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Hana overview

Hana overview






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    Hana overview Hana overview Presentation Transcript

    • SAP High Performance AnalyticAppliance (HANA)Overview and UpdateOct, 2010
    • Why The Need for In-Memory Technology: Data Explosion© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 2
    • Why The Need for In-Memory Technology Challenges for both IT and Business Data Volume Real time access to Operational Challenges Enterprise Systems Costly for IT Challenge for Business  High costs associated to purchase  Inadequate access to real time operational and maintain hardware to handle ever information increasing data volumes  Need to react faster to events impacting  High TCO to administer/maintain operations - long lag time between requests multiple warehouses and transaction  Need to uncover trends and patterns in an systems ad hoc, empowered manner  IT NOT the hero - Dissatisfied  Need to improve planning, forecasting, business users financial close processes, etc because  Processing and analysis results current approach is too slow, not real time or delayed not able to blend analytics and operations  Data not real time© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 3
    • Why SAP Applications Powered by In-Memory Technology Make Better Enable Innovative Reduce IT Burden and Decisions Faster New Applications Mitigate risks  New ways to look at the  Combine high volume  Dramatically reduced hardware business based on transactions with and maintenance costs instant access analytics for improved BI  In Memory solutions based on  Immediate access to  Accelerate transactional proven mature technology relevant information and operational systems which are easy to implement  React quickly based on for real access and  Non disruptive and fast to real time information improved decision implement  Less reliance on IT to making gain insight needed  Enable planning and forecasting applications based on real time operational data combined with analytics© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 4
    • SAP In Memory Solutions Available Today SAP Applications Powered by In-Memory Technology  Available Today ● SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator (BWA) ● SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated ● SAP CRM Customer Segmentation ● SAP Business ByDesign analytics ● SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer ● SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 5
    • Applications Powered by In-Memory Technology Move From After-Event Analysis To Real-Time Decision Making© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 6
    • SAP Solutions With In-Memory Computing SAP CRM Segmentation SAP Business ByDesign - Analytics For Marketing Users For Midmarket Businesses  Leverages TREX/BWA technology to  Real-time business insight – powerful conduct analysis on prospect master analysis – immediately data  All analytical requests processed in “in-  Immediately select specific customer memory” store segment based on unique attributes  Real-time integration of OLTP and “in- from entire SAP CRM customer memory” store provided by service database infrastructure  Associate segmented customers with  Different front-end preferences campaign in SAP CRM© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 7
    • SAP Solutions With In-Memory Computing SAP Advanced Planner and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, Optimizer with liveCache Accelerated Version For Supply Chain Users For Informed Business Users  Leverages early In Memory technolgy  Simple BI solution to quickly explore and (LiveCache and MaxDB) analyze large data volumes without IT  Analyze huge amount of supply chain involvement data from company and partner  Explore data across any data sources for a processes 360 degree view of the business  Real time information for planning  Create an informed workforce able to react issues including supply network quickly to changing market conditions planning, demand planning, production planning© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 8
    • SAP In-Memory Solutions Available Soon: SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA ) HANA is a flexible, multi-purpose, data source agonistic in-memory appliance that combines both hardware and software components to support a number of valuable use case scenarios. HANA bundles a number of integrated SAP software components including the in-memory computing engine, real-time replication service, data modeling and data services. It will be delivered as an optimized hardware appliance in conjunction with key hardware providers. HANA enables organizations to analyze business operations based on large volumes of detailed information in real-time - as it happens. Individuals can create very flexible analytic models based on real-time data without impacting backend enterprise applications or data bases. In-Memory Computing Engine The next generation high performance in-memory computing engine will leverage SAP „s latest in-memory technologies such as columnar databases, massively parallel processing (MPP), in-memory computing, and data compression techniques It is the major component of HANA and offers data acceleration and management software in a single integrated environment© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 9
