other tools • Groups and how to engage with them and be seen as an expert within them • Thought leadership as a business development tool • How to write a compelling Blog and utilising LinkedIn to publicise it Best practice and a recommended weekly LinkedIn regime To get the maximum for this workshop, we recommend; You have an existing LinkedIn account, you are a LinkedIn user and understand the basic functionality, and you bring your laptop with you. Duration: Half day Date: 27th September Cost: €195 (members) €265 (non members)
  9. 9. The Sales Institute of Ireland, 68 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland T: + 353 1 662 6904 E: Knowledge Networking Performance The Sales Institute of Ireland