Sponsorship plan for Guinness World record for the longest painting


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Sponsorship plan for Guinness World record for the longest painting

  1. 1. Guinness World Record attempt forthe Longest painting in the World byMr. Apuraj Barooah (Guinness Record holder in Bromide Painting).
  2. 2. Vision:• By making the World Longest Scratch Piece in London in 2011, Mr. Apuraj Barooah achieved the Guinness World Record title, but it’s known to us that all the genius and well talented artists of all categories are wondering in search of good opportunities, this event is entirely meant for that.• This new attempt, for the longest painting (10 KMs) by several thousands of participants across Assam, will create a platform, to infuse that hope towards brighter possibilities despite our geographical and demographical constraints.
  3. 3. About:• Representing INDIA & for assembling the entire artists of all the districts of Assam has been already termed as an ACHIEVEMENT. 10,000 artists from all corner has colored the WORLD LONGEST PAINTING of 10 kms is also an ACHIEVEMENT.• The painting depicts the National symbols like National flag, Emblems, animals, birds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, mon uments, folk dances and above all the portraits of the famous personalities of 257 international countries including India, U.K, U.S.A., Spain, Brazil, Russia and others is also not less than an ACHIEVEMENT. Contd…
  4. 4. About:• Worth to mention that the Guinness Officials has quoted that not even in Olympics and in other International events such numbers of countries get involved. This event may be marked as PAINTING OLYMPIC. It colors the international unity, integrity and harmony supervised by our Indian art and cultural blessings. It is to be treated as an INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT.• Starting from last part of December 2012 till this February we are with the brushes and colours working for the painting in association of Dibrugarh District Administration, Dibrugarh University, Guwahati Art College, South Point School Guwahati, Intandem Jorhat, Assam Rifle and Shooting Association Guwahati and above all Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra Society, Guwahati.
  5. 5. About Mr. Apuraj Barooah:• With a Guinness Record of the Longest Scratch Art (category inventor) in London, Mr. Apuraj Barooah is into the fields of Fine Art contributing towards the development and up-liftment of the next generation in the fields of Fine Art towards an international standard.• He is the inventor of the new category in Guinness World Records system, namely Bromide Scratch Art and also is the first Assamese person to hold a Guinness World Record. Contd…
  6. 6. About Mr. Apuraj Barooah:• Continuously painting for 48 hrs, he worked on his 120 meters long painting in 2009 to set a record in Limca Book of Records.• He holds the prestigious title like “Leonardo da Vinci of Assam”• Apart from painting he is also into the real life art forms like stage drama, writing and poetry.
  7. 7. Highlights of this Attempt:• This new attempt is to break the previously set world record of the Longest Painting of 7166 meters. This attempt is to achieve a painting stretch of 10 KMs.• 10,000 artists from all the corner of Assam has coloured the WORLD’s LONGEST PAINTING of 10 kms and is actually an ACHIEVEMENT in itself. The painting depicts the national symbols like National flag, Emblems, animals, birds, flowers, fruits, vegetable s, monuments, folk dances and above all the portraits of the famous personalities of 257 international countries including India, U.K, U.S.A., Spain, Brazil, Russia and others.
  8. 8. Venue & the Display:• The Guinness officials from London will be here for the World Record certification at the Display Venue - Dibrugarh University compound on 16th March, 2013.• Verification & Certification awarding venue will be near the main entrance of the University “Jyoti Baatchora” with a stage platform of dimension of 26” X 20” ft.• The display of the painting of 10 KMs will cover most of the prominent department complexes of this Premier University in Assam and will be displayed on 16th and 17th March, 2013.• The painting will be displayed in various venues in Guwahati later on.• The video projection of the painting will be done for London by the end of July, 2013.• And an International video projection of the painting will be done by after the projection for London.
  9. 9. Promotions and Visibility:-> Front Wall of the Entrance Gate:-> 6 Hoardings of dimension 5”X8”,-> Front Stage model cut-out (illustration) on topdisplaying the Guinness logo along with the sponsor logo,-> LED display panel displaying static and dynamiccontents from the sponsors,-> 4 in side banners for on the main stage,-> 4 out side banners on the main stage,-> 1 front stage platform banner of 10”X5”-> 2 front stage platform banners of 8”X5” Contd…
  10. 10. Promotions and Visibility:-> Billboard sponsor logo presence on backstage,-> Sponsor Logo on Volunteer caps (2000 no.s),-> Sponsor logo on each page of the Brochure/Leaflet,-> Sponsor logo on organizers certificates to theparticipants,-> Sponsor logo on 500 play-cards to be carried by theprocession across Dibrugarh town,-> Sponsor logo on all the entry passes (2 lacks+),-> Roadside hoardings across Assam (5 districts)displaying sponsor logos.
  11. 11. Additional Benefits:-> International Media Coverage,-> National and Local Media coverage,-> Formal introduction of sponsoring companyrepresentative in the main event Guinnesscoverage,-> Visibility in post-event activities in Guwahati(Sankardev Kalakhetra),-> Visibility in international video projection
  12. 12. Sponsorship Titles: Main Sponsor Rs. 5 Lacs(Rupees Five Lacs Only)
  13. 13. Sponsorship Titles: Associate Sponsor Rs. 3.5 Lacs(Rupees Three Lacs and Fifty Thousand Only)
  14. 14. Sponsorship Titles: Event Sponsors Rs. 2 Lacs(Rupees Two Lacs Only)
  15. 15. Contact:Mr. Apuraj Barooah+91-7896641723Mail: rajapubarooah@rediffmail.comrecordbreakers01@gmail.com -----Syed M. Raza Saurav BiswasMarketing Strategist Build-Up Strategist+91-9435488999 +91-9954099296syed@socialmediasimplify.com biswas.saurav89@gmail.com
  16. 16. Thank You.