    • Introducing SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) Other Applications SAP BusinessObjects MDX SQL BICS Calc & Planning SAP BW Engine In Memory Database Data Management 3Rd Party In-Memory Computing Engine HANA Modeling Studio SAP Business Suite Real Time Replication Service Data Services HANA© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 10
    • Introducing the In-Memory Computing EngineThe „Heart‟ of HANA Next generation High Performance In-Memory Computing Engine :  a powerful and flexible data calculation engine  supports access via SQL and MDX for clients like SAP BusinessObjects and Excel  access data from virtually any data source, including SAP BW  unified information modeling design In-Memory Computing Engine environment  a data repository to persist views of business information  data services functionality Delivered without disruption  No need to change IT roadmaps  Preserve investment as new versions of applications are in- memory enabled© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 11
    • HANA And Related In Memory Solutions Roadmap TODAY TODAY TOMORROW TOMORROW Q1 2011 Q1 2011 BW Explorer Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Accelerator Accelerated ERP Acceleration Any DataSource Clients (BWA) Acceleration SAP Business SAP Business SAP Business Objects BI Clients Objects BI Clients Explorer (Explorer, Pioneer, (Explorer, Pioneer, Client Xcelsius, Excel, ) Xcelsius, Excel, ) + HANA 1.0 + HANA 1.0 Engine - In Memory - In Memory BWA BWA + Computing Engine Computing Engine DataServices - DS Basic Connectors - DS Basic Connectors - Mini BOE - Mini BOE - Modeling - Modeling + + Provisioning/Content SAP ERP -Any Data- Real Time Data Services Replication Premium Service Connectors Distribution Distribution Service Service (DS based) (DS based)© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 12
    • Multiple Use Case Options Leveraging HANA As The In-Memory Platform (IMP) SAP Business Objects BI Clients Operational Planning Performance Simulation Applications Forecasting HANA SAP ERP Any Data Acceleration Source real-time Acceleration replication service DATA SERVICES Premium connectors & Content© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 13
    • HANA: Real Real-Time Business Analytics Industry Scenarios Financial Services Capital Markets Prime Brokerage Analytics  Hedge fund trading analysis .  Real-time systematic risk management and reporting based on market trading exposure Consumer Products  Supplier Risk Management  Inventory Recall Reconciliation Product track and trace  Product Lifecycle and Cost management  EPA standards compliance  On-Shelf Availability Analysis  Real-time Warranty and defect analysis Retail  Store Operations  Point-of-Sales Retail Sales Analytics  Load Balance Optimization  Real-time completive multi-channel pricing  Product damage, returns and spoilage Real-time Analysis Example: Hedge Fund Analysis edge fund account managers can manage exposure to Manufacturing currencies, equities, derivatives and other instruments for  O&G Operational Performance Management hedge fund clients ..  Manufacturing Production and Maintenance Analytics  Real-time Asset Utilization Analytics© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 14
    • HANA: Real-Time Business Scenarios Customer Account Management Business Problem  Provide a reliable risk assessment for accounts receivable to constantly evaluate accounts under dispute  Match accounts under dispute management with the sales pipeline to pro-actively inform the sales person to avoid further risk SAP’s Answer: HANA  Organizations can create pro-active alerting allowing users to react quickly to real-time information  HANA combines different sets of information allowing user to analyze both past and current business conditions  Allows organizations to do real time analysis on information stemming from both transactional and datawarehouse systems© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 15
    • HANA: Real-Time Business Scenarios Supply Chain Management Business Problem  Management requires full visibility into the supply and demand chain to gain early warnings for out- of-stock situations  Today data is being processed in nightly processes which makes it too late for the business to react. SAP’s Answer: HANA  Provides the capability to leverage operational data with close to zero latency combined with other sources  Empowers business users to analyze information and react in real time to changing business conditions© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 16
    • HANA: Real-Time Business Scenarios Finance Business Problem  Due to ever increasing data volumes, financial controllers have to limit the analysis time frame to several days instead of months and quarters  Performance implications are leading to delays in financial period closing SAP’s Answer: HANA  Delivers an in-memory calculation engine with data compression, that overcomes the challenge of handling ever increasing data volumes  Large volume data analysis and a flexible modeling environment means fast close financial quarters and better visibility into detailed finance data across broad time periods© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 17
