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  • Wind power is an unlimited source of energy that can provide us unending supply of free electricity through wind turbines. The kinetic energy that is being produced by the blades of wind turbines are then converted into electricity. I agree with this presentation.
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Wind Power Wind Power Presentation Transcript

  • Wind Power By: Sydney Payton
  • How Windmills Work?
    • The windmill's blades
    • are turned by the
    • wind that passes
    • Over the windmill.
  • Wind Converted to Electricity
    • To convert wind to electricity, the blades of a wind turbine turn into a shaft which is attached to a gear transmission box. That transmission box increases the turning speed in the shaft which connects to the generator that creates electricity.
  • In Short
    • Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power
  • What Do Windmills look like?
    • Modern windmills are usually tall, skinny, and made of aluminum or steel. Most have two or three blades.
    • On most windmills the blades make a 150 foot circle
  • Windmill Models
    • The traditional windmill uses a horizontal axis. They are also the most common type of windmill used.
    • There are other types of windmills which use a vertical axis that looks a lot like an egg beater. These are less commonly used.
  • About Windmills
    • Windmills are built in flat open areas
    • Wind turbines have an emergency shut off in case of a wind storm or tornado
    • Windmills have been around for 5,000 years
  • Wind farms
    • A wind farm is a place where there are many windmills together in one location and they all work together to create electricity
  • Why is wind power better?
    • Renewable resource
    • It’s often one of the least expensive forms of renewable power available
    • It’s clean
  • The End