    • HANA Data Marts Giving The Agility Needed For Fast Changing Conditions  Current EDW based data models ensure reliable information quality and one version of the truth  However, organizations often require the need for greater agility and flexibly when analyzing business operations in fast changing market environments  What is Needed:  Fast and easy creation of ad-hoc views on business  Extreme performance when using ad-hoc models against large detailed data  Access to real-time information coming from any source  Support for data dependent and independent analytical needs There is a significant interest from business Traditional data warehouse processes are to get agile analytic solutions. too complex and consume too much time for business departments. „In a down economy, companies focus on cash protection. „ The companies […] were frustrated with usual The decision on what needs to be done to problems […] difficulty to build new information make procurement more efficient is being views. These companies were willing to move made in the procurement department“. data […] into another proprietary file format […]. CEO of a multinational transportation Business Analyst company Flexibility to analyse business missed by LoB. „First performance, and the other is flexibility on a business analyst level, who need to do deep diving to better understand and conclude. The second would be that also front-end tools are not providing flexibility“.© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 18 Executive of a global retail company
    • HANA for Agile Operational Analytics Scenario  Replication of operational data into memory  New Business Content provides immediate SAP BusinessObjects and other Applications access to analytic models on operational data BICS MDX SQL  Modeling environment enables customization of content and creation of new models HANA Benefits modeling  Outstanding query performance on operational data  High flexibility to create new models or to customize SAP Business Content SAP ERP  No materialization of analytic models replicate  Direct access for SAP„s BI clients and MS HANA Excel  Risk free passage to in-memory computing© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 19
    • HANA For Mixed SAP/Non SAP Environments Scenario  Enrich and combine SAP Business Suite data with non-SAP data  Large volume of detailed data loaded into SAP BusinessObjects and other Applications memory (point of sales data, call detail BICS MDX SQL records, smart meter data, etc)  Flexible models on top of detailed data created HANA by business analysts modeling Benefits 3rd party ETL  Outstanding query performance on detailed data  High flexibility to create analytic models  No materialization of analytic models SAP ERP  Direct access for SAP„s BI clients and MS replicate HANA Excel Note: For companies not running SAP and in need of high performance analytics, SAP recommends Sybase IQ© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 20
    • HANA for Agile Data Marts Scenario  Enrich and combine SAP Business Suite data with SAP BW data SAP BusinessObjects and other Applications  Load selected analytic models from SAP BW BICS MDX SQL into the agile data mart environment  Flexible remodeling and extension of loaded HANA analytic models modeling SAP BW ETL Benefits  Outstanding query performance  High flexibility to create new models SAP ERP  Additional data can be loaded from any source replicate and merged with BW data HANA  Direct access for SAP„s BI clients and MS Excel Note: For organizations with a single purpose need to improve performance in SAP BW, SAP continues to recommend the SAP BW Accelerator (BWA)© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 21
    • Options for ERP Customers 1. HANA Today - Put an In Memory Platform alongside your ERP applicaton ERP ERP BOBJ / Excel DB DB HANA real-time 2. HANA Tommorrow - Move to an In Memeory Platform (IMP) ERP BOBJ / Excel DB ERP HANA© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 22
    • Options for Current BW and BWA Customers Transition To an In Memory Platform BOBJ / Excel BOBJ / Excel HANA/ BW BWA In Memory Computing Engine DB DB BW© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 23
    • Key Benefits delivered by SAP HANAEmpower Your Organization  Reduced reliance on IT resources  Real-time visibility to complete data for transaction and analytics processing  Enable a 360 degree view of your businessAnalytics for Operational Data  Go from “What happened yesterday” to Real time  Close to zero latency  Ability to leverage and analyze large volumes of dataLow TCO  Non-Disruptive to your existing EDW Strategy  Low TCO by leveraging the latest technology and delivery as pre- configured appliance© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 24
    • Thank You© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 25